February 17, 2005

For reasons unknown, I typed "November" for the date.  I definitely like February (or at least the things happening in February) better than in November, so not sure why that one slipped out.

After a high stress day, Eric is upstairs sleeping off the Valium he got at the Lasik Surgery Center, as well as a Vicodin that I backed it up with a few hours later.  I just checked on him and he said his eyes feel a little sandy, but they don't really hurt like they did.  He can see pretty well, but it's gauzy and the light is really low in the bedroom, so he hasn't really tried them out yet, which is good.  I was able to watch the last 2-3 minutes of the procedure. I was supposed to see it all, but they forgot to come and get me.  They were really busy.  We have to go back tomorrow for his 24 hour recheck and then he's good to go.

We had a wonderful day yesterday.  We spent the day walking main street Placerville, looking through the little shops along the way.  I got a housewarming gift for Georgia (Jennifer's should show up tomorrow) and Eric bought a cool Herne bell for the front of the house.  We had a nice breakfast together and were going to have a late lunch before going home, but neither of us were very hungry, so we got bowls of soup that we only half finished.  We got home 15 minutes before the kids, then fed the kids and settled in to watch Trekkies 2.  It was great fun.  I loved the first one and the second one was just as fun.  We slept early, but we have both slept restlessly all week because of this upcoming surgery.  I hope that now that it is done and over, we can get some good rest. 

Tonight is the science fair, so I need to take the kids to town to the school (not the little school, Delena's school which is about 25 minutes away) for the viewing. Delena's was on the different processes for extracting gold from black sand and which is more effective.  She didn't place, but it was a good project.  When we get back, I'll feed the kids and put them to bed.  I will likely be close behind. 

Ah.  Just went in to see if Delena was almost ready to go and she was dead asleep.  I think she is still debating.  The boys have  friend over, but they are nearly silent upstairs.  When video games and Yu-gi-oh dueling come into play, it's serious business.  :)

OK, call this "some time later..."  As it turned out, Delena decided she did indeed want me to escort her into hell and bring my sons along with us.  That is to say, we went to the science fair.  Delena immediately clustered with her crew and the kids and I walked around looking at the projects.  (My sons are enormously well behaved in public, so I at least didn't have to worry about them being idiots when I was flying solo)  There was a huge buffet of cookies, candy, juice, sodas, chips, chex mix and pretzels and the kids went crazy on it.  Afterwards was the awards ceremony which was sort of like jabbing wooden bamboo skewers into your eyes and under your nails and such.  Then we got to come home.  Kids instantly went into the tub and to bed.  I'm up getting a few grown up nonstressed hours in today.

Eric reports that his vision is good, just a little hazy.  He's not in any pain any more, but has that sandy feeling in his eyes.  Tomorrow, we go for his 24 hour recheck and maybe to get some soup at Black Angus if I can steer him that way.  Meanwhile, now, I sleep.

Good night, folks.




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