March 24, 2004

I should have looked for a web set with a roller coaster on it.  There.  That's about the way the last few days have gone.  Yesterday was absolutely crushing.  Honestly, although I new there was the possibility we would be turned down on the loan, I didn't really imagine it would happen.  Everything just seemed so blessed and so enchanted that I figured it would go off without a hitch. When I found out it was declined, I was in total shock.  Dreams crumbled.

Eric handled it well.  It was 5 or so when I found out and after I stared at the e-mail for a while (my poor broker was at home sick on her deathbed with bronchitis and STILL made sure to check on it for me), I gave him a call.  He was checking out at the electronics parts store and called me back maybe 15 minutes later (meanwhile, I posted in the nonsoapy, so you guys knew before he did).  He sounded like someone hit him in the stomach.  He was home pretty quickly after that.  I only cried a little, of which I am very proud and not even any big, chucking boo hoo sobs.  Just a few trickles. 

I started looking up rentals in the area and found some really nice ones that we could afford, but my heart wasn't in it.  My heart was up in Grizzly Flats in my magical home.  Eric called his father and talked to him a bit, which is always soothing for him.  His father had some good ideas and I got a few e-mails that validated what he father said.  Eric called the agent who is managing the sale and told her what was going on.  She was just so wonderful about it and said for us to not give up and to let her make some phone calls.  She called back at 8pm and said that she knew a lender (as in the one who loans the money) who was sympathetic to the situation and willing to help.  She also said she had spoken to the owners of the house and they were agreeable to a lease option (!!) if her friend couldn't get us a loan.

The lender beeped in on Eric while he was talking to our agent and he got Eric's info and said that he was certain he could get us a loan and that he'd have several choices for us by noon today.  Eric was very clear with him about our lack of down payment and the lates on our credit history and he didn't seem to think that it was a problem.  Eric also told him that we'd been rejected by the automated Fanny and Freddy systems, but the guy didn't think that would be a problem either. 

We haven't heard anything yet (almost 1pm!) but at least there is now hope that we'll still get our beautiful house and maybe even on the same time schedule.  In regard to the lease option, the owners said, "the sooner, the better" which is our philosophy as well.  It appears that we now have a Plan A and a Plan B and we should know what we're doing by tomorrow.  The goal is to just get us into the house.  If we get a bad interest rate or are just renting, we can always wait it out a year or so, then try again to buy. 

Thank you for all of your wonderful letters of love and support.  We'll make this work yet!  Talk about a role reversal... Eric really pulled us out of this one.  Usually I'm the one that keeps the faith no matter what!   Regardless, my faith is renewed and I'm confident I'll be filling boxes with my crap by the weekend.

I'll be sure and post an update as soon as I know something.  I'm not a basketcase today.  In fact, I'm tremendously calm and peaceful (and tired!).

There's not much else to tell.  After the heart attack of yesterday, I'm pretty reserved for now, just hiding in my hole and waiting for news to start packing.  :)

Sherry, another Devil Woman, put me onto this game:

Have fun!