February 4, 2004

Watching the waves, bracing into the wind and not letting it take me down.  Faith is the rock on which I sit my ample ass.  Eric's faith is that much smaller rock to the back and right.  You'll notice he's not sitting on it.  >:<

Did our state and federal taxes and all was good news.  We should get ours right about the time we're totally freaking dying from not getting Eric's unemployment checks, just in time for rent for March.  The rest will take good care of itself. 

Wait.  There's more to tell.  I'm getting ahead of myself here.  I forgot how long it has been since I wrote.  The week had been a blur.  Eric has been sick for the past couple of days and I haven't gotten much sleep in the interim.  I got well rested over the weekend, but then we did a lot of physical labor on Monday and the didn't sleep well that night or last.  I'm pretty well phased out right now.  :)  Normally, if Eric is around and I've had a tough night, I can catch a nap in the day.  Not so lately.  I did get some OTC sleep stuff to try out and maybe get in a full night tonight.

On Monday, Eric and his partner signed the contract for the housing project, so they are fairly excited about that.  As I mentioned before, they won't get their first check for their work on the project until around April and will have to front money for materials, but they also have a couple of people who are interested in investing in their company, which will help them to get the materials they need.  If they can get enough investments, they can start drawing salaries in advance instead of waiting until April.  (we can hope, you know?)

While they were signing that contract, the company asked them if they were interested in another contract that actually begins sooner than the original one (in theory).  It doesn't involve nearly the work and money of the other one, but it's at least a start.  The biggest problem is that these things never start on schedule and sometimes are booted out by weeks.  It's a tricky proposition to have our future riding on their schedule, especially without his unemployment checks to hold us over, but at least with the contracts signed, we know that he will eventually be working for months at a time and that there's a light at the end of the tunnel, even if it sometimes moves back a notch or ten from where it was.  Eventually.

The guy who owes them around $2500 still hasn't paid anything and it looks like they're going to have to sue him for it.  It's a shame they have to go through all of that to get the money they worked hard for and even extended to advance him materials.  It's been a couple of months now and he's dodging their calls.  If that comes through, they will both (Mike and Eric) be in better shape.

There are several in roads where plenty of miracles can manifest and the one calla lily that came back from the dead is still tall and proud and fresh and going strong.  That's almost a month that it's been in bloom, which I think is a new record.  I interpreted it as  a miracle that comes from something we thought was dead and gone.  The guys had long since written off the company who suddenly called them for the bid, so it was appropriate.

Enough about the specifics.  As the events are actually transpiring to bring this about, such as the contract signing, the securing of the insurance and the design meetings, Eric has gotten progressively antsy.  He doesn't sleep well, which means *I* don't sleep well.  His emotions are on a roller coaster and it's hard to predict how he's going to be one day or one hour to the next.  For a Virgo who likes predictability, it's maddening. 

The kids are pinging from the weird energy and pretty much like the monkeys on Jumanji.  I'm the lump in the middle of everything that's still while the whole world is in fast forward. 

We did get the wood floor projected started.  On Monday, before Eric got sick, we got the hallway painted and the carpet pulled.  It was more of a pain in the ass than I expected.  In the office, when I pulled up the carpet there was one run of slats around the perimeter with little nails jutting up to hold down the carpet.  In the hall, it was doubled all the way around.  After a lot of prying and pulling and soaking and scraping, there is a decent wood floor showing with some water damage that can be covered with a rug easily.  I'm quite happy with the results, especially coupled with the paint.

We were going to do the front of the house yesterday, but Eric was sick all day.  Today, we were going to give it a go, but he ended up sleeping in, then having errands to run and it slipped away.  We intend to paint tomorrow afternoon and do carpet on Friday.  I look forward to it being done.  I've learned in this process something I pretty much knew already, which was that I don't detest housework.  The very act of mopping or washing dishes doesn't bother me.  It's wasted motion and energy that appalls me.  It's doing the same crap jobs day after day after day with no real reward other than getting up the next day and doing them all over again.  I clean my house and it lasts an hour at most.  When you mow the grass, you at least get a week or so of reprieve.  This work, even though it's much more strenuous than I'm used to, I love.  When it's finished, I have a great product and it lasts for a good long time.  I don't have to repaint or re-pull carpet every day for the rest of my life.  I'd make a great house refurbisher if I had any sense of design and style whatsoever.  So by Saturday, our work should be finished.  When we're working, I feel like I hit the "play" button on a bitch tape because there's a nonstop litany of swearing and fussing from Eric as he works.  It's almost humorous.  Almost.  But he's much better at the work than I am, probably getting his areas done about twice as fast as mine with the quality of work also about twice as good.  Maybe I should try bitching nonstop while I work.

Nathan was one of the first kids to enroll for the new preschool and Eric said there was quite a line forming behind him.  He's in as of March 1st (yayyy!)  I know he's going to love it.  Eric has suggested that he be the one to take him to school the first few days so that his separation anxiety is less.  I'm so excited for for all of us.  It really could not have come at a better time.

In two weeks. we have a parent meeting for a charter school for Delena next year.  From what I've heard, it's a much better school than the regular Jr High she would be attending, so I'm eager to check it out.  They have a limited number of openings and those are chosen by lottery.  We are quite hopeful that she'll get in.

Everything is flying around me in motion, but not much is settling, so there's not much to tell yet.  I hope that with more sleep, I'll be utterly inspired and come up with some amazing journal words for you soon.  Right now, everything seems to start with Zzzzz.


Take care all,