April 26, 2004

Wow.  April is almost gone.  May 3rd is when we have to come up with the money for the closing costs on the house.  Tra la.  St Jude candle is burning brightly and Mercury goes out of direct on April 30th, so all things are possible.  That one, poor little calla lily is still trying hard to bloom.  A week from today will tell the tale.  It's quite a set back that Tim Lewis Homes isn't honoring their agreement to pay Eric and Mike upon 80% completion of the model homes.  Their reasoning is OK, but that doesn't change that they made an oral agreement (two separate agents) with the guys and defaulted on it.  I was urging Eric to press a bit further, let them know that they aren't happy with the precedent being set that any agreements made by anyone other than the owner are automatically suspect, but he was adamant that they need to smile and nod and not rock the boat (NOT my usual comfort zone in issues that could cause me to lose my house).  They would have gotten paid just in time.  Now it will be 2-3 weeks from now instead.  We still have a couple of options to explore, inroads for miracles as it is, and I'm sure others will manifest.  I'm trying not to focus on it.  Worry won't help, but I can at least stay alert for ideas as they come up.  I'm not in much of a position to do anything about it from here except hold out good wishes!

I can't and won't believe I've been brought this far to lose this house now!  There will be a way.  I just don't see it just yet.  I also can't see air, but it helps me every day.  Lots of things I can't see help me.  ;o)

The weekend was such a challenge.  On Friday, my sweet son, David, came up.  He watched the kids while Eric and I went out to K-mart and Albertsons (groceries) to pick up a few things.  I got sick all the way there and all the way back.  It sucked.  David stayed the night and I made fried chicken for him for an early lunch.  Delena and I took him back.  Eric insisted I was full of crap and it was only an hour to Sacramento.  An hour and forty minutes later, I was in Sacramento.  Delena got sick, but I didn't.  (The Bonine worked for me, but it's EXPENSIVE!)  We went to the shower, stopped by and saw Josh (my son) at his work (it was GREAT to see him; he and the girls should be visiting at the end of the week), grabbed a pizza (I had coupons!), then went up the hill again.  When I hit Diamond Springs, I thought about getting gas, but looked and saw that I had a solid quarter tank... more than enough to get home and back down for more gas.  I pressed on.  Just past the Grizzly Park sign, the car died.  Absolutely would not move further.  After many tries and realizing dark was coming quickly, I backed the car into a big rut (the only place off the road to ease it into; everything else was just road) and Delena and I started walking (I brought the pizza to feed the kids).  I had no clue how far it was to the house and wished I'd paid more attention when Eric had been driving.  The car was parked just around a curve, so I did some protection work on it to keep anyone from plowing into it.  I didn't leave on the emergency blinkers because it looked like the battery was drained from me trying to start it.  ...and so we walked.  Delena knew the way pretty well from riding the bus.  I knew the basics, but lord, it was alllll uphill.  I thought I was going to die.  We got home just as darkness was really hitting, a few minutes after 8pm.  Eric later clocked it and said it was only a mile and a half.  It really felt like more.  He walked back to get the car and his friend met him there with gas.  All was well.  As it turns out, when the gauge says "1/4 tank," what it really means is "out of gas."  Hmmm.  I would have liked to have known that in advance.  All I knew was that Eric had gotten stranded once right after we got the car and thought the car had more gas in it than it did.  I thought he meant it just wasn't all the way on E.  Guess I should have listened more.  When I got home (walking), Eric had the house very, very pristine clean and lovely. 

Yesterday was a bit better.  Eric and I had productive fights (sometimes, you've just got to cry your way through it to get to the other side) and all was well by the afternoon.  He took the kids to the river to play and I rearranged the storage shed to afford walking room.  Today, I have to clean house (meh, I let it go yesterday while I did the shed) and unpack the rest of my Witchy stuff into the shed.  I had a whole closet of circle decorations and candle holders and extra candles and stuff like that.  When I saw that the storage shed had cupboards and shelves in it, I knew instantly what would go there!  The biggest challenge will be finding a place to store my herbs.  I have over 250 different ones and they're in little bottles, so I've got to figure that one out.  I have some small shelves that I can nail up to put some on.  Yesterday, I was able (I surprised myself, physically) get a LOT of the lighter stuff up into the rafters of the storage area and consolidate boxes until there is now walking room in there.  The storage shed has two separate entrances:

This is door into the area with the shelves and cupboards.  Right where the roof dips down and the door opens, there is a makeshift wall of plywood that separates out another room, entered from the right side of the building.  I was really hoping that we could limit storage to the side on the right and leave the cupboarded part just for my Witchy stuff.  I love having one room where I can go be with all my crap and feel magickal.  Bleed into the Witchy side it did and when I went in there yesterday, it was difficult to even walk in at all (as in "get through").  It's much better now and all that's left is the unpacking of the goodies and herbs.  I had hoped to have a little work bench area for my mortar and pestal, etc, but for now, it's not to be.  Ultimately, I'll have a different storage area and will take down that plywood wall.  Then, the little barn storage area is MINE.  But that's a ways away.  One of the luxuries of (soon) owning this place is that I have time to make those things happen.  You can't see it in this picture... wait, lemme get another one:

There!  Look at the really wonderful pie wedge window in the arch of the roof!  The most wonderful sunlight comes through there!

I am eager for it to be my Special Mom Place.

I don't know if I mentioned this before (forgive me if I did), but after being divorced for 7 years, Paul and I are actually both buying our first homes in the exact same month.  I mean, isn't buying a house a rather rare thing to do in one's life for most people?  I found it odd that our lives paralleled like that.

(I strongly suspect that mine is cooler, but that he paid considerably less)

I found a really great deal on ham shanks and got a giant one for dinner tonight!  Not sure what I'll make to go with it, but it will last us for several meals.  I've been surprised by the distance we've gotten out of meals lately.  A week ago Saturday, we grilled chicken.  I boiled down the leftovers and used some for BBQ sandwiches and the rest for a yummy pot pie.  I like getting distance out of food!  So often, it seems like we're going through it way too fast.

In her marvelous house warming gift box, my friend, Maurine, sent a package of No Pudge No Fat Brownies.  Delena made them yesterday and they were sooo yummy.  Not quite as good as the Garcia's Low Carb Corn Chips, but that's a tough act to follow.  :)  I'm so totally going to order a case of those chips when I have monies.  Mmmm.

Speaking of low carb, I'm looking at Goddess saying, "OK, I CAN TAKE A HINT ALREADY!!"  I guess I was getting a bit of a beating on the exercise issue with the car dumping me off a couple of miles from home, so I'm back on the ball again, literally.  Starting today, I'm very low carbing (no sugar, no refined flour products, whole foods only), lots of water (I'll bet you never Ultimate Cleansethought you'd hear me say it, but the water up here is so good!) and yes, exercise.  I'll be using the exercise bike, the resistance tubes and the exercise ball.  Today, I'm starting with a nice few days of Ultimate Cleanse.  It's a product by Nature's Secret that is one of the most effective internal cleansers on the market.  I get mine from GNC and it lasts about a year.  Every few months, I'll do a cycle of it.  There are two components, one is Multi-Herb and it draws out impurities from the body and deposits them in the intestines.  The next one is Multi-Fiber that cleans out the bowel and washes it all away. What I like is that it doesn't give you diarrhea.  I take one of each in the morning and one of each at night for about 5 days and by then, I can really feel the difference.  Gooood stuff!  I'm also on heavy salads (which is helped by the warming weather - I hate eating salads in winter) and very lean proteins.  This time, I'm going to really do this.  Haven't we heard that before?  I've been improving along the way for a year now and it's finally time to switch into high gear.

I'm in a situation where I'm being asked to perform at a higher level in many areas.  I'm having to keep the house cleaner (since this house is much more high maintenance than the other ones I've had.  I'm having to work harder to produce good meals for the family since the kitchen is so small and inconvenient.  I'm having to come up with better rituals since the people have to travel so far.  Don't want them to be disappointed!  Everything from making my own ice to doing laundry every day seems to be a step toward working in a higher gear.  I guess adding exercise to all of that can just carry it along with the flow.  (You'll notice I'm ignoring the four-year-old in me that is screaming, "But I don't WANNA!" at all of these things)

Speaking of which, it's definitely time for me to get busy.  I hope you all have a stunning week.

Oh look!  The realtor just called and said that the closing on the escrow might get pushed out a day or two.  I can deal with that!  A few days leaves more room for miracles to elbow their way in!

Take care all,

PS:  I think I kind of like this webset.  Maybe I'll use it for a while instead of just once!

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