I wanted to tell you first, Brad, because you and I are the old timers around here. 
 I'm on my way to Jackie next to let her know.  It's true.  Rachel hit the chopping block.


How could they do that, Tony?  And here the rumors said it was Anna who was in danger. 

Pfft.  For all we know, she could be headed for the galley as well.  Any of us could.  
I mean, look at the crap we've been getting when we do get air time!

We're screwed, aren't we Tony?

Yep.  Screwed.  You gonna be OK, man?

I'll be fine.  I just need to sit for a bit and think about the way things used to be.  You know.  Back when we had full scenes instead of cameos.  Back when there were stories built around us that didn't make fun of our characters. 

I know, dude.  I know.


I'm screwed.  But Lord, Jackie Zeman had some giant knockers.

And I still do!  I'm retiring out, Baby!  I'll ride this horse until it's jerked out from 
under me, then I'm living off my investments. 

I got another joobbb.  I got another joobbb.

A, your Lifetime series is canceled.

Then I'll be a revvvverened.  I've got the cloothes.