April 28, 2004

Got the Witchy shed done!  I TRIED to post pictures of it, but the program kept freezing up.  Everything is sorted and grouped and tucked away into its own special place.  I was shocked to find that I have no less than THREE shelves of candleholders alone.  BIG shelves.  I'm short on candles, which is never a good thing.  I've got an OK supply of tapers, but I'm light in tealights and column candles.  I used to get them all at the thrift store, but alas... no more.  I was checking on e-bay (my alternative thrift shop) and while the prices are GREAT, the shipping is terrible (like $8 a box).  I'll have to get Eric to fetch me some from town when he goes (he'll love that).  The Witchy shed, however, looks just marvy.

Wow.  I realized when I typed the date that today is my wedding anniversary with Paul.  We would have been married for 26 years.  I wonder if he ever thinks about that?  Not likely since he could never remember it when we were together.

Josh and the girls (Kaylee and Leiloni; 4 and 3 respectively) are coming over tomorrow morning and leaving out Friday evening.  It will be great to have two whole days with them.  Nathan will LOVE it.  They are just getting over chicken pox, poor things.  Josh's baby, Adrian, is due August 28th, so I'll have a baby to play with and give back.

Speaking of babies, I was watching a show called "Birth Day" on the Discovery Health channel.  I've always said that if some major freak of nature occurred and I were to get pregnant again (tubes tied in 2000), I'd have an epidural from first contraction on.  Mind you, I was a Lamaze instructor for 18 years and had 5 of my 6 children completely natural.  My first birth was only dampered by some demerol; the others were without any meds at all.  I'm all for experiential childbirth and I feel that it's important for a woman to fully know the enormity of what her body is doing when she's birthing.  Let me go on record as saying that is firmly embedded in my mind and if it were to happen again, I'd so get the epidural. 

As I was watching the show, one of the ladies' babies started bradying down and I almost wavered, but the baby had serious cord around the neck.  Nope.  I'd have an epidural, but I'm very grateful for the previous birthing experiences I had.  (And I'm grateful I'm not likely to have any more)

I'm going to make an awesome Gramma though.

I found Delena's satellite receiver remote.  Ha!  Totally bested that thing!  Who'da thought it was under the roller blades?  As I was going through her room (having that Murphy's Law thing prevail where every move was to my disadvantage - stupid Mercury retrograde beats the shit out of Geminis and Virgos), I had to think about that new "how to deal with your kid on drugs" public service announcement where the kids are getting down in the room, yo, and one of them says, 'hey, get dat weed' and the kid whips out his stash box and "Doh!" there's a note from Mama that says, "We've got to talk."  No weed, just the note.  That was when it dawned on me how totally stupid teenagers are.  I mean, they could hide half of Colombia in their room and we'd never know if they would just keep the damned room clean!  I mean, why do we ever go in there and poke around and get motivated to snoop and screw around, anyway?  To clean their stupid room and pick up their dirty clothes and such.  If the room were nice and spotless, I'd never be in there!  Clean your room, get to and from school when you're supposed to and don't smart off and mind your p's and q's and you could get away with almost anything in my house.  Make me come into your room and pick up one thing and I'm going to be pissy enough to start looking around.

I've been trying for the entire week to get a soap column written, but the damned thing is stuck in the starting gate and just won't move.  I've had a few ideas, but nothing I could string together into a respectable column.  This feeds my fear of old soap writers just faaading away.  I can do the spoiler commentaries all day long, but putting together anything interesting beyond that is a talent I'm losing faster than I'd like.  [insert grumbling here]

Eric has managed to pick up a couple of days' work that will bring in a little bit of money to put toward the closing costs fund for the house.  We have a breath-taking $88 in there now, plus other bills like phone and electricity due.  I think this is the longest we've ever gone without income.  It was assured that they guys would be paid for the model homes last week and when that fell through, everything was screwed up.  It's going to happen.  I know it is. I can't see the way yet because it's not time for me to know, but it'll work out.  The Universe would NOT bring me this far to this house only to lose it; therefore, it will happen.  If time projections are right, we should be paying closing costs and signing the deed one week from today.  I've lived and experienced enough to know that whole worlds can change in a week's time.  There's plenty of room to work and lots of time for prayers to be said and answered.  Besides!  This weekend is BELTANE!  The holy time of the fertilization of dreams and goals!  Plus, Mercury goes retrograde on Friday!  HOW can it fail with those things to kick it in the butt??  THEN you have to consider that those poor, dilapidated, precious calla lilies are struggling along since transplant and one is eeking out a bloom for me that looks about 3 days away.  I could cry over how very hard they try under these life threatening circumstances they've been enduring!

PLUS, check THIS out! 

My sweet friend, Hope, replaced my demon head door knocker!!  I was completely blown away when it came in the mail and Eric couldn't wait to get it mounted on our door which had NO doorbell or knocker!  This one even has:

TADA!  A strike plate!  The other one didn't!!

I feel very much more complete with my demon head guarding the door of my mountain retreat!  Thank you, Hope!  I am so very blessed.

PLUS, the care package sent by sweet Maurine as a housewarming gift had the most valuable cleaning tool ever! A Mr Clean Magic Eraser!  Hooowaaah!

Tonight is going to be an early night. I'm going to get little kids out of the tub, call Josh to firm up plans for tomorrow, help those same little kiddies clean their room (ick, it's bad), tuck their little noggins into bed and I'll then be close behind.  Nothing planned, really.  Just cuddle time with the hubby and a bit of TV before turning in for the night.

The house is still fairly clean, so no major work to do tonight.  Just easing into a warm bed and dozing into sleep time.

I hope Wednesday has found the week joyful and blessed for you and that the midway point is just the beginning of the coolness that is to come.  Pamper yourself.  Take time out from your troubles and love yourself as much as I do, if not even more.  If you can manage that, you'll be doing oooooOK.  :)

Take care!

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