I started this awhile ago and then got sidetracked so it is a little dated but I would still appreciate it if it could be posted. 

On Monday’s episode I heard Lois say the strangest thing.  Ned was telling her all about his master plan and he ended by telling her that it was a “win win situation” and Lois responded with a resounding “Like Fish”.

I don’t get it.  I waited for it to return to their conversation but the talk went on and I still didn’t really get what it meant.

Sometimes soap characters say the darndest things.

These may not be exact quotes but here are a few … 

Dillon (talking about why Mac doesn’t like him) … he doesn’t like my hair

Sam (about how to catch Nico) … We can use me as bait. Jason, please!

Sam (about her pregnancy state) … I’m not an invalid.

**Thanks to Jason because he reminded her she just left the hospital after having a procedure that would help her be able to carry to term** 

Ric (to Sonny) … I need to know who shot you

**Shouldn’t the police be asking this?  Why does the DA run the PCPD? **

Mary (to Emily) … You helped me, too, Emily. You were never a burden.

**Do we need any more proof that this chick is nuts? ** 

So did anyone else think the Jax and Lois thing was overdone.  I did.  They were fun and they were friends but I don’t recall that.  It was so forced.  To me at least, it was syrupy and fake. 

I like Lynn and Georgie.  I like that neither one of them are stick thin and made to parade around half naked.  They seem like real teens to me or at least more real than the average GH character these days.  I think that I could actually get invested in a story among these kids, I just hope they stop with Dillon and the rumored blue pills.  At 16 it isn’t unbelievable that a couple would be thinking about sex, but it is unbelievable that any 16 year old would be ordering viagra.  If and when Georgie and Dillon have sex it shouldn’t be such a production.  In real life it happens by accident when you least expected it.  It would be awesome if they did and the realized they weren’t really ready and decided to wait.  That could have some potential.  But truthfully it feels kind of perverse watching two kids get busy. 

So now I will jump forward to something else I have been wondering.  When and who decided that Carly and Sonny were meant to be the greatest love of Sonny’s life and why have we had them forced on us for like 3 years at least? 

From the word jump (into my bed) Carly and Sonny have been based on nothing but anger.  They hooked up out of anger and they stayed together based on loss.  Sonny has continuously controlled and verbally abused her.  He has turned her first son into a red headed little freak and in his life he had done every single solitary thing that he preaches against.  Sonny has to be the most selfish citizen to walk among the PC docks and yet he does all this in the name of honor and dignity?  Characters as people may grow and change, even more so on GH, but the point of Sonny was here was a man that was basically bad.  He was redeemed by the fact that he DID have a “code” , was capable of love, and that basically he was a scared little boy who was abondoned and missed his mother but he was never supposed to be defined by these things.  Now his “code” is kaput and no longer slightly believable because he goes against the grain of the very character he is.  Sonny was basically supposed to be the vampire with a soul.  No matter how you looked at it, or what the inner reasoning was at the core he was still a beast. 

Sonny was a man who would kill Faith.  Sonny was a man who would never have let any woman (Carly, Sam …) know so much about his business.  Sonny was a man who ran a strip joint and employed underage hookers and got them addicted to drugs.  Sonny was a man with blood on his hands that knew precisely how and why it got there.  Sonny was a man who would have put an end to Ric and wouldn’t have had to have his sister and wife running around playing Kung Fu fighters.

Now Carly controls the guards, finds the “safe houses”, reports his pregnant mistress to the police, has hid in a closet in an effort to tape him (seem familiar?) and defends him to Ric while he stands there mute.  He places his family in constant danger and has no qualms about having the very man who kidnapped his wife walk the same streets as he does and also weilds a certaing power as the District Attorney.

Now TPTB shall put them together again only to tear them apart yet again.  Message to GH, this isn’t gripping drama, you are not instilling a will they, won’t they question in your viewers because quite frankly no one really cares anymore.  This has made Carly look weak and flat out stupid for even thinking of signing up again for the abuse.  Not mention it redefines Sonny as a man and ruins the basis of his convictions.

The two of them have damaged their child so much that if Mommy goes out for one night the kid thinks she was kidnapped.  Sonny cannot possibly believe that he is doing a good job as a Dad.  The damage he is causing to Michael is no better than what Mike caused him.  Even more to the point the whole situation is not one that the Sonny I knew would condone or have created.  It is so frustrating when you can no longer even stand to see the face of someone you used to love on your screen.   


I have to disagree with something and I know I am a minority.  Emily is not that bad.  She is also really not that far out of character and I don’t understand the bad rap.  Since Monica bought that little girl into the house she was always the one who diffused the Q’s arguments.  Each individual member of the Q clan always loved her unequivocally.  Emily even portrayed as Amber Tamblyn was introduced with the main purpose of being the Q savior.  She experienced the usual teenaged angst and did indeed act out, but she was always the only one Jason would listen to.  Emily was always meant to take over for Lila no matter who was playing the part and I don’t feel that in this situation GH re-wrote history.  I love Amber Tamblyn.  I think she is a fine actress, one of the caliber that I only recall one other youngster who could evoke such feeling in me as a viewer.   (The other being Claire Danes.)  I also believe though that Natalia Livingston has done nothing but a good job.  She screwed over Zander, but she didn’t choose that the writers did.  Even in real life though you can’t control whom you love and it is a fact you don’t generally end up with your first love (who kidnapped you at gunpoint) forever.  I think on the whole that the character possesses both grace and class and is nothing more or less than what she is supposed to be.  She is Saint Emily and I think that is sort of the point.  She can only work with what she is given and I think that she has handled most all of her scenes in exactly the way a more mature, yet still childlike and naive Emily would have.

If I am going to hate her I need more than the bad lip gloss (done by make up artists) and a scrunched face. 

GH has got to stop the annoying habit of bringing a character to the screen as “bad” and then glossing over their heinous acts and asking us to embrace them.  Sam was supposed to be a flighty little con artist.  Now she is going to be a loving mother who fell for the not-so-tortured mobster and take a murder rap in order to protect her mentally impaired brother.

Ric is a flat out psycho who kidnapped a pregnant woman and held her hostage for weeks.  Now we are supposed to believe he is an upstanding DA, in love w/ innocent Elizabeth, and can have a working relationship w/ a woman who USED to be the epitome of strong and intelligent.  Mary told a man he was really her dead husband and tried to lock him up in her cottage.  Now we are supposed to feel sympathy b/c she keeps trying to kill herself.  I just want her to get the job done right.  There has to be a way to committ suicide and actually die.  In a few weeks they’ll be trying to sell us on the idea that Heather is really good and should open a day care and marry Mike Corbin.

You can’t redeem psychotics and sociopaths. 

The other thing that they like to do is make “good” characters act nutty and expect us to believe it is plausible.  Alexis killed Alcazar 1 and then faked a personality disorder.  You don’t just become a diabolical killer over night.  You are or you aren’t crazy.  Lucky got a new face and a new attitude because Helena brainwashed him.  Yes it worked with Jason but, no, not all people who lose their memory return angry and violent.  Take a clue.  Nicholas has temporary amnesia.  That is all and there is no need fore him to act like a psycho and forgive Mary who really IS a psycho. 

Can someone please tell me why Lois is not only advising, but also aiding and abetting, teen sex?  Give the boy some condoms not a bottle of viagra.  Remember Lois they are the same age as Brook Lynn.  This is the most far-fetched and inappropriate storyline I have ever had the displeasure of watching.  I expect this from Nip/Tuck (racy, de-moralizing series on FX) but not on my daytime television.  Remember Stone and Robin, AIDS is still out there and some 1 in 4 teenagers have some sort of STD be it herpes, chlamydia or gonorrhea.  Very poor taste GH, especially during the summer when the largest teen audience is watching. 

That is it for me.

Thanks for reading the old and the new. 

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