July 2, 2003,

Hello!  Good Lord, I feel so much better today!  It's amazing what a bit of sleep will do!  Eric got home from his meeting last night around 8pm and I went directly to bed, watched Star Trek TNG and went right to sleep.  I woke up when he came in around 11, but instantly crashed again and woke up around 6:30 this morning, only to drift for another couple of hours.  Today (it's almost 10am), I've popped a few Tylenol to ward off the headache that is threatening and I've been listening to some great percussion energy music (Gabrielle Roth - if you've never heard of her, be sure and download some of her stuff!  It's awesome!) and I'm feeling pretty good.  The kids don't look as menacing today, at least, so that's something. 

Speaking of kids, today I have to re-clean their room beyond tossing toys in the box.  A vital shoe is missing. 

In addition to that, I'm going to try and capitalize on getting this house into shape.  It's not bad, but definitely needs a little kick in the pants.  Since I'm not seeing any white knights with cleaning products hauling ass into my lawn, I'd probably consider the possibility that I'm the only one to do the job.

Knowing that Mommy needs a break now and then, my son David took me to the movies on Sunday to see "Charlie's Angels, Full Throttle."  He's such a good boy.  I hadn't seen the first "Charlie's Angels"  until a couple of weeks ago, despite his gentle nudges that I really, really must do so.  I'm just not a jiggle person or a "chicks kick ass!" person and felt entirely too old for such a film.  My Netflix list was getting low, so I threw it on there and watched it one night when Eric was off with the guys and WOW!  What a ton of fun!!  I loved it!

I'd heard some reviews from people who didn't care for it, so I was a little cagey about going in, but wow!  Another ton of fun!  It's worth the admission just to see the little HammerTime Dance!  Yes, there's a lot of ass in the movie, but it's great ass and it's fun ass and I loved every second, from beginning to end.  How can you not love extra Joey Tribiani??  Bruce Willis looked AWESOME in his cameo (yum!).  I love fun.  Fun is good.  :)   I want more fun.  Note to self:  increase fun levels.

Speaking of fun levels, did I ever show you this?  http://www.bash.org/?top

Those of you who have ever spent any amount of time on IRC will particularly appreciate it.  :)  (Rated R for language).  One of my favorites:

<calin> we had a guy at school that wore black lipstick.. and was all gothy.. and then one day we caught him buying an assvibrator
<ecoli> ew.
<ecoli> wait, you "caught" him?
<ecoli> like, you were behind him in line at the assvibrator store?
<Aero> he doesnt answer
*** Quits: calin (No route to host)

Time to go start cleaning!  Got to make room for the good stuff to come in!  Somehow, even though I hate doing it, when the house is all clean and I have a sense of accomplishment, miracles seem more possible and the world seems more... available, so I'm on it!

Hope you have a wonderful day and find some fun!  Keep the hope, trust the process, do your best and jettison all worry!


PS (4pm PST)

Have I mention that by all evidence I have observed, men are, by default, jackasses?  I realize that some work hard to rise above that natural status quo, but I think there are some for whom that is just too much of a stretch to even try, especially in times involving any degree of tension.  >:<  If they "got it," I think it would be too big of a load for them to carry, what with that huge bag of ego and self-importance that they have to lug everywhere as well.  Thank God they can fix stuff and are occasionally amusing or we'd have to kill them.