This is what the area around my back yard looks like. 
Just swap out manzanita for the ferns.
I WANDer what Georgia can do with all that manzanita! 

April 10, 2004

Guess what I'm doing?  If "unpacking" came to your mind, you're exactly right!  Every day, I think that today is the day I'm going to be finished and every day, I have a little more done and a good bit more to day.  Still, I'm plugging away at it.

Yesterday was discouraging in a few ways.  First, we found out that our mortgage is going to be about $400 more than what we expected it to be (based on the figures for the first loan).  We thought we'd likely take a beating on the interest rate and we surely did, just a worser beating than what we imagined.  The interest rate is, indeed, bad, and we're locked into it for 2 years, but that's the fallout from having credit destroyed by months of being unemployed.  We'll just suck it up and deal with it. 

Then, Eric went back for the final load from the old house (he got delayed due to their housing projects being ready for wiring, so they had to get busy with work) and found that while some of the stuff was there, other stuff had been stolen, which is so completely disheartening, not only because some of the things taken were dear to us, but because they were secured inside the house.  My friend, Sherry, says that the agents who show the house often will take things if no one is around and a particular amount of possessions have been moved from the property.  Our vehicles were still out front, so I'm amazed at how people can justify stealing to themselves.  I was pretty torn up for a lot of yesterday because of it, but I'm pretty well resigned today.

In addition to the calla lilies that we'd dug up to transplant, we also lost the Buddha statue and yellow glass ball from the garden (I think I already mentioned that, but on dial up, it would take me an hour and a half to check).  They tried to take the big fountain, but couldn't lift it, evidently.  It was unseated and a good bit away from its position.  They took the wrought iron torches I use to delineate my circle area.  Those puppies are about $16 a piece and were purchased by the circle people, so I feel really bad about that.  Saddest is that they took a Rubbermaid bin of Little People animals, vehicles, people and furniture that went to the kids' Fisher Price toy sets, like the barn, the garage, the talking village and the house.  That pretty much renders the hollow sets that they have now useless.  A giant doll house that Nathan loved was stolen.  He's been asking to play with these things for two weeks since the first time we moved here.  Eric kept not having room for them and leaving them behind.  The kids are very sad about it.  Eric is frustrated with them for being upset and with me for being upset and has given me the "it's only material possessions, get over it" speech, following the, "how petty you are to cry over those things when you have so much."  A bike was taken and my cast iron green demon head door knocker was stolen.

The good news (I think) is that I did find it on e-bay:

But it's $50.50 with postage, so I'm going to have to wait until we get a little stronger in the moolah department to invest in something that expensive.  Eric had I had that stupid thing for a long time and it would look perfect by our (broken) doorbell at the new house.  It looks as though the company has a few and probably has them on an ongoing basis, so I'm peaceful with waiting.  I'm just shocked to find it because it looked fairly irreplaceable.  That's a miracle in and of itself.

I mostly just feel violated that someone would be so bold as to go into a person's house and take things from them.  I know it happens all the time and it never fails to amaze me. I just to know a person who would say, "If I can take it from you, you aren't taking good care of it and don't deserve it."  I guess that's true in a way.  I've always had my belongings under heavy spell work, but that is pretty much limited to where I live and what I drive.  When I drove away from the old house, I was so frustrated with how things had gone there and fixated on the new place that I didn't bother doing a protection spell on the things that were left behind.  I'm just so grateful I'm not moving again.

I was grateful to see that the extra weight I was carrying left with my period, so I'm down to a svelte 230.  Only 80 pounds to go before I'm at my happy place.  It will be easier here in this "fail safe" environment.  It's not like I can ever get fast food or have an impulse candy purchase with no stores or restaurants around.  I'm also up and down stairs all day, moving, toting, packing and shifting stuff.  I can't believe the level of physical activity this move has demanded and I have exerted.  It's been a great starting point and I'll just roll it from there.

We STILL have not been able to get our vehicles up here.  They could not be towed because the hitch wouldn't work.  The vehicles were swaying side to side so badly it was uncontrollable, which is not good on winding, mountain roads.  We're going to have to find someone with a flatbed who can tow them, which is going to likely be (say it with me, folks) "expensive."  *sigh*  This move has already cost so much more than we expected.

I'm going to get my St Jude medal on a chain today and light a St Jude candle, then Jude and I are going to have a little talk.  I need to get my spirit right again.

I've already rearranged the storage shed and cleaned the carpets today, so the rest of this day (after writing this) will be devoted to getting all of the clothes managed:  doing laundry, getting clothes into drawers and closets (they are still in piles around the house and we fish through them daily for clothes, which is a pain) and cleaning my room and the bathroom.  Those two are still unpacked.  Delena's room is about half done and the boys are completely finished.  It was great to get them done yesterday and say, "There!  ONE room is completely done!"

Because the other house had some built in shelves, I'm in serious shelf shortage here and I'm scrambling to find a home for everything.  I'll say it again:  "I should be finished today."  Later on, I have to go down the mountain (insert moaning and vomiting sounds) to get Easter for the kids.  Yes, I SOLD OUT and delayed the kids out to actual Easter.  We usually do the Bunny on Spring Equinox, but that was went we were moving and the world was in even more madness than it is now.  I've got to piece together a few things to fill the baskets, then I'm going to take tomorrow OFF and just relax.  David, my son who is 23, is coming up tonight to spend the night.  He's really close with the kids and it will be so great to see him.  Valerie and Josh have a broken car, so I can't see them.  :(

Speaking of which, we learned that I'm having a grandson!  Josh found out this week that their baby is a boy, Aiden Paul, and is due the end of August (see Katrina praying for a little Virgo boy).  They have the two little girls that he stepdads, Leyloni and Kaylee, who are 3 and 4 respectively.  They are really, really darling, but I almost never get to see them, which sucks.  I would be such a great gramma given the chance to actually be there.  The sad part is that the week we moved out, they moved into a duplex just about 2-3 blocks from my old house.  :(

Despite my fervent hope, it appears that the moving fairies still aren't here and my house is not getting cleaned or unpacked while I sit here, so it appears I should get my bones moving again.  I hope you're having a great weekend!


Solitude that beckons me
Gives me greatest peace
Walking now in nature's path
Such calmness in retreat

Joy exudes my very soul
My spirit now reborn
Silence in this wondrous place
That fills my heart this morn

Storms of life they seem so small
As softly trees will sway
Rapture in this harmony
If only for this day

Carry with me all I love
Within my heart they stay
Walk with them within my shoes
They're never far away

Birds are waking from a sleep
They sing their melodies
Each one of them a tribute to
Life's finest rhapsodies

Come with me and follow through
Let your heart just soar
Natures love will greet us now
We walk alone no more.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright February 27, 2003