April 16, 2004


I'm working to dissolve a headache at the moment.  It's one of the few I've had since I've been up here.  It's a combination of lack of sleep (although I close my eyes and fall deeply asleep sometime between 9-10pm and wake up with the alarm at 6am) and stress.  I shouldn't be tired, but I surely am.   I still have to get pictures on the wall, but I've had workers in and out of the house for the past two days and I'm more comfortable doing that without extra people under foot.  Eric has been gone all day, every day.  He slept in until late morning yesterday, then got up and left, so to me, he was gone all day. Supposedly, today is a short day.

Poor Delena got sick on her way to school today and lost her breakfast.  Eric brought her home to shower and re-dress, but since the school has a shortened day every Friday (they are out at 12:45 as opposed to 3:15), by the time he got down to the school, picked her up, she showered and dressed and he took her back, it would be almost time to go, so she just stayed here.  The school secretary had some good ideas for helping with Delena's motion sickness, like having her eat breakfast at school, riding in the front of the bus (which is with the little kids, so I'm sure that will suck for her) and remembering her Dramamine every morning.  I didn't give it to her this morning because it seemed like she wasn't getting sick when she didn't have it in the afternoon.  I know how miserable she feels and I remember how embarrassing it is to vomit on a bus, so I feel bad for her.  I think the weekend will do her good, then she'll be ready to go back again. 

I still get sick every single time I travel, Dramamine or not.  Ha!  Dramamine is "drama" and "mine" together.  I never left home much when I lived in Sacramento, even.  Mostly just to go to the thrift store, grocery store, Target or to have lunch with Georgia (*sniff*).  The first three happened within 3 miles of my house, but Georgia and I usually ventured a full 10 miles or so away.  For years now, I've been more comfortable inside my own house and being so far from everyone and everything has definitely accentuated that.  Not to mention getting so sick whenever I travel the roads.  Of course, I was being factitious when I said I'd never leave home again, but it wasn't too far off the mark.  I love my home even more now, so I suspect that even more of my visiting will be done by computer.  My friend, Arnie, thought that was weird and I think was afraid for me.  It's just... me.  The only time I've ever been not a homebody was when I didn't like being at home and that's not been the case for many, many years.  I think my pseudo-isolation really began about 6-7 years ago when I really, really began to like myself and enjoy my own company.  I stopped really needing to be entertained by the company of other people and started just hanging out with me.  Being a stay at home mom, I thought I'd be out and about even more often, but I find myself enjoying home so much, I tend to surround myself with it.  I thought I'd go nuts up here without a few places to escape to from time to time, but it's been 2 1/2 weeks and I love it more every day.  I think what helps is the house being 2 stories, so there's always a place to be alone for a while. 

Ahhhh.  Headache going away.  That's always such a blessed relief when you can feel the tentacles loosening and the pain slipping away. 

I got a call this morning from (who I presume is) the secretary at our mortgage broker's office today saying an appraiser would be by at 11am.  Um, OK.  She was here for about 20 minutes or so, looking around and measuring inside and out, then imagine my surprise when she told me I was supposed to pay $350 for it!  This was news to me, then when I tried to call the secretary back with my WTF, I got voice mail.  Fortunately, Ms Appraiser opted to put it to the closing costs.  I'm not excited about that beast growing by even a few more hundred dollars.  That's coming up in just a couple of weeks and I'm still not sure how we're going to swing it.  Since my miracles tend to wait until the final 15 seconds or so to manifest, I'm not going to start worrying yet.

Tonight, Eric and I have to write a class to teach tomorrow (Witchy stuff).  It will be great to have our friends over to visit.  We always have a potluck and hanging out/laughing time too.  On Sunday, another friend is coming to visit, so it will be quite a social weekend.  It will be good to be around the kids too since they are gone so long for school any more. 

Eric worked hard cleaning the chimney to the wood stove last night and now it gives off good heat in the family room, which is an add on and has no heating ducts.  There was so much black stuff in the flue that air couldn't move through, so the fire kept going out every time you closed the door.   Now it's really cookin.

Now that the repair folks have left, I suppose I should get busy trying to figure out where to put all of the pictures and such.  As I mentioned before, I'm not very good at it, so I get a little antsy when doing it.  (Headache trying to come back just thinking about it)  Still, I have to forge through and get it done.  I'm lucky that I have cool stuff (minus one very cool green iron demon head door knocker >:< ) so it makes up for not really going together.  Eric and I both enjoy the "museum look" of having lots of interesting stuff to look at all the time.  Joe calls it the "junky look."  "Why do you have so much crap around?"  I think it gives him the heebie jeebies every time he's here.

What can I say?  I love crap.  Nicknacks and oddities are my friends and my signature.  I think that's why I'm so addicted to thrift stores.  You can find just the best stuff there.  My favorites tend to be ceramic objects people have made.  They have so much more character than things you buy in the store.

I also have so many wonderful gifts that friends have sent to me.  They all know my tastes so well and each piece has just been delightful to receive and enjoy. 

Look at me! I've killed off another 15 minutes or so since I said I was going to get busy sorting and hanging!  I'm so good at that.  I guess we all have to have our areas of excellence.  :)~

I hope all of you have a fabulous weekend and that the Mercury Retrograde isn't causing too much chaos (it goes direct again on the 30th, so hang in there!). 

Thanks again for all of your letters of love and support.  I feel surrounded by such wonderful people and you'll never know how much I appreciate (and depend on) that!

OH!!!  I forgot to tell you!!!  (almost!)  There is an older couple who has a second home (there are lots of second homes up here) across the way from us.  Very nice folks.  He's a minister (haven't delved into that much) and their names are Frank and Sharon.  As it turns out, Frank is evidently quite a guitar picker and he's an aficionado of Bluegrass Music!!  Talk about an "O Brother, Where Art Thou" extravaganza!  He used to live down the road from Ralph Stanley ("Ohhhhhh Death....")  He knows old country music (my knowledge is all pre-1980) like I do, so it should make a great ongoing conversation.  Hope he doesn't freak over all of the pentacles.  We were both raised around the Pentecostal churches, so we have that in common too! 

Now, seriously, I'm going to go hang pictures.  (really)

Have a BRILLIANT weekend!