Back off, Morgan, I got a plan.

Zander, is that a gun in my neck or are you
happy to see me and very tall??

I've got a plan, you nimrods.  
Why don't we just leave??

What'd you say?

What th'?

You shot me.  I'm tellin'.

You shot her!  You dumbass!

Did I hear right?  Did you shoot 
Elizabeth, Zander?

Zander shot Elizabeth.  I seen him do it, Mac.

I can't believe he shot her.

And then Zander shot me

Did Zander shoot you?

YES, Hunky Cop We'll Never See 
Again, he frickin did.

Now let's get this straight, Zander 
shot you, right?

Yeah, he shot me.  Shot me bad. 

I can't believe he shot her.

And I'd do it again.