Well, back in the old GH room, my home
away from home. 

Yo Baby



You ever think about this??"

Only every special tingly minute!

You wannt be a Liason again?

I sure do like being a Liason!

What th'???  What's going on in here!
You're a LiRic now!!

I am NOT!  I'm officially unaffiliated!
That's what a divorce is, dumbass.

Don't listen to her.  She's my wife.
You guys never even did it.
We did it all the time on
every solid piece of
furniture in our well
furnished home.

I fully intend to rectify that oversight.

Not with my wife, you aren't.

I'm not your wife, dillhole.

Are you playing pocketpool while you're
standing here talking to us, you perv?

NO, I'm not playing pocket pool. 

I'm taking accurate measurements.  Six inches, baby.
Are you sure you want  to pass up Mr. Six Magical
Inches, Hot Woman?

I'll survive, Mr Kidnapping Wife Drugging Almost
Suffocating Attempted Faith Killing Baby Snatching
Sonny Stalking Piece of Luggage Dragging Crap

Well, I can see when I'm not wanted.
You keep this up, you're going to lose me.

Pfft.  Whatever.

Need a Liason, Lord of Nine?

Definitely.  But I've got to finish off a Journey first.

Oh.  Well, I'llll be waiting! We're owed, you know.

Bet on it, baby.

God, I hate this hospital.