March 19, 2004

The loan package goes to the underwriters today!  I'm a little bit edgy because it has to go through an automated process and anything that's automated can't see our letters of explanation for the late payments on our credit report.  Automated feels... vulnerable.  People can work from a greater perspective.

Also scary is that we found out today that the mortgage payment we will have are well within our budget, actually only about $100 more than our rent is now.  We have to move regardless and we could not rent a place for what we'll be paying in mortgage payments monthly.  So that's an awesome thing.

The challenge is that we found out we have to come up with almost $800 for a year of homeowners insurance in advance (plus a couple of other things) at the signing, which will be very, very soon!  Yikes!  We have really been crippled (crippled?  try legs broken and comatose!) by our extreme lack of knowledge of this whole process.  We managed to put together the $1000 deposit (did I mention legs broken and comatose?), which was a miracle in and of itself.  Eric's unemployment has not yet resumed (and he only has one more check coming with that) and he won't get paid for the projects they are starting for at least a month. That would normally be fine because we won't have to make a mortgage payment for a couple of months.  He can easily make enough to sustain us as far as food and such on side jobs.  It's the big things like $1000 deposits and $800 insurance fees that make me say "whoa!"  Since this is a VA loan, I thought "no closing costs" meant "no cost at closing." :)~  I'm constantly surprised by how much I don't know about things. 

So that's my new mission.  I'm giving myself 5 days to figure out how I'm going to do this, but I AM going to do it!  No way is that house getting away from me.  If I can get past "the automated system," I'm not going to be thwarted by a few few zeros!  So I'm doing my thing where I canvas what (or who) I can sell, cleaning out the couch cushions and lighting the St Jude candles.  I *do* know a few things that are helping me along.  One is that the house is MINE.  It's a done deal.  The next is that I've manifested way more money than that on shorter notice before.  The next is that I have a huge patch of calla lilies blooming (pictures next week!).  The next is that between now and then comes Spring Equinox and all kinds of magic toward new life takes place at Spring Equinox.  The next is that in the past, what we needed most usually crops up at the last moment. 

That being the case, I'm going to be wise and calm and all those things.  I'm going to work at having a great weekend, letting this take its course and trusting the process.  I'm still doing the St Jude candle, mind you (no since getting sloppy), but for the most part, I'm just letting it flowwwwwwww.  Wish me luck on this endeavor!


Funny stuff:  Beware of swearing.  This is a film clip put together by featuring famous people saying their favorite swear word.  The cast of "Scrubs," people from "The Sopranos," "ER," Peter Gallagher, Julian McMahon and lots, lots others.  So much fun!

Jumping headlong into the weekend now.  I hope yours is outstandingly wonderful and that Spring Equinox brings you the new life you want (if you want one).  We're going to be welcoming the warming of the earth and planting the new stuff!