August 15, 2004

Wild.  I could have sworn that I wrote on Thursday.  What did I DO on Thursday?  What did I do on Friday?  Why can't I even remember those days?  Presumably, they happened because I'm here, safe and sound, on Sunday.  I remember having a cool day yesterday.  I remember talking to Dylan's homeschool teacher (yes, we have those here, it seems) on Friday.  I remember Eric bringing home nasty (God bless him) Straw Hat Pizza so I didn't have to cook.  (Straw Hat Pizza is West Coast - Their slogan is "Left cost; right pizza."  It was pretty bad, sadly.  Poor guy brought it all the way from town.  I miss Pizza Hut so very fiercely.  If anyone in my coven is reading this, next time you wonder what to bring, bring pizza.  I'm thinking thin crust pepperoni with cheesy bread sticks.  Maybe some homestyle crust with everything except tomatoes, anchovies and olives.  Mmmmm.  I miss the Pizza Hut buffet so bad I could die.  Dammit.

Weekend was good.  Yesterday was New Moon ritual and it was really good.  The energy was clear and clean and flowed nicely.  Eric decided not to go to Vegas to see his family  :(  because it would cost so much money.  He's been an incredibly good sport about it.  He spent yesterday at his mining claim, panning and communing with nature.  It's so beautiful out there.  About an hour of the time was taken up by the Forestry Federalies who made him prove he had a claim, prove he was who he said, prove he could read a map better than they could by showing them he WAS where he was supposed to be.  Way to harsh a good gig. 

Today, we both slept in and I'm STILL sleepy (it's 6pm).  I think it's some kind of cumulative thing where my body decided it was going to get to catch up... and liked it.  Eric is grilling steaks (London broil, $1.99 a pound at Albertson's!) and I've got steak fries in the oil hole.  I think after we eat and Nathan gets a bath, I'm going to turn in early.  Eric is going to go to work late tomorrow so he can be here when Nathan gets on the bus.  He's still sure he wants to ride the bus the first day instead of me taking him.  If I hadn't gotten as familiar with the teacher as I did over the summer, I'd worry more but pfft, if that's what he wants, I won't feel denied.  With Eric here, at least there's transportation if Nathan balks at the last minute.  I think he'll do just fine.  He's so eager to get to school that I think that will carry him.

Talked to Dylan's teacher, who actually does teach 2nd grade at the school he attended for 2 months last school year after we moved here.  He will be technically still a student of the school, but as the teacher described, "home will be his classroom."  Once a week, we go to the school to meet with her.  We'll turn in old school work and pick up new school work.  It takes less than an hour.  This is definitely a good situation and by far beats coming up with my own lesson plans and such. 

So tomorrow begins the new chapter!  Delena catches the bus a few minutes before I have to wake Nathan to get him ready for school.  The kindergarten here is lonnnng.  He goes from 9-1, then on Fridays, goes until 2:30 each week.  After Christmas vacation, he goes all day long.  The more I hear about this school, the more I like it.  I know he'll do exceptionally well and it's a good fit.  One of the things I was putting energy toward last year was for my kids to have a good school year this year and so far, it looks like everyone is happy.

Delena wouldn't do a full on fashion show for me with her school clothes, but she let me take a couple of pictures.  She decided this year, she wanted to wear skirts, so she got some really pretty ones.  She got some yoga pants to wear too, two pair, I think.  She loves, loves, loves her boots (less than $20 at WalMart!) and made some really, really good clothing choices.  I'm so proud of her.  I didn't have to tell her she couldn't get the "hottie" shirt.  She picked pretty clothes that suited her personality and my budget.  I was so proud of her when she saw a shirt she really loved, then said, "I'm not paying THAT much for this!"  This was the very first year we didn't buy most of her school clothes at the thrift store with a few new items thrown in.  Still, she was very thrifty and discerning.  About half of the clothes she bought were gothy and about half were not (denim skirts, etc).  She's going to look lovely in them.  Another interesting point is that last year, the size of her waist put her in a size 14-16.  This year, 10's were too big and we had to go to 8's.  Like... wow.  PE every school day for 2 months (her old school only had PE once a week) was her friend and I think she lost more over the summer.  I did the same thing at exactly the same time.  Between 6th-7th grade I went from baby fat body to awesome woman body.   It's unsettling to have a daughter who is not even 12 yet who has grown up shape.  It makes me even more glad to live in such a remote area.  I'm just glad she's a lot smarter than I was at that age.  Heck, she's smarter than I was in my 30's.  Eric always says she's 11 going on 30 and I have to agree.  Her biological dad looked at the pictures (of the gothy clothes) and said, "That's my girl!!"  :) 

Josh and Valerie's baby is due in 2 weeks, but she's getting restless, so I think if the doctor mentions induction (which they are so eager to do these days), she'll go for it.  It's her first son and his first biological baby.  She had two little girls (my grandgirls) when they got together.  His name is Aidan Paul and I seriously hope that he decides to show up on a weekend so I can go to the hospital when he's born (listen, I'm NOT an imposing in-law, I was INVITED, OK?).  I haven't been to a birth (that didn't involve ME giving birth) in over 8 years, so it will be a treat.  I was a Lamaze instructor, substitute coach, doula, etc for almost 20 years and was always around birth.  My older boys grew up knowing it was always possible that mom would be called out in the middle of the night for a birth.  To have it be my own grandchild I'm watching be born will be even more special.  I've been having c-sectiony feelings about Valerie (but didn't tell them) for a couple of months now.  She had a vaginal birth with her first daughter, but had a footling breech with Leiloni and had to have a section.  She's having a VBAC and so far, all seems well.  She's just hot and sick of being pregnant.