November 9, 2004 

Two days ago I started a long, rambling column that started out with how stupid this Nikolas/Emily/Connor stuff is.  It included a nice long rant about how Mary obviously could have been somewhat confused and mentally traumatized by having someone who looked exactly like her husband show up on her doorstep.  It pointed out a few of the innumerable inconsistencies in the story, like why Mary didn’t show Nikolas and Emily that picture of Connor instead of destroying it, since it would prove she wasn’t totally nuts, and why Connor sounds like he’s trying to keep drool from slipping past his bottom lip while he talks but Mary somehow dodged that “accent” even though they were high school sweethearts and supposedly came from the same geographical location.  Anyway, I became sidetracked, came back to it this morning and upon re-reading it I realized it just didn’t feel worthy of the rant. 

I’ve been a bit “out of sorts” lately, and I’ve definitely been feeling disconnected from soaps.  I fell behind on viewing, and had to watch two weeks worth last weekend to catch up.  In case you’re wondering, that really is too much GH at once so I won’t do that again.  All this means that there were just too many comments out there to be made, and it all just became a long-winded mess.  Besides, you’ve probably heard most of what I was thinking somewhere else by now.  So, I’m reverting back to quick comments this time around.  I’m still mulling over this whole “sacrifice a baby for a baby” mess, and mostly I’m just not feeling it as much as others seem to be so I have to assume I’m a bit too cynical and out of touch this week in general.  I think I’ll wait until it all gels out for me and then I’ll definitely have more to say about it.  Unfortunately that could be two days from now or two weeks from now, I just don’t know.  In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying sweeps in whatever way works for you, whether you’re bawling your eyes out and enjoying the performances of some favorites, or laughing your head off watching Miss Emily torn between two Tylers.   

So here are some of my thoughts, good and bad: 

I do not care about Diego.  I find it utterly ridiculous that the writers cannot come up with something more original than “misunderstood young bad boy comes to town and becomes instantly enamored of the mob scene”.  He’s boring on his own, he’s boring with Courtney, he’s boring in Kelly’s, and he’s boring with Brook.  It irritates me that his presence seems to be directly related to Lucas’ absence.  Not that I was a huge Lucas fan either, but he already has ties in town, ties that are interesting and long standing.  Why is this regime constantly dispensing of history and familial ties in exchange for the new, mysterious totally unrelated person in town, who will always end up totally related and usually ends up falling by the wayside a few months from now? 

I’m still trying to figure out the point of “Warehouse Fire” number 5000 or whatever it is.  If they were worried I didn’t already understand that Sonny and Jason are capable of hurting bystanders with their power play games, they needn’t have been.  If they were trying to remind me that it doesn’t matter what Sonny does or who gets hurt, he’s still worthy of being in his child’s life, they failed with me.  I cannot tell you what a wasted opportunity I think this whole reveal has been without AJ there for Sonny to see in the mirror. 

If I didn’t know better, I’d think someone was actually making an attempt to make Sonny look like the ass he really is.  Turning around, seeing Alexis behind him and then telling a two year old child that she’d be with him forever now was motivated by nothing else but selfish vengeance.  Anyone with children knows that you don’t just walk up as a virtual stranger and tell a child you’ll be their parent now.  It’s not surprising; Sonny has yet to put any of his children above his own need for power, it was just surprising in its obviousness I guess. 

Speaking of Sonny, and without getting into the discussion I’m sure is forthcoming in a future column, whatever happened to the Sonny that was truly (and somewhat sympathetically even) afraid that he was a danger to his children?  That was the interesting Sonny, and I suppose honestly it went out the window when Morgan was born.  Morgan is Sonny’s first biological child, born into the mob life by Sonny’s choice.  When Morgan came into the world, and Sonny didn’t struggle with his personal choices, all my sympathy left the building.  Blow up a building, almost inadvertently killing a good friend’s child (Brook) one day, and declare that you will take Kristina and she will by *yours*, the next.  Whatever. 

However, for just a moment last week, I saw something interesting in Sonny again.  When he talked of shame, and of Alexis possibly being ashamed of Kristina and ashamed of him…that was wonderful.  Someone, somewhere on the GH set, had an inkling of what Sonny’s made of for a moment, and Maurice Benard hit exactly the right note when saying those words.  Honestly, that was the most truthful moment of character motivation I’ve seen on GH in quite some time.  When I watch moments like that, I realize just how easy it would be to draw me back into caring about Sonny.  And how far we are from it most days.   

When Sonny asked Ric “when have you ever won anything over me?” was it evil of me to wish Ric would’ve mentioned kidnapping his pregnant wife and ending up the DA afterwards?  I know, I know.  Ric still doesn’t get a free pass, but he’s at least trying to make up for it lately.  I’m don’t need a perfect man for a soap character, just one who sees himself for who he is often enough to make it interesting. 

Oooh, good idea Lucky!  Transfer Connor to a military hospital.  I’m sure he’ll go immediately mute about what he saw once he’s out of Nikolas’ sight.  If their love can make flowers grow than surely it can silence the truthful!   

Anybody else think Sonny’s just ticked that he didn’t get to “trigger” little Kristina’s birth process, but his enemy did?  Goodness knows he must have had an inkling since he did try to yell little Kristina out a few times when Alexis was hooked up to fetal monitors, but to no avail.  I wonder if Sonny will ever be able to enjoy the natural birthing process with the mother of one of his children, or if he’ll always be the clueless one…or better yet, the one firing upon her while she contracts.  Poor Sonny.  Not that my heart bleeds for him, but at least Carly’s head did.  

Seriously?  Isn’t it illegal or something to discuss medical conditions with anyone but the patient or her legal parent?  No matter what went on before now, Sonny is NOT entitled to make medical decisions for Kristina at this point.  That kind of crap irritates the living you know what out of me.   

So this Faith/Justus stuff is confusing me.  He doesn’t want to leave Port Charles with her because of…what again?  He’s afraid he’ll miss out on his big front burner story?  Methinks he should run while he can.  Their whole thing might be interesting if I had a clue how they actually got there.  There’s Faith, all simpering and crying…wth?  Talk about character turnaround.  I’d have whiplash if I bothered to try to follow it, which I admittedly don’t.  Hope someone is enjoying it. 

If Carly can’t see that the break up of her marriage will be the best thing that EVER happened to her children after hearing Michael throw her out of the house (and honestly, I’m not sure he’s ever sounded MORE like Sonny than when he said “No, you are”) for being a lying whore (practically), then she’s beyond help.  That was a freaky scene, I’m sorry.  If my eight year old ever said things like that child said to his mother, you’d have to wheel me out on a stretcher.  Since Carly just took it like she takes everything, with a quizzical look and a flail of the arms, I guess she’s not as affected as I was by it. 

Has anyone ever passed by Leticia without handing her a kid or hanging baggage of some sort off her shoulder?   

Steve Burton was wonderful in the aftermath of Sam’s surgery.  I was impressed.  I decided I was very interested in Sam and Jason again about two weeks ago, and I still am.  I think the actors have chemistry and that’s enough for me at the moment.  Rebecca Herbst was also very good in her silence, and I felt a momentary tug for the connection those two had as well, and that’s saying something since I was never all that behind it to begin with. 

As for the rest of the baby stuff, I’m not ready to comment much as I said.  I will say that so far, Sonny is coming off very much like he’s on some sort of rage induced power trip.  About half of his actions since the reveal seemed completely “Sonny-like” and half have come from left field.  Watching him ask Sam about the stem cells as though he were asking someone that wasn’t carrying his child was strange.  He’s been claiming ownership of that baby (when he wasn’t denying it, that is) for months, trying to make her sign things, yelling at her (yes YELLING) for not calling him when she got a cramp, etc.  Suddenly he developed respect for her parental rights…it was odd.  The way he’s hesitating on obvious decisions, making Alexis wait to hear whether she can have the stem cells now or whether he’ll just relegate them to the trash bin instead…it’s bizarre.  Apart from the above compliments I gave him regarding the “shame” scene, many of Maurice Benard’s acting choices have been a little odd for me.  It could very well be because I don’t see the big picture, I’ve stayed fairly spoiler free beyond yesterday’s show.  That’s part of why I’m not commenting yet, I want to see more of the aftermath before I judge it.  Not that I really expect TPTB to think the aftermath is as important as I do, I know better, lol.  It’s just that sometimes the more important things come out after the surge of emotions has waned.  My general take at this moment is that no one is completely right, or wrong, so far and that could be a really interesting thing for the future.  Much depends on the fall out though, and we all know how that usually goes.  I’m interested to see it however, and that is always a good thing!   

I must say too, that it has been good to have something to talk about other than the same exact things as usual.  It’s nice to see characters interacting with a few different people, and I’m excited to see if that will continue.  You’ll be hearing from me sooner, rather than later, I suspect!   

Take care all.  I’d love to hear how sweeps is hitting you so drop me a line!       


Always love to hear from you!

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