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(Surprise, no spoilers)

I swear Iíve written at least half a column every week for the past several weeks only to be thwarted by time and energy.  The weekend would come and go and somehow I never found time to finish.  My apologies for disappearing without warning.  My thanks to those who have e-mailed asking what was up.  GH has been up, I, however, have been buried under bus duties, kidsí projects, hard drive crashes, and taking care of my life.  If it werenít for GH, my 38 minutes of sanity saving vacation time, Iíd probably be begging for a stay at Shadybrook even knowing the drug-plying psychiatrist who accepts bribes lives there.  I believe the time I spend watching GH is the most concentrated time focused on one subject that I spend on a normal, busy, fractured day.  So here goes, Iím jumping back on the commentary bandwagon.  If I sound a little wacky or you notice unfinished sentences, please just shake your head and think to yourself, ďOh probably the telephone rang or the dog had to go out or a neighbor knocked at the door or the plumbing began leaking orÖ(you get the idea, here, Iím sure) and interrupted Kathy for the 89th time in an hour.Ē 

Are you hanging on every storyline thread enjoying sweeps?  The intensity is nice and Iím guessing weíll see actors working on their Emmy reels this week, but I have to say, so far Iím not as pulled in as I was watching Carly in labor with Morgan, Lorenzo her brave but scared baby deliverer, and Sonny the determined husband with a gun willing to shoot first and ask questions later.  I donít know how they could top Carly shot in her sex brain and having comatose Lorenzo hot sex fantasies.   

Jason can not seriously be worried that heíll be convicted for the attempted murder of John Durant.  After all, the women of Port We-Love-Jason Chucky immediately mobilized on his behalf.  Carly asked Daddy not to press charges, Courtney came to his side offering yearning looks and guilt.  Yes, I said guilt.  Her current attitude towards Jason seems to be I-love-you-you-ruined-my-life-but-I-expect-you-to-still-pant-after-me-while-I-play-romance-with-Jax.    Since Jason does love her back with his share of sad looks at his unobtainable woman, I guess Courtneyís canít-help-herself concern is understandable.  Hmm, I seem to be drifting off topicÖ  Sam will stay and support Jason despite his repeated requests that she go home and rest.  And let me insert here that if Iíd rested during pregnancy as much as Sam seems to rest, my life would have stopped and my family would have fallen apart.  Iím sure that Emily and Monica would badger the PCPD as well if they thought they could help Jason.  No worries, Mate.  With all that feminine power in his corner, the justice system doesnít have a chance of making a case against him.  Never mind that he was arrested at the scene of the crime holding the murder weapon with his prints on it.   

Sonny ought to worry though.  How many women would run to his side if he were arrested?  Umm, Carly, maybe.  Sonnyís currently low in the female support category so perhaps the rumors of jail time have a chance of materializing.   

Donít you love Sonnyís clever, original plan on how to handle Durant?  Sonny figured out that Durant was attempting to pit him against Alcazar and he told Jason that the plan was to do nothing.  Since thatís Sonnyís plan every time heís threatened, I wasnít too impressed.  I guess he found a plan that works so heíll stick with it.  Actually, itís a good plan.  If no one can force him to react in anger, thereís a good chance that heíll retain the upper hand.  I just wish he wouldnít say ďThe PlanĒ like itís a new concept he just thought up.   

Can someone please explain to me WHY itís necessary for most on the men in Port Obsessional-Charles to love Carly?  Sonny and Jason love Carly.  Lorenzo moons over Carly.  John Durant appears to be falling under her dubious charms while Dr. Steven Webber claims to care for Carly.  Did I miss an important announcement?  When did it become a requirement that all males arriving in town must have a ďthingĒ for Carly?     

Has anyone else noticed that weíve been fairly Samless for the past several weeks?  OK, this is catty and I admit it but itís only because I harbor a case of chest jealousy.  Maybe we havenít seen Sam because they canít figure out how to strap on a 9 month pregnant pillow and not have her push up bra push her front up to her chin. 

Iíve read a lot of negative Michael remarks.  In fact, some people sound more passionate in their Michael-hate than they do for other characters.  Heís regularly called a brat, Sonnyís mini-me, tyrant and those are some of the nice names.  But, so what if Michaelís a brat, a penthouse dictator, a Mommy manipulator?  What else can we expect from a child who has been dragged from pillar to post at Mommyís whim and who lives with violence on a regular basis?  Clearly, Michael adores Papa the MOB Kingpin and seeks guidance from Daddyís chief hitman, Jason both of whom accept and create violence as weekly plot devices.  When theyíre not revisiting ďThe PlanĒ doing nothing that is.  So Michaelís attempts to control his environment, especially the crazy adults who populate his life seems like a natural progression in maturity.  Perhaps in a couple years we can introduce him to Starr of OLTL and they can brainstorm on the most effective ways to control the adults surrounding them.  

Courtneyís ridiculous foster parenting:  One.  Big.  Eyeroll.  Iím prepared to suspend reality in a lot of areas but Iím not prepared to buy into a single young woman, foster parenting a 17 year old male in a loft apartment with one bed.  A lot has already been written about this subject so I wonít re-analyze this particular can of worms.  That being said, I like that Courtney didnít bow to Jaxís insistence that she give up on Diego and that she hasnít bailed on a pain in the you know what because Diego isnít a happy kid grateful for her crumbs of attention. 

Bobbi works every floor in the hospital and claims expertise in all nursing specialties.  Dr. Steven Webber, the faboo forensic expert and medicine man able to diagnose diseases with his x-ray vision needs to team up with Bobbi.  Iím sure between the two of them Miracle Hospital can reach unheard of heights.  Why folks from far away like Llanview and Pine Valley might come to visit.  Port Charles can claim fame with Miracle Hospital, Pine Valley can have the murder victim landfill, while Llanview can boast aboutÖheck, somebody help me out here, Iím still learning about the other two soaps. 

Who is feeding Laura and taking her potty while Heather doesnít have access to the Q attic because sheís liviní large with Eddie over Kellyís. 

Thereís a lot going on with Alexis, Ric, Sonny and Carly but I want to wait until the end of the week before I comment on the falling of Sonny and Carly and the rising of Alexis and Rik 

Quiz Time 

Anyone who believes that Helena really breathed her last breath, raise your hand.  Thatís what I thought.  I donít believe it either.   

Anyone who thinks Connorís kinda funny raise your hand.  Oh, mine shot up.  Know what I like best?  I like the Spaghetti Western music that plays whenever he peeks around a corner. 

Anyone else immediately jump to the conclusion that Emily will soon claim Connor as her new one true love or at least, her new one true like?  Because Emily falls hard for kid(Zander)nappers 

Anyone wonder why Emily woke up after playing happy touchy feely, called Nikoís name, and then ran to the bluffs to find him?  She may be in med school but sheís definitely a slow learner in some areas.  She falls in love with kidnappers.  Bathtubs are not her friend.  People on the bluffs of Spoon Island tend to be thrown off.  If she wants to survive Cassadine-dom she better learn a couple basic survival lessons. 

Itís strange that not one e-mail about ďI Wanna Be a SoapstarĒ has hit my inbox, so Iím wondering what youíre thinking about it.  Personally, I am not a fan of reality TV and this show is no exception.  I tried for 2-1/2 episodes to be interested because one of the so called contestants (Iíd be more inclined to call them poor desperate fools) will show up on GH.  However, I found it to be about 1/8th acting and 7/8thís embarrassing situations for the so-called actors who try to brazen it out with self inflating statements.  ďIím here to win.Ē  ďIíll do anything and step on anybody to win.Ē  ďI feel that I have what it takes.Ē  Yeah, yeah, thatís nice but giving up your self respect doesnít make me want to see you on my television screen.  If it had been presented as a talent show with less torment in the elimination phase, I might enjoy it.  As it is, Iíll wait and see which one of the contestants passes through a couple scenes as an orderly, nurse, waitress, or Kellyís Diner No. 2 and wonder if the humiliation was worth the part on GH. 

One picture this week for your captioning pleasure.  What important message do you think Jason is telling, young Lila?

Your job should you choose to accept it:

Send me a caption. 

Operation Reclaim My Life began last week.  I havenít been very reliable in writing my columns since school started and I have great reasons why but in the end it boils down to the fact that I need to relearn a lesson.  That lesson involves remembering that I can function in an acceptable manner without allowing myself any me time, down time, but I function a heck of a lot better when I give myself that gift.  For the past couple years Iíve usually written a little every day including notes about GH.  Somehow in the busyness of driving my bus, school projects, and kidsí activities, over the past couple months I lost my good habit.  Why are good habits so difficult to cultivate and even more easily broken?   Anyway, Iím back on the write every day bandwagon so hopefully, I wonít be writing bits and pieces of columns that are never finished or posted.  In the interest of finishing what I start, Iím not going to worry about screen caps for a couple weeks.  Theyíre fun to do but lots of time consuming work.  Thanks for your patience and for sharing my GH mania. 

I wish for you a week highlighted with moments of satisfaction.  Isnít satisfaction a wonderful feeling?   Whether itís emotional, physical, or mental satisfaction the feeling passes through leaving a residue of happy and a yearning to find it again.  Like the first sip of Diet Coke in the morning, a first bite of a food craving or a column completed and sent to Katrina, I love the feeling of satisfaction.  Thanks for checking in. 


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