August 1, 2003

Happy Harvest!!

I'm very excited for what the coming months are going to bring.  Already, Joe (my son who lives in Canada) has given me a call and told me that he and his wife have worked out a wonderful consolidation-type plan where they can pay off their bills and make a much smaller payment.  It is wonderful news for them and an incredible harvest.  :)  I know that is just the beginning of many wonderful things to come. 

Eric only worked a half day today and is able to take care of some errands and such.  That means the weekend has actually sort of come early.  I'm really eager for it.  Tomorrow, I am going out with a dear friend to buy bulk herbs and visit for a while.  On Saturday, we have our Lammas (Harvest) ritual & celebration, which is a public event, so we get to see hoards and hoards of friends.  We're having it at a county park that is rolling and green and has a wonderful lake.

OK, Eric just called from the bank and said when he got there, he heard a big boom and saw that a giant hole had been blown in the car's radiator.  This means a new radiator.  Triple digits.   Yikes.

I'm still determined good things are coming.

(They are)


This will take the last of our money.

(But they're coming!  Really!)

He may not get done in time for my fun stuff tomorrow.

(But good stuff!  Coming!  Really)


(good stuff)


All is good.  Trust the process.   Go with the flow.  Feel  the flow.  Beee the flow.  It's all good.   All is well. 



I was in line to buy a couple of grocery items last night at Albertson's and I literally dropped my jaw and stared.  Behind me in line was a very lovely young black girl, maybe 13-14 and behind her was a middle-aged woman with a seeing eye dog in training.  The dog nudged against the girl and she held her hand down to the dog to sniff.  The woman said, "ExCUSE me, do you have a relationship with the Lord?"  The girl said, "I'm sorry... what?" and over that, the woman said, "Because if you don't have a relationship with the Lord, you can't touch this dog."  I have, in all my years, never heard a more arrogant, bigoted, self-righteous, elitist, empirical load of garbage.  You can't touch this dog unless you believe as I do?   (Cause I don't think she was talking about Lord Shiva)  You can't touch this dog unless you're in my club?  Unless you think like I do?  Can't.  Touch.  A.  Dog.  You are not fit to touch a dog unless you follow my faith.  Jesus, save me from your followers.  Why can't people just smile and be kind?

Can you tell I'm out of Estroven?  That is such glorious, wonderful stuff.  I didn't know how well it was working until I ran out a week ago.  Now, I can't sleep nights (up a few times a night again and nightmarish dreams) and I'm a lot more PMessy and emotional.  Hence, I have determined Estroven = Good Stuff.  I don't care if it says, "Active Ingredient:  Heroin," I'm going to be gobbling that stuff down (thanks Kathy!).  I got a really good deal on some through e-bay ($5 for 60 and you only take one a night!).  It came today (yayyy yayyy), so I'm starting back tonight and should be normal again soon.  I watched Dr Phil's show on menopause yesterday (or the day before maybe) and it pretty well reclarified for me that I'm definitely perimenopausal.

Since I want all of you to experience a glorious harvest, right now, today, on the first day of harvest, I have decided to give you my favorite pictures on earth.  Click on them.  They're thumbnails:



  My Family


  Fun Stuff

Happy Harvest!


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