February 17, 2004

What a wonderful, goofy little picture.  It made me smile, so I thought I'd share it with you.  I'm tremendously tired today after staying up last night to write a column and getting up early this morning.  I took an hour's nap, but it hurt rather than helped, so I'm pretty scattered right about now.

My house needs some help, but I look at it and just feel weary.  Ha!  Eric just said he'd like the house cleaned before the kids get home (half hour).  He said it in such a way that implied we'd both be doing it.  It wasn't a direct order or anything.  :-) 

Should I rise above?  Demand more of myself?


Pfft, OK, I will.  Back in a bit.

Not too shabby. I did the office and he did the rest of the house.  Definitely a fair trade off since my office is always a disaster.  It's kind of like when you live in your car and it has fast food wrappers and soda cans in it.  I live in my office and come out to visit my family.  (Well, not really, but some days it seems that way)

I'm finally kicking this stupid cold. This one had some duration to it and still, I'm blowing my nose every 20 minutes or so and hacking and coughing and yakking just to get up a tiny piece of phlegm the size of a pencil eraser.  My voice is pretty well gone and if I try to talk for longer than 2-3 minutes (like arguing with bill collectors on the phone), I'll start to get really short of breath and can't talk very well.  It's been a very nice rest from talking.

This will be a short entry since I've sent Eric packing off to his friend Jason's house and my kids are going a bit bozo.

I went to see "Peter Pan" again on Sunday at the cheapie theater.  It was lovely yet again and since I had my great insight about the movie being a metaphor for Wendy's coming of age, I was able to view it through that filter and enjoy it even more.  The dialogue, the symbolism, all really stood out for me this time.  It was an amazing work and I have seldom enjoyed the second viewing of a movie so much.  Eric and I had soup and salad before we left for the movies, so we were able to avoid the snack bar.  :)

The previews included a trailer for "Big Fish" and as I was watching it, I started crying again because the movie had moved me so much.  It taught me so much about how fully and completely I want to live this life.  That's part of what I've been processing is how to be less of an observer and more of a participant in life, while still being able to observe, which I really like.  Observe... document... report... heckle.  *shrug*  It's what I do.  It's what I like.  I do, however, want to be more participatory in life and I know my weight loss is going to assist that a great deal.  I'm tremendously excited about it.

Little children keep appearing at my door with long faces and tapping little feet.  They look sort of like this ---------------------------------------------->

so I guess I should go set about being mommy again instead of hiding and writing woman.

If you missed yesterday's entry, it's here.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Talk to you later!