March 15, 2004

Today seems to be obstacle day.  Eric is in a bad mood as a result and the headache I've had for a couple of days (that seems intent on waking me every morning around 3-4am) has kicked into full gear.  Over the weekend, we borrowed money from David (my son) to buy another car.  This one seemed to be much more mechanically sound than the Caddy and since Eric drives long distances and David only scoots around town, we gave him the Caddy and will pay him back the money as well.  The car is a 1990 Chevy Caprice Classic and is basically one of the old, 90's giant cop cars.  People tend to slow down and get all freaky when we're in it, because the grill, etc, look very coppish.  It's run great since we got it, but now, it just left Eric stranded on the roadside.  His partner, Mike has gone to get him and they are going to try and figure out what is wrong with it. 

We are trying to get faxes from our creditors saying that our accounts are current, but they need a particular form from the lender and evidently can't fax the info to us and a million other excuses.  One said they would send it and after Eric was very clear about what he needed, they sent the information for how much a payoff on the account would be.  I swear, it's so hard sometimes for people to understand something as simple as "please send me a statement saying that my account is current as of today."  "Our policy..." blah blah blah.

My printer broke right when I need to print out statements and such.  It didn't just break, it buh-roke complete with parts flying out of it.  Eric took it back to exchange it and it was just barely outside of the warranty time, plus we just put a $40 toner cartridge in it a couple of weeks ago.  If Eric can get his mojo together by the time he gets home (unlikely after being left on the side of the road), he might be able to fix it. 

Nathan jabbed a hole in my exercise ball with a bamboo skewer and it is now flat.  I hope a tire patch and some silicone sealant will fix it.

We actually had a couple come by with their realtor to look at the house (another one stood us up) on Saturday.  They decided they couldn't hang with the noise from the busy street on our corner.  Who can blame them?  It's like the Daytona 500 24/7 and you just don't ever get used to it.  I've lived on a dozen or so Air Force bases and gotten used to many different kinds of aircraft from B-52's to A-10's to F-16's and I just can't get used to this traffic.  People drag racing and peeling out and sirens and no mufflers and specialized muffler attachments that make a screaming noise are around at every hour of the night and day.  It will be so wonderful to live in silence.  I keep thinking about how it's only a couple of weeks until the escrow closes.  I just hope we can get it through in that time.

I have a whole batch of calla lilies blooming.    The picture of the will o' the wisp at the top of this page reminds me that inside each of those miracle lilies is a whole world waiting to unfold and so much that can't be seen now, but exists just below the surface.  There are about 15 or so out there now, holding their little promises and their big ones and like everything else, they come out in their own good time. 

For now, I should get busy on more paperwork and make a stab at cleaning this house.  My heart's not in it and I've got to meditate my way back to a good space again.  This Sunday is Spring Equinox when we plant the seeds for the coming harvest, so I need to be in a good mindset for that.  I need to hide away for a few hours, but that's not coming for a while. 

Oh, bad buzz, btw.  It looks like I might actually be confined to *gasp* dial up when I move.  There's not even service up there unless you go for the T-1, which is over $350 a month.  I think I probably can't afford that.  >:<  I haven't been able to get in touch with the Direct TV people to see if satellite internet is an option.  There's no DSL or cable (even Cable TV) at the new place.  Soooo, primitive.  So far, that and being far from my older kids is the ONLY bad thing about this place and so it's still a winner!

Trying to stay positive, but I'm tired and my head hurts and my husband is all wired up and fussy, so it's difficult to find my happy thoughts.  I'm sure it'll be find soon.  It's just a frustrating moment.  I had a great weekend, so I really shouldn't complain.  It's... just today.

Have a wonderful week and, well, don't get run over.