Holy Freakin Moses.  Was that...?

Yep.  That that's her.

Lily.  Come in outta the rain.  What're you
doing here?  You died... your bits were stolen...

I've come to give you a message, Sonny.
From the other side, which is now on this side.
Technically speaking, anyway.
Well, for a while, but I digress.

Aww now.  No good ever came of
a conversation that started like that.

It's your baby, Sonny. 
The one Carly's carrying.
He has a hole in his heart.

I know he has a holy heart.  He's like Ghandi
or the Benny Hinn  He heals people through
the uterus.  Emily was cured after touching
Carly's belly.  He could heal Elizabeth's
blindness, but I won't let him.

You tool.
I said he has a HOLE in his HEART.
His little ticker is jacked up.
You have to let the doctors know
so they'll be prepared to fix it
right away.

OMG.  Lily.  Thank you.  I'm, I dunno,
(gestures with hands) overcome or something.
Why would you go to all this trouble for me
after all that happened to you for
loving me?  Why Lily, why?

I'll show you.  Remember me like this:

I was happy and joyful.
Radiant even.

Look at me now.
I'm not smiling, Sonny.
I'm not smiling at all.

But why not?  You're an angel now, Lily.
A saint.  You have no worries of this world.

No worries?  Are you high? 
I have ALL the worries of this podunk town.
For instance, do you not remember this little moment?

I've been watching kids for 7 years straight, Sonny.
SORAS'd, that's 15 years!!
I'm supposed to be in heaven, drinking frozen drinks
with little umbrellas and exotic fruit in them, having my
back oiled by El Salvadorian cabana boys, listening to
John Tesh and Yanni and shit like that.  I'm supposed to
be having long intellectual chats with Eleanor Roosevelt
and getting felt up by Frank Sinatra.  Am I doing any of that?
I'm watching your kids for all eternity.  Just when I think I'm
going to get some R&R, here it comes:
"Lily, watch over them for me."
"Lily, keep Carly safe."
"Lily, I think I'm going crazy."
"Lily, come blow my freakin nose."

Another little flashback for you:

Remember this?  Vandals?  Grave robbers?
I dragged my dead ass self UP out of that
grave to tell you people to
Let me go!
Stop telling me all your damned troubles!
Natter natter freakin natter, on and on and on!
Deal with your own psycho-crap and
let me enjoy the amenities up here!

Sonny, get that kid's heart fixed and I mean right now.
I'm not watching another of your offspring.
I'm just... not.

But Lily...

Oh, and go find your mother's grave.
Pray to the sainted Adella.
Let her take a shift.

I so quit.