August 20, 2004

There is just very little that is more enjoyable than looking at a really, really pretty man.  It's just such a marvelous spectator sport. 

So today is THE DAY!  Yesterday, I got the carpets shampooed and the house somewhat decent, but today is the big clean to have the house all set for the weekend.  Fortunately, I'm feeling somewhat physically back to normal today, so I'm ready to give it a shot.  I've been working on laundry today so far and I'm ready to kick into high gear and work like mad for the next three hours or so.  It breaks my heart to say that, but it needs to be done and I'm ready to do it.  (Hooooo Wah!)  I'm still very, very tired, but I'm determined!  Plus, if I get the house nice and clean now, I can sleep guilt free all weekend.   

There are NO plans for the weekend.  Eric was supposed to work a full day of overtime tomorrow, but now that's in question.  I would like to get groceries over the weekend and as much as I hate driving down that hill, I really need some time alone and that is absolutely the only way I'll be able to get it.  (bleh)  If the car had AC, if it wasn't 1200 degrees in town, if it wasn't so damned far I'd enjoy it ever so much more. 

No so this spaghetti with butter I'm having (or not, now) for lunch.  Ack.  Next!  I hate the days of grocery desperation just before payday.  Tonight is the next-to-the-last Hamburger Night and I want to make some cookies for the school bake sale there.  It will be great not to have to cook.  Next week, they are pit cooking a pig a few days before and having a huge party.  Then it will be September!  Already!

My birthday is September 5th and I've been trying to think of things I'd like to do or get. Money still isn't plentiful, but I'm thinking I might want to get my bicycle finally.  I'll share it with Delena since she really, really needs one.  Nathan's 5th birthday is Sept 7th, so I can't really go all out.  Never conceive 40 weeks before your birthday or your wedding anniversary.   

I was honored to watch really, really good TV today.  I've always enjoyed the show "Chicago Hope," which just started airing again on Discovery Heath.  Today's episode was the one where Geiger's insane wife is going to have brain surgery that could make her sane again and the writing was just absolutely amazing.  I was riveted, especially in Geiger's pacing scene where he has taken off his pants because the sound of his pants was bothering him and interrupting his pacing, so he's in a full suit and boxer shorts.  At one point, he says he can still hear the pants, "I'm hearing phantom pant sounds!  Is anyone else hearing the pants?"  It was brilliantly written and brilliantly acted.  I really appreciate special talent and effort like that.

Speaking of effort, I should likely show some toward cleaning.  Have a magnificent weekend!