By Robin Vaicius 

I screamed almost as if it were a bad storyline 

Iím scared.  Iím speechless.  An era without Sage?  At this time of thanks, where people should reflect on whom theyíve appreciated, loved, admired and respected, I offer my thanks to Sage.  He may not be a turkey, he may not have offered anything but color, vibrance and honesty, but I need to smack my chest twice in appreciation of his contributions toward not only the soap world, but also my world in general.  Sage, in all his glory, demonstrated compassion, reverence for othersí opinions, and a full forum to voice conviction (despite his beliefs, I might add) to all those who shared a certain common bond with him:  the love of the soap. 

What am I thankful for this year?  I thank him for giving me years of hysterical columns; I thank him for serving his general public with witty prose, caustic thoughts, and realistic reporting.  I thank him for keeping it real, not accepting bullshit from anyone, and doing what he does best:  loving his world and those that are in it.  I thank him for his kitties.  I thank him for his insight into his life, his updates on his mother, his open book into his life, his world, his humanityÖbut most importantly, his insecurities.  Sage will always be fearless.  Sage will be that one voice that didnít care if you liked to hear himÖat least you were listening. 

Iím happy for him.  Iím excited that he will go out and experience frightful moments, where he will embrace life in a new depth, and more likely than not find GH less than important.  I adore that he will add onto his life, that he will take with him so much from the soap world, but at the same moment, miss it intensely.  We will miss him far more than words could ever express.  His retirement, to me, was like the sun buried behind clouds for at least a month.  I live in San Diego.  The sun is always out here, but I canít imagine forgoing the GH experience without him to add a splash of vigor.   

Iím suddenly thankful for everything.  I donít want to see negatives, and I donít want to deal with the thought that Sage will only grace us every now and then.  Our community is strong, but what creates that strength is the general thought that Katrina and Sage have been promoting since day oneÖbelieve, respect, and speak.   

I went into hiding this week, where I couldnít think of anything to say (none of you know me, so this means nothing, but I talk so damn much that people might actually pay me to shut up because they just darn canít be polite anymore).  I wanted to deliver an Ode to Sage, and let him accept kudos to the fact that he canít be replaced, but also that his words, his contributions, his sunny fun demeanor meant more to us than he could ever imagine.   

Iím grateful this year for being a fan of yours, Sage.  Good luck, God bless, and may you always smile under the brilliance of the sun, even if the sky is overcast. 


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