July 5, 2004

I just checked the default mail address for Eye on Soaps (where the unclaimed mail goes to roost) and found that by using my real e-mail address on the website instead of the katrina@eyeonsoaps.com address, I have missed out on 1026 spam e-mails in the past two weeks.  Who would have thought such a simple change would have such an impact.  I knew I was deleting a lot of mail, but damn.

Despite Eric STILL not getting paid for his work with the company he helped form (he was supposed to be paid on June 25th), it's been happy days around here, not really for any reason in particular, just a nice general atmosphere. 

Just as Summer Solstice promised, we're starting to see our "crops" in the field for the year.  My little bean is still growing strong and fat.  In a not altogether unexpected move, Eric has decided to take a job (a real job, full time) with a very, very fine man he used to work with at his last regular job.  The pay is very, very good and it will be stable work.  Of course, this means walking away from the company he poured his blood, sweat and tears into over the past year.  I have never seen anyone work so hard at anything and he's just not getting the payout from it, not just financially, but in being treated as an equal partner.  I know he'd stay in a heartbeat if he was feeling support and loyalty from the guys he was partnered with, but they're just a couple of snakes who can't be trusted, so it's best he go.  Since we've been working so hard to manifest a positive outcome, I'm thinking this is it since the job came up pretty much out of nowhere.  He finds out in the next day or so if it's a go for certain.  The guy he'd be working for (his friend) is all for it, but he has to get approval from his boss, then it's on.  This times it perfectly so that he can start work when I get back from my trip.  Once he FINALLY gets paid (supposedly this week), we'll have enough to go on until he gets his first paycheck from the new job. 

Needless to say, having him not be paid yet makes me antsy in taking the trip.  I am trusting he will eventually get paid and we'll be able to make all of our bills on time, but I'm going to feel like an ass if I spend money on this trip and then we can't pay our mortgage or something.  Our donations for the site are also unusually low this month and so I'm wondering if I'm going to end up pitching in on that as well.  I'm going to have faith that it will all work out, because Lord, I need this.  It will be five days of no kids, no chores and lots of fun.  It would be great if Eric could go with me, but I feel better knowing he's the one taking care of the kids.  I'm not looking forward to the drive down (about 6-7 hours, depending on traffic), nor leaving out at o'dark thirty (around 4am) to miss the major traffic, but it will be worth it.  Tomorrow, I go stock up on groceries for Eric, get my hair cut and pick up a few things for the trip.  David also mentioned coming up tomorrow night and spending the night for a visit.  That will be really nice. 

It will be quite an adjustment to get used to him being gone so much, but ahhh!  Routine!  I will also be very pleased to have him disassociated from the people he's working with now.  It will also be nice to have reliable paydays again. 

Another new development is that I will likely be home schooling Dylan this next school year.  He had such a hard time on the 45 minute bus ride (one way) to and from school this year and since he'll be going to the little two room school for 3rd grade, so rather than get him attached in to the kids at his school from last year, I can home school him (2nd grade I can definitely manage) and have him all set for third grade when a slot opens up for him in the little school (he will have priority there since he will have a sibling, Nathan, already enrolled).  I spoke with Nathan's teacher and she is going to give me all of the third grade standards so he'll be completely ready.  She said there is enormous support for home schooling in this school district, so it should be a piece of cake.  Of all my kids that I would consider home schooling, Dylan would be the pick.  I won't have any trouble getting him to work with me, he's quick to learn and of all my kids, probably needs the social interaction less than the others.  Mrs. Kelly, the teacher, also said that he can come visit the classroom a couple of times a month to spend time with the kids he'll be in school with next year.  Another good thing is that since Dylan was getting all antsy on the bus ride, the drivers were making Delena responsible for her, which was driving her a little nuts.  This will free her up to have her own life on the bus without having to be Dylan's keeper.

Before Eric and I decided this, I had to carefully consider whether or not I was stalling out on the alone time by keeping one of the fledglings at home for another year.  After deep thought on the matter, I determined that I am grieving that alone time a bit, which is a good thing.  If I felt anything akin to relief, I'd be worried about me and the possibility of some kind of empty nest syndrome thing going on. Instead, it just feels like adjustment and the right thing to do for everyone concerned.  Dylan is a very quiet, independent child, so I know I will still have an enormous amount of privacy even when he's here.  This will also give Nathan an opportunity to create a niche for himself at the little school aside from being "Dylan's brother." 

Speaking of Dylan (this seems to be the Dylan column), he turned 7 today.  :-)  Bless him.  Love you, Dylie.

That's about it for now.  I'll likely add more tomorrow.

Take care, all,