June 26, 2004

I can't believe how fast June has passed by.  It seems like just yesterday we were planting our little beans for Spring Equinox.  What we do for our ritual is put our goals for the year into a bean (per goal) and literally plant them in a little peat pot of potting soil and take care of the bean through the coming weeks as a symbol of the goals we have planted.  I planted three beans for three goals:  abundance, prosperity and healthy weight loss.  I saw a big difference in prosperity and abundance, so I was comfy planting them as separate entities.  I have a bean!!  One of my plants, which is small, but stalwart, has a little bean pod hanging off of it.  Sadly, the other two beans died.  Odd, since they are all now in the same pot, got the same care, same sun, etc.  I can imagine what one dead bean was since I'm as fat if not fatter than I was in the spring, but was it the abundance or the prosperity bean that survived?  I'm betting it was abundance.  I'm feeling very well filled in many aspects of my life and I'm overdrawn at the bank, so something tells me abundance is in the lead.  I'm good with that.  I always plant more than one thing so that if a bean or two tanks, I'm not left all sad and downtrodden and lacking at harvest time.  Since Summer Solstice is the time where you can see your crops out in the field, but they aren't quite ready to eat yet, I'm glad to see my little baby bean hanging on there and Eric's pay (supposedly) coming in this week.  Since our first mortgage is coming due, the timing is fairly essential.

In other plant news, one of my beloved readers suggested, "Hey, Eric's mining claim area is really green and pretty!  I'm betting the deer aren't eating whatever is planted there!"  O Great Wise One!!  Eric is going to dig up some of the foliage that doesn't look as though it's depending on the direct water supply and bring them back here to me.  One of the most prolific and beautiful plants around here are sweet peas, especially the bright pink ones.  They are very hearty and spread like mad.  Of course, they are also pretty much deadly if you eat them, which is likely why the deer are leaving them alone.  I plan to cover my front hill with those babies.  My kids are old enough to know not to eat them and the grandbabies are almost never here (so I'm not all that that attached to them yet).  I looked up the magickal (I'm truly not illiterate.  When you're talking about Witchy magick, you spell it with a "k" to distinguish it from the magic stage magicians do) attributes of sweet peas and had to smile at the properties.  LOL.  Sweet peas bring in friendships, harmony and abundance.  :)  I'm thinking Eric needs to dig up a lot of them.

In other botanical news, it appears that without the leaves (that were deer eaten on a regular basis) to draw energy upward, the calla lilies have been taking energy downward.  I saw a couple of new sprouts of the calla variety a good distance (about a foot or so) away from where I planted the other ones.  Evidently, those bulbs have been dividing like crazy.  I heard of a product called "liquid fence" that supposedly keeps deer away if you circumnavigate an area with it.  It costs around $15 a bottle and I'd thought of using it just for the lilies.  Supposedly, according to the sales clerk that Eric talked to, it's a mixture of garlic and rotten eggs and smells terrible for the first day or two, then works for a month.  I'm very eager to see those little callas again.

Also, on the subject of gardens, plants and the deer factor, Eric came up with the perfect solution!  He's going to build me a green house!  I'm so very excited.  We won't really start it until next spring, but I'm already planning in my head.  He's also going to build a second storage shed (if I have "out buildings" does that mean I'm like a estate owner??) so I can clear out the red shed and have it for an indoor temple!  That will be so nice!  I would trick it out in style and it will be my personal meditation place, not to mention a really cool meeting place when/if it's rainy.  The rain will sound wonderful on that tin roof!

We went to Hamburger Night last night but it was a bit of a disappointment.  We arrived at the same time as before, but the grills weren't going yet, so we had to wait a good bit for the food to be done.  No one much talks to us since we're still "the new people" and likely will be for another 10-20 years, I expect.  The boys had fun playing, but Delena didn't see any of her people there.  We ate, we prepared to leave and found our car had been blocked in. Eric went to find the owner and while he was gone, a young guy pointed out that our back left tire was flat.  Then Eric, upon closer examination, pointed out that we didn't have a spare.  >:< 

Time to start walking.  Eric stayed behind to wait for a guy who said he had a pump.  We got about halfway home when Eric rolled up, hurried us in the car and managed to get home before the tire went flat again.  Thank Goddess he has the bike or he would not have been able to get to work today.  He'll pick up some Fix-a-Flat, then drive back down again and get another tire.  I was worried because I was wearing sandals, hardly walking shoes. I expected my feet would be killing me from the heel spurs, but after some Ben Gay and Motrin last night, I was fine this morning.  I'm thinking it could have happened to show me that I can walk and not die with pain the next day.  I know that once I get a good bit of weight off, I won't have the heel spurs problem anyway.  I still want a bicycle!!  :)  A few trips up and down these hills should definitely do the job. 

Today is a cleaning day.  We got most of it done yesterday, but I need to put on the finishing touches.  Eric will be back in late afternoon, early evening, so I'm thinking... a nap.

Hanging in bed, watching the new "Salem's Lot" and dozing.  :)

Remember, that's one of my fantasies, sort of.  If I don't have the TV on, I'll drift far away.

Oh! Speaking of!  Interesting dream last night.

I was sitting in a restaurant, waiting to be seated.  Eric was in the bathroom and I was next to an older man and woman that I knew in the dream, but I had not arrived with them and didn't know them in real life.  They were very excited to tell me that "their Kathy" would be arriving on December 5th.  I was remarking, "That's wonderful!  Just in time for Christmas!" as Eric walked up.  He was also excited to see the couple and that Kathy was coming back.  I have no clue who the old couple is, who Kathy is or why I was so glad she was coming back. I just know that it's the first dream in ages I've remembered.  It was very clear.  I didn't recognize the restaurant, but I can clearly see the cracked vinyl bench seats were were sitting on as we waited.  I also know that my name used to be Kathy. I never used Katrina (my legal name) until about 1993.  If I die on December 5th, the old people did it.

See you next week,



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