August 21, 2003

O muse!
Sing in me, and through me tell the story
Of that man skilled in all the ways of contending...
A wanderer, harried for years on end...


You seek a great fortune, you three
 who are now in chains...
The men fall silent.
And you will find a fortune - though
it will not be the fortune you seek...
 But first, first you must travel
a long and difficult road - a road
fraught with peril, uh-huh, and
pregnant with adventure. You shall
see things wonderful to tell. You
shall see a cow on the roof of a cottonhouse,
uh-huh, and oh, so many startlements...
I cannot say how long this road
shall be. But fear not the obstacles
in your path, for Fate has vouchsafed
your reward.  And though the road
may wind, and yea, your hearts grow
weary, still shall ye foller the
way, even unto your salvation.


I love these words.  They stumbled out of the mouth of a Redd Foxx look-alike prophet in the movie "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" 

His words are such a metaphor for life.  We get a plan and work toward that goal, thinking we're going to end up on one place, only to find that life was taking us someplace else altogether.  The assurance we have, however subjective and intangible, is that Fate has vouchsafed our reward and where ever we end up will be ultimate be the best place for us.

With any luck, I'll end up in Studio City, California tomorrow, having a wonderful time with my friends and checking out the soap star lookins. 

I'll admit that I'm a bit nervous, having done nothing like this in quite some time and feeling a bit out of my element in planning it, much less actually doing it.  Eric is very encouraging and supportive and is such a great dad that I'm not concerned about leaving the kids with him.  Goddess willing and decent traffic, I should be pulling up to the hotel this time tomorrow.  I'm worried about the money it will cost, but it's going to be worth it to have some nonkid fun for a while.  Eric just went to Oregon on a fishing trip for 3 days a couple of months ago and I know he didn't overthink everything the way I am.  Oh well.  I hope the hotel has a good bathtub.  Ours in extremely uncomfortable (no sloped back!!  shower doors!!) and my friend, Kate, sent me some lovely bath stuff that I'd like to put to use as something other than shower gel (it's great for that too).

I've had trouble getting to the preparations of getting clothes together and such.  I think that makes it feel too real for me.  :)  I'll get that done tonight, along with cleaning carpet and excavating the giant telescope from *where ever* in the garage so they can check out Mars while I'm gone.

I'd better get busy in case I have to do laundry to have clothes to take.  Got to figure what bags to take (I am not a check bags girl, so I have to keep it simple) and test out the clothes situation. 

I also completed pussed out on dying my hair.  Have the dye, but Georgia wasn't feeling well and couldn't make it tonight and I didn't want to risk doing it myself.  (I have a history of not quite getting it all done and having the dreaded patchwork effect)


I'm procrastinating again.

You likely won't hear from me again until after I get back, so wave fondly at the sky tomorrow between 1:30-3pm!




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