Linking to EOS Columns

The new Eye on Soaps design uses frames, which can make linking to our columns difficult to figure out.  Usually, if you copy the url that is in your address bar, it will bring you to our front page rather than the column you were attempting to link.

You can easily link directly to any of our columns by placing your mouse cursor in the main body text of the column you want to link and clicking once with your right mouse button.  That should bring up a small menu that includes the selection "page properties" or "properties."  It will look something like this.

Yours may not look exactly like this, but it will give you an idea of what you are looking for on the menu.

Click on it.  When the properties window pops up,

use your mouse to highlight the address/url that is given and hit the 'c' key (copy) on your keyboard while holding down the ctrl button.  This will copy the page url to your computer's temporary memory (clipboard).  You may then paste the url where ever you like by mouse clicking on the place where you want to paste the link and hitting the 'v' key (paste) on your keyboard while you hold down the ctrl button.