July 1, 2003



What a time since I last talked to you!  No, nothing earth-shaking, just lots and lots and lots of insignificant, irritating, time consuming crap.

So Eric went on this great two day fishing trip with his two buddies with me staying home with kids.  I didn't hear from him very much because I guess there was no cell signal up where he was.  He was SEVEN HOURS late getting home with no explanation until about two hours before he got home.  They'd taken off for another fishing hole that was on the way home.  No cell signal there.  I told him we needed to contact Pacific Bell and let them know that every pay phone down Interstate 5 is BROKEN.  >:<  All assurances that my ass would be thoroughly kissed for being dumped for this trip have thus far NOT been fulfilled.

While he was gone, I painted my kitchen with a heavy latex eggshell paint that  made it look WONDERFUL.  I painted over all the grease and dirt and nastiness and it really came out great, went on fast and was a breeze.  The whole thing was done in about an hour and only took one coat.  Behind my stove and the counter on one side is wallpaper with pots and pans all over it (original, eh?).  It looked so bad that I wanted to cover it in some way, but I learned from the main bathroom that stripping wallpaper = bad.  I had some other wallpaper and tried to paper over it (it was the wet and stick stuff), but THAT didn't work and was an abysmal failure.  What was interesting is that I notice that where the water had run from the wallpaper I'd tried to stick, the old wallpaper was really clean (?!), so I squirted it with 409 and wiped it down and it looked great.  Who'da thought you could clean wallpaper?  So between the paint and the 409, the tiny kitchen looks great.

That inspired me to paint the teeny bathroom that is off the family room.  This is literally a small toilet, sink and a window and not an inch more of space, so the whole thing is about 4'x 5'.  When Josh had it, he got candle wax all down one wall and the rest of the room was just dirty and the previous tenants had painted part of it and not painted the rest.  I was low on latex paint, so I had to use some white matte that I had and it literally took about 8 coats.  Every time I turned around, I was bumping into a wall I just painted.  I had such a hard time getting the top of the walls painted that I ended up trying to stick up a wallpaper border, which didn't like to stick, so I finally ended up using a staple gun to tack it up in places.  THAT one took about 4 hours.  The place still smells like paint and that was Friday.  It definitely looks better, but WHEW!

I managed to get all of the Big Rock Laundry Mountain washed and dried, but tonight I have to do the most repugnant part:  sorting, putting away and hanging.

Thinking it would be a nice break for them, I took the kids to McDonalds for a hamburger each and to play on the outside playground.  I don't know why  I ever imagine this will be a good thing.  It was hot, there was some kind of birthday party going on, so there were 5000 kids and we didn't stay very long.  Eric is working today, but isn't sure when he'll be paid for it.  I feel blah from lack of sleep and general malaise.

It's a good life and I'm grateful for all I have.  I just need some sleep and a Nanny and a massage.

Speaking of wonderful things, there is an angel somewhere near Portland, Oregon, so just let me say, "Thank you."

Saturday is both Dylan and Sage's birthday.  Dylan will be 6 and is very eager for the family party.  There is some thought that Josh might be able to come down from Fortuna, but it's not anywhere near definite and I don't "feel" him coming.

I've been thinking a lot about the coming trip to LA.  August is the GH Fan Weekend in Studio City.  I had to skip out last year because of finances and I really missed it, so I have a lot invested this year.  So for, it looks like it's a go. The guys are getting  lots of work lined up and so everything should work out eventually.  Now is the interesting time and I'm still just taking one day at a time.  Eric has been out of work for over a month now.  I'm not even sure how long.  It's all a blur.  One day at a time makes it hard to look back and figure out the weeks unless I have paperwork of some kind in front of me that places this happening here and that happening there.  I'm working on moving forward and not looking backward.

Anyway, what I was going to say is that this weekend in LA with no kiddies, good friends, good fun and relaxation is something that I really need.  I have full confidence that by the end of August when it rolls around, I'm going to be in a position to have a really good time with this and not worry about finances; just focus on having fun.  Only a little less than two months away!  Fortunately, I already bought my event ticket when things were better and I'll only have to pay for expenses while there.  It's going to be a really, really good thing and I intend to take full advantage of it and have a wonderful time.  Selfishly, I wish it was a week or so, but I'm grateful for this.  :)

And with that, I'm going to go get busy folding clothes.  I hope all of you have a wonderful week and enjoy the summer weather!

Take care,


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