Random Randomness 

Reese told Sonny that she was embarrassed to be in the same room with he and Carly when they were fighting because it was so passionate it was like they were making love – well I was embarrassed to be in the same room with Sonny and Carly when he and Carly are fighting because then I have to suffer through their banal dialog and raging narcissism to the nth degree. It’s like vomiting in reverse.   

Could I BE any more narcissistic? 

 I’ll will tell ya this though ~ I sure wouldn’t mind being in the same room in the Metro Court Hotel where Reese was biting Ric’s fingers ~ D-A-A-Y-U-U-M.  It was the last 30 seconds of the show and it was the best 30 seconds of the show – hooooooooaaaaahhh!  And you know the sex is frickin’ fantastic when the first thing you say afterwards is “You OK?”  All those B movies really paid off Ms. Wuhrer ~ I think they fucked the sheets right off the bed. 

I feel some hot monkey love comin’ 

I was going to write a column about the daytime Emmys - but it was the most singularly boring 2 hours of television I can ever remember watching.  Truthfully after Rick Hearst lost in the very first category to some schmuck who gave a speech that was like listening to Mr. Rogers on crack, I didn’t even care anymore.  Then when Natalia won ~ I was like “Holy shit – all the actors on GH that are deserving of winning this award and Um gets it?”  And they won for directing too?  Jeez, it must’ve been a hard up year for soaps.  Aside from the virtual GH shutout there were two bright spots for me in the whole telecast. One was the performance of Il Divo who I thought did an absolutely beautiful job of serenading the Lead Actress Nominees (Nancy should have won damnit) and the other was when GH won the very last award for Best Drama – I was alternately proud because I felt that it did honor all the actors and actresses who either weren’t nominated to begin with or were horribly robbed when Greg Rikkart won, and because my local CBS affiliate absolutely cut off Jill Farren Phelps as soon as the words “it says to wrap it up” came out of her mouth and cut to the hosts who bid me goodnight.  I’m still smiling over that.  As a follow up – ABC is currently airing congratulatory Emmy promos and the one I saw only mentioned GH’s Directing and Outstanding Drama awards… ouch. 


(Me and Dianna of “Dianna’s Dimensions”) 

KellyB(8:17:35 AM): I can't believe this Kristina Wagner shit 

Dianna(8:17:47 AM):What now? 

Dianna(8:17:51 AM): I miss it all! 

KellyB(8:18:07 AM): she's the "veteran actress" that Sage alluded to 

KellyB (8:18:18 AM): she left the show - and right before this big Maxie heart story - Sandra Ferguson is replacing her 

Dianna (8:18:52 AM):Get out 

KellyB(8:18:58 AM): KW is the only reason I was halfway willing to give the Maxie story a chance – I hate that they canned Robyn Richards 

KellyB(8:19:03 AM): I love Flea 

Dianna(8:19:09 AM): No Way 

KellyB(8:19:12 AM): way 

Dianna (8:19:14 AM): After all these years… 

Dianna(8:19:18 AM):A Felicia recast? 

Dianna(8:19:28 AM): I can’t watch GH anymore 

KellyB(8:19:40 AM): yep - all these years of sitting around and being trotted out for weddings, funerals and the occasional Metro Court opening 

Dianna(8:19:52 AM): I’m taking a GH break  

Dianna (8:21:53 AM): I am going to start taping OLTL and see how long it takes me to miss GH 

KellyB (8:47:52 AM): hey - did you see the Jax/Liz byplay the other day - when Cameron was sick and Jax was trying to comfort her? 

Dianna(8:48:06 AM): no 

Dianna(8:48:23 AM): I watched part of Thursdays and it put me to sleep 

KellyB (8:48:24 AM): oh darn - it was just one scene, but after it was over I was like "hmmmm... 

Dianna (8:48:47 AM): I'm not kidding, I fell asleep 

KellyB(8:48:59 AM): I liked the chemistry they had - they've never really had any scenes together though I heard that they dated way back in the day 

Dianna (8:49:02 AM): When I get home I am changing the VCR to record 2-3 pm 

Dianna (8:50:37 AM): I will have u guys to keep me posted on GH 

KellyB (8:50:50 AM): ok so are you with me on the Jax/Liz thing? 

Dianna (8:50:57 AM): with you 

Dianna (8:51:00 AM): Jax/Liz dated 

Dianna (8:51:07 AM): in real life 

KellyB (8:51:10 AM): Becky/Ingo – I think so  

KellyB(8:51:29 AM): so I was just watching going - well that was kind of random but it was nice 

KellyB (8:51:38 AM): and then just now I saw this on GHH2 

Dianna (8:51:42 AM): we don't get random and nice on GH 

Dianna(8:51:51 AM): we get only what we don't want to see 

KellyB (8:51:53 AM): “Heard this earlier, but its looking like its true. 

Jax may be looking to hire a woman to carry a baby for him and Courtney. 

Meanwhile, money is tight for Liz and Lucky.   Supposedly, Liz will agree to

become a surrogate.   She and Jax will grow close during the time she is

carrying the baby.  What impact will this have on Liz's relationship with Lucky?

and Jax's with Courtney? “ 

KellyB(8:52:31 AM): kind of sounds like Jason/Sam part II 

Dianna (8:52:34 AM): I don't think I can watch that 

KellyB (8:52:35 AM): I know I know 

KellyB (8:52:47 AM): but let Liz birth the babies for everyone in PC who can't get pregnant ~she can be having all the good sex!  

SassyDivaPT (8:53:16 AM): with Jax, with Jason - God, just don't let her drink out of the same glass as Sonny –we’ll get more spawn! 

PS – anybody notice that the bartender (male) at Metro Court had some weird-ass corset thing on over his white shirt?  WTF was that?  No wonder he poured Reese a drink and then set the bottle on the bar and turned around, he was embarrassed as hell by that quilted kabuki belt that Jax makes him wear…


This outfit is so wrong on so many levels 

PoP LIfe

An O.T. space for me to vent – it’s me in Living Technicolor! 

Lalalalalalala!!!  This is me doing the happy dance – boom shaka laka shaka laka - We sold the house … we sold the house – whew, load off my mind.  Now the only concern is that we need to buy a new house in Ft. Lauderdale over a long weekend next month.  Then I need to figure out how to get our stuff there, close on both and still get to the GH Fan Club Weekend – I do have my priorities!!  

School is out tomorrow and I’m so glad because my son’s brain has turned to mush in the last 3 weeks.  What is it about kids at this age – he’s kind of a ‘tweener but acting like a full on teen complete with flat bored looks, monosyllabic answers and loads of attitude.  I swear I’m gonna have to open up a can of whoop ass before the week is over. 

“And on the 8th day God created Sassy” 



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