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Feb 27, 2004

Evidently, re-using websets has become all the rage.  This is twice in a week!

This time, like last time, it's for a very specific reason.

I am very nearly breathless with... something.  I don't know if it's fear or anticipation or excitement or worry or what.  It's just an energy that I can't really define.  I'm shocked I got any sleep at all last night, but I did pretty well until Nathan crawled into our bed, flopping and flinging around.  I couldn't get awake enough to boot him back out again, just enough to not sleep well.

A lot of you already know from The Ranch message board and a letter I sent out to my Witchy friends, but yesterday, early evening, I got a phone call from a woman who is the real estate agent for the man who owns our house!  Granted, we have never met him since he employs property managers, but he has decided to sell the house immediately.  We were given first refusal, but for one thing, he's asking way too much for the house and for another, if we were investing in property, it wouldn't be on a main road that we have to listen all night long.

She wanted to come into the house on Saturday (yes, tomorrow) to do an inspection and I was able to put her off until Monday morning, not only because Eric and I already have plans for Saturday, but also because I need some time to digest this and get right with the Lord (& Lady) on it. 

Our house coming into question by this means (we fully foresaw that a situation might arise where we'd have to miss rent and be evicted) is the very, very last thing we expected.  She wants to start showing the house as early as next week, which means the very ultra private us will begin having people noseying through our house all the time.  I've rented houses that were on the market twice before and it's horrible having strangers meandering through your house all the time, not to mention having to keep it show room quality all the time.  This is major violation of privacy and major inconvenience at its best.  >:<

So Eric has contacted two mortgage brokers to see if we can get pre-qualified on a home loan.  That seems easier than thinking we can come up with all of the deposits needed to rent a house.  In Calif, it's cheaper and easier to buy than to rent. 

Eric and I both have been doing magic to improve our current situation, bring in more money, generally make our life better, so I refuse to believe this is anything other than an extension of that.  It's just a little formidable and, well, breathless.

I feel like my skin is going to vibrate off my body.

So we're spending this weekend getting the house up to par and maybe finding a storage unit for Joe's stuff and some of the things that we don't much use in the garage to neaten it up a bit.  How we are going to pay for all that is a mystery, but we'll make it happen.

I used this webset several months ago to represent my dream house and imagine it into being.  If it's here, I need it to show itself pretty doggone fast, as well as bring with it the power to acquire it into my ownership!!

I'll write more later.  Got to get kids up and off to school.  6:30 striketh.

Got to get kids out the door to school and little Nathan has a preschool orientation this morning.


Swing a cat, pray, light a candle... do that thing you do, folks!  I really need to get another house, like, yesterday.

(did I mention 'yikes?')

Top of the roller coaster.  The final click of ascension has sounded.  We're teetering in those wild, maddening seconds before the ride really begins.




An Update

After Eric and I spent some time talking about the situation today, we decided that the option that would be less invasive for the family would be if we could find a way to purchase this house ourselves.  It's not the house of our dreams, but it will keep us from uprooting the kids, having prospective buyers come through our house and dealing with the expense and other difficulties of a move.  We were surprised at how easily the decision came to us, especially considering the limitations of this house (mostly location... it's on the corner of a very busy street and the sound from the traffic is maddening).  Still, as soon as the idea came to us (and it honestly hadn't before since we'd complained so much about the sound of the traffic), we knew it was where we were supposed to be looking, at least for the time being. 

Right after we decided this, an EOS reader contacted us (you guys really are the best of the best) and felt she could be helpful in getting us a mortgage, so she's been working on that through the day.   Based on what I'm learning about how really, really good she is, I think that if she can't do it, it can't be done and we'll have to go for a rental property somehow.  Thanks, friend!  As complicated as our situation is, I give a standing ovation to anyone even willing to try to weed through it.

If this doesn't pan out, I'm completely confident that another avenue will open.  I can't approach this from an avenue of weakness, fear or victimization.  It has to be from a position of faith and assurance and strength.  I firmly believe that whatever energy you feed into a situation is what will be drawn to it.  I'm constantly amazed at the number of people who refuse to believe that you can choose your feelings and your own reaction to any situation.  It's really tough to recognize you have that power, but once you do, it's amazing the effect it can have on your life!

So that's where we are.  Right now, we're drifting toward purchasing this house.  If that doesn't work out, we'll drift somewhere else.  :)  Thank you for all of your well wishes and suggestions.  Eric and I appreciate each and every one VERY much.  You folks are the best friends ever.

Nathan had a one hour orientation for preschool today and was very frustrated that he couldn't play.  It was more just to show the parents where the building is and to give them a bit of info (and fill out the emergency cards).  He's complete geared up for Monday.

That's it for tonight.  Just wanted to catch you up on an amazing and exhilarating day.  We're spending the weekend spring cleaning the house, yard and the garage.  Tomorrow afternoon, we're taking the kids to the park to see if there's enough wind to fly kites.

Have a stellar weekend!!