It was a perfectly ordinary day in a quiet little town called Port Charles.  People were going about their day to day life, interacting with one another, saying, "Hello," sharing their feelings:

"Shut up.  Shut up. Shut up.  Please,
God, Courtney just SHUT UP!"

"I got a scene!  I got a scene...

"OK, I've been here a week.  Who is that guy?"

"I dunno.  I've never seen him on the set
before.  He just showed up, started bossing
me and Robyn around and yelling about
having a scene."





"Jill, who *is* this clown?"

"I got a SCEEENE!"

You know how it goes.  They were goofin around with one another, playing games and having fun like people do:

"Hmmm Hmmm.  Just pretend I'm not here then...."


"and.... GOOSE."

"Frickin' OW!  Not so hard!"

"Hey Jason.. pull my finger."

"Did somebody fart?"

They were doing mundane chores in their little mundane lives, never realizing that soon, life in Port Charles would change forever:

"Why do I have to do the laundry?"

"Because you're old enough to start
earning your keep, you little brat."

"But I already cleaned the oven and the toilet.
I want to play!  I want to go to the park with

"Give me that ear."


"Are we playing or are we folding clothes?"

"We're folding clothes!  Ow!!!"

"And not so much starch in the lime green thing, dammit!"

They were coupling in acts of love and passion, sometimes so sweet it would bring tears to your eyes:

"Watch it, my throat is still sore from every other
man in Port Charles strangling me!"

"But did they kiss you afterwards?"

"Well, yeah, most of them."

"Hold my hand."


"Hold my hand!"


"Don't make me ask a third time,

"I said NO!  No means 'NO!'"

They confided special secrets to one another.  Young boys boasted about their conquests:

"And she's totally my cousin."

"Bro, ew!"

"Nah, I'm adopted  It's legal!!"

"Bro, EW!  What state were you
adopted in from?"

"My mom's hot too!  BIG knockers!"

"Dood, I said EW!"


Yes, it was an ordinary, peaceful day until...