August 7, 2003

I'm thinking about my dream house again!  My Diva Domain where I can reign supreme and relax into my own space in fragrant, glorious peaceful joy.  :)  It feels so good to think of this place sometimes and know that it's there for me when we're both ready.  Meanwhile, I work to create that as best as I can in my own environment.  Sadly (morbidly sadly, in fact), today that involves some serious cleaning to achieve.

Things here are so much better.  I caught Eric in the right mood and talked to him about how his negativity is affecting all of us and although he started off defending and protesting, I caught him by off guard by asking him which of us seems to be doing better with all that has happened, me or him?  He pulled up short and just said, "OK, school me."  I gave him a few pointers on letting the negativity go and focusing on the joy and miracles.  He started fussing about how he's done that before and I countered that he'd done that as a means to an end, to get the good life, rather than as a genuine lifestyle change that is based in joy and abundance. 

I told him that I have all of you guys to keep me grounded in that and people like Carolyn and Georgia and Kathy and so many others who prop me up when I start to sag and that I want to use the strength they give me to help hold him up as well.  He was so receptive and open to what I was saying and since then (that was Monday), everything has been simply glorious.  I couldn't imagine what it would feel like to have him also feeding joy and happiness into the home.  It's just marvelous.  Like pumping pure oxygen into a room.

So life is good here and we are eager for what the harvest brings.

For another site I'm working on (Witchy Diva Stuff), I wrote a review of the movie, "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" and the books on which they are based.  I thought you might enjoy reading it.

Meanwhile, Katrina is off to best this devil house. 

Much Love,