Updated at 3:45pm

March 5, 2004

Sleep = gooood.  I dozed off around 8pm last night, got up at 9pm to check out Delena's progress on her New Zealand report.  She's been working on it for hours every night, plugging away at the internet and Encarta Encyclopedia.  It's due today.  She'd been working for about 4 hours, so I figured she needed a break and I could see how the final shaping up was going.  Upon investigation, it turns out she's only about half way done.  She'd been spending all the time on AIM and go-gaia (a community she visits) and clicking out the screens when I would come check on her through the week.  Obviously, I needed to be more aggressive, but she did a fine job of making it look like she was making good progress.  I railed her out in a way I really don't like to do with my kids, then helped her get focused and get it finished.  We were done around midnight, which was tough because I had taken a Sominex when I dozed off at eight, so having her fuss about being tired furrowed my brow a bit.  Midnight was the cutoff and she was still lacking some of what she needed, namely, a rough draft showing changes, which she remembered needing somewhere in the 11 o'clocks.  She'll just have to eat that one.  I told her to get together her notes from school, staple them and call it a rough draft.  Admittedly, the report ended up being 28 pages long with the bibliography, but there was a huge list of crap she had to include and although she ultimately got all of the crap accounted for, she was about half done when I intercepted her.  God knows what kind of grade she'll get and the problem is (as some of you with little kids will find later one), you just can't make a kid give a shit about school if they don't.  Delena doesn't within the finest marrow of her tiniest little bones.  She hates school.  It holds no value for her and we just push her through the motions, trying to find the buttons to get her to care about it in some small way.  Both of the little boys love school and are excited to go.  I really hope they hang onto that.

Delena's biggest problem is that she really doesn't enjoy being around kids her own age.  She's been that way since she was a baby, always preferring the company of adults to that of her peers.  She doesn't hang out with many friends of her own age and when she does, she gets bored easily.  She's also a complete night owl.  It's hard for her to get up in the mornings and hard for her to go to bed at a reasonable hour.  We still aren't sure how to handle her school next year.  A lot of that, of course, depends on whether or not we move to a new school district.  Home schooling is still a possibility.  If I do that, I'll be stocking up on appropriate computer programs like mad because my middle school education is fairly worn around the edges by now.  She's a pretty dynamic personality and to channel that in a good direction, she's going to have to have a strong education behind her.

Speaking of the move, things are definitely "on the move," so to speak.  We found out yesterday from our wonderful friend, aka:  angel sent from mortgage broker heaven, that within a couple of weeks, we can be approved for a mortgage to buy a house with no money down.  We're very excited at the prospect.  It does, however, open up a whole new set of questions.  The real estate market here is totally out of control and everything is way over priced like you would not believe, including this house.  We have been checking out the classifieds looking for a place in our price range and we've found a few, but by the time we get through to an agent, the place has a sale pending (before we can even look at it).  We'd still love to buy this house we've rented for three and a half years.  It's my safe haven, my beautiful, magical home.  The thing is that what we have been approved for is about $30,000 less than what the owner is asking.  The miracle St Jude will pull out of his saintly butt is if the owner is willing to take that big of a loss (as long ago as he bought the house, he will still make an absolute killing on it) to avoid showing the house for possibly months, to avoid having to make a number of repairs we are willing to waive (of course, since it's a VA loan, they will require certain repairs) and to get money now.  He's waiting to buy a new house of his own (he's in another state), so instant money might be attractive to him.  We can hope.  It will be quite a miracle if we can pull this off, but I've seen those beasts before!  I've got six new calla lilies blooming (none on the new plants), but it's hard to invest in them when this is the season that calla lilies bloom like mad anyway. :)  In December is when it's an oddity.  I'm definitely still trusting those guys.  They haven't failed me yet.

Three nights ago I was praying about the situation and being uneasy about the whole thing, I asked if we could have a sign of how things would go.  The next day, the roof inspector showed up and said out of nowhere, "You're going to have a hard time selling this house."  (Thinking I was the owner)  He had just given the roof a clean bill of health and speculated that the neighborhood had a problem with termites (he used to be a Terminex guy), but didn't really elaborate on why he had that impression.  When I pressed the issue, he changed the subject.  I didn't really see that as a sign until the next day when I was thinking about it.  I mean, what clearer sign is there than a guy showing up at your door and saying the house is going to have a hard time selling?  If it does, it will really be bucking the system because houses are selling like mad around here, despite the ludicrous amounts they are costing.  I'm not going to "but" myself into the ground.  I'm just trusting the process.  

Today, I was walking the kids to school and when I looked up overhead, and saw (literally out of the blue) where the crossing jet exhaust from planes had created a perfect pentacle (well, sans the circle around it) over me and my house.  Shook my head about, figuring I wasn't yet awake enough, looked up and there it was still.  So there's strong protection around us.  I guess I really couldn't ask for a more reassuring sign than that, so I'll just shut up, hold on, buckle up and keep my hands and feet inside the car at all times.

Eric did get a temporary job.  He'll be working nights for about 11 days or so, making about half what he normally makes, but with overtime.  He should be finished with that about the time the projects start up.  He's always a bear when he is working shifts (not to mention having to keep kids quiet), but it will be worth it to get a little extra money.  He's setting up cell phone sites again, a job he can pretty much do in his sleep if it comes to it.  ;-)

Nothing planned for the weekend, really.  We have Full Moon tomorrow night where we can work on the situation and toss some good energy that way.  Beyond that, the next two days are a mystery.  I do know I plan to snuggle under a blanket when my hubby gets home and catch a few ZZZZZ's.  Naps are such a wonderful thing. 

Guess I should go do the housewifey thing and clean something.  Just wanted to catch you guys up.  I hope you have a really, really wonderful weekend.  I plan to rejuvenate and relax and rest.  At least that's free.

Have a blessed and wonderful weekend,

Update, 3:45pm same day:

We just learned that our offer on the house was so totally rejected that his realtor didn't even mention it to him.  This means we're moving.  Eric has gone to look at a house now.  Houses and cars I'm not particular about overall.  I pretty much send my emissary (Eric) out and say, "Go get me one and make it good."  That's worked for me so far.

So now we move... very, very soon.

Breathing in.

Breathing out.

Breathing in.

Breathing out.


Breathing in.

Breathing out.

I can't believe how much I was truly believing that we were going to stay in this house.  I guess the Universe needs us to be somewhere else! 

Breathing in.

Breathing out.

I'm damned well taking my bamboo and calla lilies.

Also, the job he was offered was canceled.