Does My Memory Deceive?
By Dianna

I have been so very busy.  I got a promotion and all I do is work and work some more.  It's great!  The job is great - But I've been missing this website.

I have been dying to get this out of my system and hopefully have it fall upon ears of those who actually care.

I'll start by saying I NEVER liked Lily.  She interfered in My Sonny and Brenda obsession and I don't like that nor do I like anyone else who has.

If memory serves correctly until Sonny learned that Lily was pregnant he and Brenda were going to be together again.  The baby was the ONLY reason Sonny went and retrieved Lily from that airplane.  Sonny's need to be a father has always been real.  Now, Sonny cared for Lily.  Sonny saw the "good" in her.  (Frankly I found her overly nice, naive, too understanding and unrealistic.)  Sonny loved that Lily "forgave" him all his faults.  Basically Lily put forth no pressure on Sonny to be a better man, she was the "easy" place to stay -- unlike the fire basked, unpredictable, passion Sonny and Brenda shared.

Brenda was Sonny's first true love, yet he has mourned Lily the longest and for the life of me - I just don't get it.  Yet everyone walking around seems to have forgotten that Sonny was FORCED to we Lily.  Even Jason who was there through it all.  They all seem to think he and Lily shared some great magical love story.  Well, folks, let me set this record straight.  Sonny cared for Lily, Sonny respected Lily and Sonny wanted his baby.  BUT - the only thing real about this absurd Lily thing is Sonny's guilt over the fact that Lily died. 

(as a side note why must they make every potentially good new character an unredeemable psych?  Rick, Faith, now Alcazar.  I really wanted Alcazar.  I really wanted as life and a romance for him.  Now his actions are just as unforgivable as Ricks were).

That is the thing with GH these days.  I keep feeling like they are force feeding me facts.  Altering history and if they just say it enough and have enough characters repeat it I might start to believe it is true.

Perfect example.   Jason and Courtney.  He says the ludicrous things to her about "no one had to tell him how to love her" and he never felt that way before and all that screams in my head is ROBIN.  She was his first love and their romance was neither faked, forced or unrealistic.  And the big ass-kicker?  Courtney breaks every rule that in the end was the reason Jason and Robin split.

Dillon and Georgie have delivered some of the best material of late.  They make me smile, they make me laugh and my heart string pull as I remember what it was like to be sixteen.  I am so glad they have decided to wait to sleep together.

I like Emily and Nik but now I want to just jump through the screen and smack her around a little.  Stop pretending nobility and go where your heart tells you.  Take the out Zander is giving you and stop trying to keep what you don't want.  One would think, Em, that such a kind caring person as you would see the pain you are inflicting.  You are making it worse.  Go be by yourself for awhile and come back with a little sense.

Luke - I love you.  I missed you, You are the bomb!

Need I say more.? Now please let's not waste this fine talent!  Wouldn't it be cool if he reclaimed his status as Mayor of PC and became Scotty's boss?  Ha Ha.  He needs to forge some connections with Carly.  And damn!  In the hospital in front of Stefan's room did you not literally see the energy between him and Alcazar?  Sonny and Alcazar they do all sorts of stuff and run around town announcing how dangerous they are.  Luke... Luke just is dangerous.  He knows it and we know it and he never had to spell it out for us. 

I don't recall which day but maybe it was Thursday, I cannot tell you how happy I was that neither Sonny nor Carly's faces splashed across my screen.  That was a day to remember.

I think I got it all out.  It was so nice to catch up on my favorite columns and my favorite column writers.

Have a great week.


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