August 17, 2004

I really thought I'd be writing before now, but life has conspired to keep me away from the keyboard.  I spent today working on a soap column and this is quite literally the first nonsoapy writing moment I've had in two days' time.

Delena and Nathan started back to school yesterday.  All in all, it went exceptionally well.  Dylan starts his independent study program tomorrow night and my dear, sweet hubby has offered to take him so I don't have to drive (bless'im). 

Delena sailed out the door both days in good spirits.  She has long days, leaving at 7:15 and not getting back until just after 4pm.  She has two really great teachers this year and has a posse of friends.  So far, the only complaints she's had is that she didn't take enough maxi pads yesterday (??!!), but she made do OK.   She looked really cute in her new outfits.  I'd say all in all, school is as good as it can be for Delena (she hates school, but makes the best of it).



He is just a bundle of LOUD energy about school.  Yesterday, his first day, Eric stayed went into work late so he could see him off to school and to provide back up transportation if Nathan balked at getting on the bus at the last minute.  He was really insistent that he ride the bus on the first day rather than Mom and Dad taking him and sure enough, he bounded up the stairs of the bus like he'd done it all his life.  I called around noon and the aide said he was doing great and making lots of friends.  He bounced off the bus like Tigger afterward, proclaiming his love for Mark (bus driver) and for school.  Today, his love extended to Mickey, Chester and ... thinking.. JOHNNY, his new friends.  Mickey is a girl and he loves her.  He had several pages of homework to do and was very excited about that as well.  He gets home a little after 1pm and by 3pm today, he had his back pack on and said he was going back to school.  I think we can mark Nathan's experience up as a success.

Dylan is the one who has surprised me, my ultra quiet one.  I guess he was subdued by Nathan or is just lonely or bored, but I'm wearing the kid on my shoulder like  a parrot and god help him, he will not shut up.  I love my sweet Dyl, don't get me wrong, but he talks in this excited, loud voice and is just never ending.  Yesterday, he gave me play by play, moment by moment recaps of no less than 5 episodes of Ed, Edd and Eddy, end to end.  I wanted to shoot myself in the head.  I am sure we'll get into a routine in a few days, but for now, he's my boon companion and figures I need ongoing monologue to be entertained.   

The mornings are good.  Delena gets up at 6:15 and the boys are still sleeping.  We have a nice hour of visiting and getting her ready, then wait for the bus together.  Ahhhh.  Then I get almost a half hour of silence until Nathan wakes up.  He gets ready and out the door by 7:30 and by the time I get inside, Dylan is awake and ready to talk.  Today, I inflated the air mattress for him to moonwalk on, we made cupcakes and I told him he could raid Delena's Playstation 2 games.  Each bought me about 10 minutes of quiet.  It has to get... a little quieter, I'm sure.

Valerie (Josh's woman) is being induced on Tuesday, so I'm going to Sacramento for the birth. 

David is working hard to get a job he desperately wants with the voter registry.  He interviews tomorrow (swing you lucky cats, folks). 

I'm so tired, I'm blind, so I'm going to sleep.  You might here from me tomorrow too.

Take care,