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(Spicy spoilers for saucy viewers) 

It’s always fun to take a soapy break and then return to my habit of choice.  Of course I taped the episodes that aired while I was away (set two VCRs thank you very much just in case one didn’t work correctly) so I could enjoy a GHfest upon my return.  We arrived home Friday afternoon so I was able to catch Friday’s episode on SoapNet that evening.  Planning to be strong, I wanted to tape GH and then watch the shows in order.  Didn’t happen.  As soon as I caught the first glimpse of the show I was glued, not caring one little bit that I hadn’t watched Monday through Thursday.  It proved what I know but hate to admit – I have no self control when it comes to my soap.  Any other show I can shrug and turn away from; however, GH’s opening sequence acts like a siren’s song and I’m instantly absorbed.  Maybe I should be worried but hey, it’s safer than other vices I could name like being addicted to Friends repeats or hangin’ out on street corners.  

According to Soap Opera Digest, Danny (Sam’s brother) was seen last on August 12th which is disappointing.  I think GH is copping out on a character that could provide an interesting diversity to the canvas.  Diversity?  Did I type that?  What am I saying?  GH doesn’t do diversity.  I guess this means that Mike is holding Danny captive behind Kelly’s working on his car.

What if Jason reopened the motorcycle shop and Danny worked there?

What if Michael befriended Danny and kept sneaking off to visit him?

What if Danny fed stray dogs?

What if Faith tried to kidnap him and a stray dog bit her?

What if GH utilized the characters it throws onto the canvas? 

 “Do you really want to be responsible for a humor impaired child?” Sam asked Jason.  Jason almost smiled in response.  More scenes like that one, please. 

“If you crack a smile I’ll bring you a cookie,” Sam coaxes Jason.

And Jason almost does. 

Jason’s women boast one similarity.  They all possess the tiresome habit of confessing to serious crimes they didn’t commit.  Scared Ric would find Danny and learn the truth about how the fire started, Sam ran down to the PCPD and confessed to premeditated fire setting.  Jason barreled in after her looking worried.  I couldn’t help but remember Courtney determinedly confessing to running over Liz in her car even though she couldn’t actually remember, but only dreamed that she was guilty.  A while before that, Brenda presented herself to Mac and confessed to murdering Luis Alcazar to protect Jax. 

No one tells on Jason, but the women in his life will tell on themselves

faster than you can say not guilty. 

I like the friendship between Jason and Carly.  Carly depends on Jason for emotional support more than she leans on her husband.  She knows that he’ll be there for her, rescue her, and not allow her to bully him.  Even though she has no room for criticism regarding Jason’s lie about the paternity of Sam’s baby because of the many lies she’s told, it didn’t matter, her trust was shaken.  Jason broke a rule of their friendship by lying.  They tiptoed around each other until Carly cried and Jason set her straight by heatedly explaining that he was only trying to keep her family together and that the children are his priority.

Phew!  Friendship intact.  Close call. 

Carly confronts Sam.  Carly gets in Sam’s face.  Carly harasses Sam.  Carly tells Sam where to go and where to get off.  I never thought I’d say this but maybe Carly needs a Sam plan because those two insist upon playing out the same scene over and over and I’d like a new one please.


Different day, same dialogue. 

One scene and a storyline is born.  Carly asked Bobbi about her father and Bobbi uncharacteristically demanded that she “drop it”.  I can’t wait for this storyline to get rolling because for so long Carly has been a character integral to the MOB storyline with no real standing of her own.  Technically, she has Bobbi and the Spencer’s but since she so rarely interacts with them, they don’t have a big impact with her character.

Bobbi tries tough love.

“I forbid you to be curious about your father.” 

Sonny seems to be making talk like he’s slipping to the dark side again.  Usually, he begins by doubting the motives of those around him and then issuing ultimatums.  So far, he’s doubted Sam’s decision to stay with Jason, Jason’s commitment to his unborn child, and he issued an ultimatum to Justus regarding Faith.  Justus attempted to explain his need to take Faith’s case because of past, personal failures and even offered to resign as Sonny’s attorney for the interim, but Sonny wasn’t listening.  I think the shadows are creeping into Sonny and will only become worse until November sweeps and Sonny’s “vacation”.  Are mobsters sentenced to white collar crime prison?  And that reminds me, a couple weeks ago Ric said to Sonny something to the effect of “I know better than anyone, anyone who controls your child, controls you.”  Prophecy, anyone?

Sonny went godfather and Justus played noble.

A lethal combination for the Prince of Darkness and a dark angel. 

OK, Ric receives an iota of credit for not prosecuting or persecuting Danny.  But I’m not buying into the kiss he and Alexis shared in the middle of the PCPD.  Opposing counsel fraternizing in the middle of the PCPD just wouldn’t happen.  Nothing like shooting flaming arrows at ethics.  And what’s up with Alexis going postal because Sonny lied to her face?  He’s done it before so her rage either means she still cares about Sonny and he hurt her feelings by lying or she’s egotistical about her abilities to read people and she can’t stand that she couldn’t tell that Sonny was lying.  Maybe it’s both.

Zinnggg.  Here’s one for the ethics committee.

Since Emily, Lucky and Mary took turns running to the Q boathouse to visit Nikolas, I’m sure it only took Helena about 15 minutes to figure out where he was hiding, no goons necessary.   

Have you ever noticed that Shadybrook is really…what’s that word?  On yeah, shady.  No good ever happens at Shadybrook.  Crooked doctors reside and evil plots are hatched at Shadybrook.  Maybe the corrupt D.A. should check into the practices at shady Shadybrook, except he probably wouldn’t find anything wrong with unlawful imprisonment or brainwashing. 

Wow!  As usual, Tyler Christopher’s intensity as Nikolas is awesome.  He’s loving, sensitive, tormented, angry, and confused.  His nose is also running!  Could someone hand him a tissue please?  ‘Cause all I think about when I see the snot is that’s a little too much realism for me.

What does one do with a runny nose in a straight jacket? 

Did anyone else want to grab Emily’s hands and keep them away from Nikolas’ face when she visited him in Shadybrook?  She kept trying to cup his face and turn him towards her like a child and I was thinking, “Stop that.  Can’t you see he doesn’t want to look at you?”  Nikolas must have thought the same thing because he kept batting them away. 

Angst and agony.

Isn’t this a great, expressive picture? 

Mary deserves every scolding Emily throws her way.  Catherine Wadkins’ portrayal of an unstable widow fills me admiration.  I love her wounded sad puppy dog looks.  It’s not that I want Mary to go psycho and murderous, but I can’t wait to watch because I know Catherine Wadkins will do an excellent job of it.  Katrina suggested ages ago that Mary and Lorenzo would have made an excellent pairing and the more I think about it, the more I agree.  I’d love for Mary to stick around causing angst for Nikolas and Emily, protected by Lorenzo.  Emily and Nikolas are a deadly couple.  Zander put a dent in their romance and he was riddled with about a 100 bullets for his trouble.  Mary managed a couple months of Nem disharmony and she’s gonna die for her troubles too.  Luke and Laura used to go on the run, Sonny and Carly break up, but Nikolas and Emily kill off their enemies.  It’s scary.

Talk about a victim ripe for a brainwashing! 

There seems to a glitch at General (Miracle) Hospital.  A couple years ago, Jax suffered paralysis from the waste down yet a week after he discovered he could move one toe, he was out and about like nothing ever happened.  I think he endured one whole physical therapy session.  Two weeks after Faith shot him in the thigh he’s still limping around leaning heavily on his cane.  Could it be that cosmic forces of the universe have shifted and the hospital may actually become a more familiar set?  Has the gazebo disappeared?  Will the nurse’s station really have nurses?  Stay tuned for late breaking news. 

So Faith blew up Alcazar’s yacht?  Did she put a match to her mascara wand and Just for Blonds shampoo bottle to make a bomb?  She was locked in a room for Pete’s sake.  Alcazar planned to land Faith in Port Your-Dead Chuck setting up Jason and Sonny for her murder.  Jason and Sonny, falling neatly into Lorenzo’s clever plan, were foiled from committing murder by the yacht explosion.  Meanwhile, Faith washes ashore and is arrested for shooting Jasper’s leg.  These mobsters really need to plan a little better or they’re going to be forced to change their names to Curly, Moe and Larry Sue.

Faith hisses like a wet cat. 

Whenever Jed Allen mourns Lila, I experience a where’s John Ingle split second before my thoughts adjust themselves.  When Edward walked down memory lane recalling anniversaries with Lila, I could feel his pain at missing her.  Heather made the grave error of suggesting that she could help Edward through his grief by dancing with him.  She strikes me as a light weight, kinda dancing around the edge of a storyline with no real effect so far, though it should be noted that she looks much better without the blond hair extensions.  I like that Lila’s death wasn’t a three day wonder and dropped.  Her passing continues to affect her family.

OK, severe thunderstorm watch in New York.  Got it.

Oh yeah, and Heather works her wily self into Edward’s arms. 

I know that Heather’s the psycho and Tracy’s only mean and manipulative, but a part of me smirked right along with Heather when she pulled a fast one on Tracy by planting Lila’s stationery in the backseat of Tracy’s car.  Good one, Heather.

Would it be appropriate to say that Tracy’s been punked? 

Even while I laughed at Dillon in drag, I felt sorry for him.  What part of “I don’t want to be a girl” did Georgie, Lois and Sage not understand?  Lois blatantly only cares about Brook Lynn’s singing career, unconcerned that she’s passing over Sage to whom she’s made promotional promises, using Dillon’s love of Georgie to manipulate him into dressing in drag, not to mention cheating in a girl band contest.  Since nuLois made her appearance in P.C., I’ve enjoyed her honesty and bravura, but recently she’s demonstrated the sensitivity of a moose.  The best part of Dillon in drag was Lorenzo’s smiling astonishment when he spotted Astrid at the bar with Simon.

Astrid sports her Diva ‘tude and it’s not pretty.

Lorenzo amused adds flavor to any scene. 

Sorry, Georgie, you’re wrong.  Dillon walked away from you filled with hurt because you manipulated him one time too many.  Yet when you saw him watching you through the window at Kelly’s you didn’t consider apologizing, didn’t try to change your ways, nope you convinced your cousin to lay a lip lock on you.  I’d say you’re behaving remarkably like Sage the one whom you despise for her manipulative ways.  One good thing has come from Georgie’s childish maneuvers, I’ve decided that nuLucas is one cute puppy.  I hope this one’s a keeper because he started out tentative but he seems to gaining force and confidence with each scene.   

Georgie tried the poor, pitiful me pout but it didn’t work because

no one was watching. 

nuLucas = Cute. 

Good for Liz, moving on with her life and deciding to become a nurse.  I hope it means that we’ll see more of her on screen. 

On cliffhanger Friday, Jamie of AMC sank to the floor of his prison cell bleeding from a stab wound and Faith did too, two hours later only in the PCPD while Sonny watched and made no effort to call a guard.  Dangerous places those jail cells on ABC soaps.  Whatcha bet on Monday Ric will accuse Sonny of trying to murder Faith in her jail cell completely ignoring the fact that 10 minutes before he declared to Justus and Faith that he saw no reason for her to remain in isolation and she would be moving to a new cell.  Ric is amazingly consistent in his ability to take no responsibility for his actions while blaming Sonny for Ric’s own misdeeds.

“Why look, Faith seems to bleeding profusely in a faint on the jail cell floor.

I better stand here and watch for a few minutes to make sure she’s really

bleeding profusely,”  Sonny thinks. 

Where’s the new opening?  It’s a long time since May when TPTB announced it would be aired during Emmy week.  AMC and OLTL managed to wow fans with their openings in a timely manner, leaving GH in the dust. 

I’d just like to remark that the Ovaltine commercials are the most annoying commercials I’ve seen in a long, long time.  They might even out annoy orgasmic Herbal Essence.  “More Ovaltine, please.”  Pfft!  Keep it up and I won’t buy the stuff anymore even though my kids like it. 

A couple spoilers caught my attention and imagination.  

Alexis takes Ric up on his offer, legally speaking. (GHH2)

When I first read this I thought it said, “Alexis takes Ric up on his offer, legally spanking.”  Bringing to mind kinky visions of a whole new way for Ric and Alexis to interact. 

When Jason's attempt to rescue Nikolas from Shadybrook doesn't work, Emily decides to save her Prince.  (GHFF)

Oh my, this is serious indeed.  Super J fails on a mission.  Disillusionment reverberates through me and I’m struggling to adjust my rose colored glasses.

Helena finally manages to have Nikolas declared Mentally Incompetent, has him committed to Shadybrook....and drugged.   (GHFF)

Since both Emily and Nikolas are residing in Shadybrook on drugs that means the boathouse love shack is available.  Quick, someone slip a note to Alan and Monica.  

If I had to describe my life this week I’d say I’m a pool ball and somebody else seems to be calling the shots.  Orange stripe, five ricochets in the corner pocket.  With school starting, buying the required school supplies, preparing for my new bus route, recovering from vacation, and sorting stuff for a garage sale in a couple weeks, I keep planning and making lists but never seem to finish anything.  My mind says go, do, don’t whine, but then I find myself running in circles wearing my frazzled face.  It’s not pretty.  I wish for you, what I wish for me - quiet time to reflect, time to attack the items on my list without rushing, a few minutes of freedom and a cool cleansing breeze that washes through me and over me hinting at autumn.  Thanks for reading.   


I feel like this bridge.

I’m definitely on a journey and I’m going in the right direction.

Sure wish I could figure out where I’m supposed to end up.


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