February 8, 2004

LIQUOR!!  And lots of it!!

At long last, the renovation is finished, as of about 5:00pm yesterday!  We had circle guests coming over at 6pm and in fact, I was still putting on a few finishing touches when they arrived!  It was quite a pain, but I really loved every minute of it.

As I was doing it, I channeled the energy I was expending into positive change and bettering our life together.  It was very much a labor of love and I'm quite happy with the results.  I'm also very happy to be done.  Pictures!  I've got pictures!

This is the ugly stained carpet that I desperately wanted to be rid of in a big way.

This is my fat back, hard at work, covered with paint, not knowing Eric had a camera.  >:<  Pulling endless staples until my fingers were bruised and swollen and hating every pair of needle nosed pliers ever made.

As the destruction continued.

This is me, happy to be done.

This is Nathan, trying to wake up.


The Finished Results!

These are a few of our books (small percentage) and the blue rug I got from the thrift shop.

This is KC the cat on a hairy green rug I bought.

These are the curtains I bought for $5, took home and realized that  it was all valances.

This is my dining room floor.

This is my living room floor.

This is the other side of my living room floor.

This is my hallway

This is the lovely threshold my husband made where we ended to carpet destruction.

Nathan and KC.  He's like the girl on Charlie Brown u who carries a cat over her arm everywhere.

Sleeping boys

OK, now he's awake.

And with that, damned if I'm not feeling nauseated yucky!  I'm going to save this so you can see the pictures and I'm going to bed.  Blech.  Guess there will be no celebratory liquor tonight.  More like celebratory Maalox.