One of our EOS readers was moved by rumors of Steve Burton's reluctance to expose his nipples and put fingers to keyboard to share her muse with us.  We were ever so much grateful that she did and we knew your day would be ever so much brighter if we shared it with you.  So enjoy... "Ode to My Nipples" by JenJen.  When she's a famous poet, you can say you knew JenJen whenwhen.

Ode To My Nipples 
by JenJen

O, nipples, my nipples
No one can touch.
The world wants my nipples,
Yet I can't give that much.

Please just enjoy their outline,
Underneath my black shirts.
To show the world my nipples,
Would cause me deep hurt.

It would compromise my morals,
To do a scene in bed.
I'll only beat people up,
And shoot them in the head.

My nipples, you see,
Are glorious things.
I cannot exploit them,
Or deface them with rings.

They are things of such beauty,
The world would bask in their glow.
I would soon be forgotten,
They'd probably get their own show.

My nipples would out shine me,
And that is a fact.
If you're lusting for them,
You won't see me act.

O, nipples, My nipples,
Are so precious, that's clear.
They are pointing my way,
Or is it just cold in here?