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January 20, 2004

There are too many ways that my feet are freezing right now.  Have I mentioned that I really, really hate the cold?  I know that I'm much better off than about 48 other states in the country, but tell that to my feet.

It's been a long week and a half or so and when I'm tired, which I am, it's more difficult for me to stay sane.  Whoever thought of using sleep deprivation as a torture device was really a genius.  This site has been vexing me lately, largely because of screw ups from the webhost as they moved it to another server.  It's been nearly impossible to update and keep the new work on the site since Friday.  That's made for a lot of recreating and reposting and last night, I didn't make it to bed until 2:30am.  The alarm went off at 6:30 this morning just like I told it to and I knew if I didn't get up right then, I would be in big trouble.  Delena was still awake and going strong when I went to bed, so I imagine she's pretty wasted today.  Poor baby night owl!  I've been basically running around banging into walls all day, I'm so tired, plus the headache from the head cold.  Bleh.  I need bed, nurture food and a remote control.

Eric has gone out to look for work again.  He's got a few good leads and really looks forward to getting a regular job.  It seems like now that the holidays are past, the opportunities are coming up in his field.  Tomorrow afternoon is the new moon, so until then, we putting energy toward removing obstacles and then after new moon, we start working to bring in the perfect job.  When the moon is waning, we work to make things go away or get smaller and when it's waxing, we work to bring things to us or make them bigger.  (I try not to put any energy into my ass during the waxing moon, just to be sure)  I feel really confident about this and I'm thinking he'll be working within the next two weeks or so.  I'm definitely eager for that.  I miss routine and money and other things that come with having an employed husband.  It has been nice to see more of him because I really am quite fond of the chap, but it's definitely time to get life moving again.  I feel like we've been in stasis for eight months and finally, like the Tin Man after his joints were oiled, we can start to move again. 

I've been doing some investigating into Delena's next year of school.  She'll be going into 7th grade and from what I hear, the Jr High here is pretty rough.  She's been so stable this whole year and I hate for anything to throw her out of this really good place she's in.  She's so mellow and happy and well, joyful for the first time in her life.  It's like this year in particular, she has tossed the chip off her shoulder, gotten past the whining and defiance that was her trademark and is just a really fun kid to be around.  Of course, we can't afford private school right now (I'm a big fan of Montessori, although I've never had my kids in private school and only know of it by reputation and knowledge of the style), but there is a charter school in the district that is supposed to be quite good.  Unfortunately, everyone wants their kid in it, so they have a lot more applicants than they have slots.  They solve that issue by having everyone register and then having a lottery to see who gets into the school.  The process starts next month for the new school year in the Fall, so I'm going to give it a shot.  I figure she has as good a chance as any.

Nathan will be starting kindergarten the same year, so there will be a block of time in the middle of getting kids to two different schools and three different classes when I will be completely alone.   I don't think I've been completely alone in a house (for more than a sparse few minutes) since before Delena was born in 1992.  That's literal... not embellishing.  In fact, since I was a single parent when she was born, I'm pretty sure it likely went back further than that.  I don't fear the time alone at all.  I am nervous about Nathan starting school with that frantic mom thing that is required when a child starts school, but the time alone is something I plan to savor.  Naps.  Writing without getting up every 5 minutes.  Reading.  Cleaning house.  If Nathan enjoys school as much as Dylan did and does, it will be good for everyone.  He's been begging to go to school ever since Dylan started, so he's more than ready.  He's pretty strong willed, so I'm sure he'll have some conforming issues, but I'm going to request Dylan's teacher from last year and she's wonderful.  I think he'll do fine. 

Oh! Guess what my gal Georgia is doing?  She's marketing the beautiful wands she's been making for friends (including me!).  I have two of hers so far, the one in my car and the one she gave me for my birthday:

It is color coordinated to the 7 chakras and packs quite a whallop.  These pictures are terrible and don't do it justice.  If you want to check out her work, go to

Her prices are very reasonable (like, easily within the average price range) and her work is so creative and empowered.  I'm convinced the one in my car is all that's kept that poor thing going.  It also helps me make parking places in crowded parking lots.  ;-)

Thanks to those of you who have ordered the Smart Shoppers Coupon Books!  We've sold three so far and that's wonderful!

Just got a call that Eric is on his way home, so I'm going to set up for a good nap.  Well, with any luck I'm going to have a good nap.

I hope to be around tomorrow, clear headed and full of pithy things to say.

Peace out, friends,