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(Spoilas heah, Daaaaling) 

Oh my goodness I missed a whole week of commentary.  I watched and half way absorbed, but my attention was distracted by the trip to Los Angeles.  Since Iíve already written reams about the Fan Weekend, I wonít make you endure any more.  Besides, GH grabbed me this week like I havenít been grabbed in a long time and thatís all I want to talk about.  Sometimes I fast forward through the episodes for the week watching the scenes to make sure I didnít leave anything out, but this week I began fast forwarding through and found myself watching Wednesday, Thursday and Fridayís episodes all over again. 

Set to laugh, I didnít hate the idea of Dillon and his limp joystick, until Katrina pulled the sympathy card.  She brought up the fact that the actor is only 19 years old and it could be severely embarrassing for a male of that age to play an impotence storyline.  Upon reflection and working on my sensitivity, I agreed with her and wondered why the storyline (and a relevant one at that) wasnít written for one of the other available males walking around Port Hunka-Burning-Love Charles.  Lucky or Mac perhaps?  I read a suggestion on line that Sonny might benefit from Dillonís problem.  I can picture clandestine meetings on the docks between Sonny and Jason as Sonny instructs Jason to find him a bottle of little blue pills.  Naturally, Stan would have to know since heís the current MOB techy and THEN the scenes might lend themselves to comedy.  Now Iím feeling bad for Dillon and weíll have to watch Georgie work through her Iím-not-sexy issues.

Have you noticed that Georgie spills her most intimate secrets

two seconds after she becomes unhappy,

but Brook Lynn keeps her problems to herself?

Itís a little one-sided. 

Sensitivity aside, the scene between Dillon, Lois and Alan made me laugh when Lois gave Alan, Dillonís blue pills of gratification.

Alan:  I wasnít expecting a delivery.

Lois:  Alan, you donít need to be embarrassed.  These things happen to men at a certain age.

Alan:  A certain age?

Lois:  Yeah, nothing wrong with going for a little kick start.  Itís certainly better than the alternative, right? 

Alan:  Itís so interesting having you back, Lois.  Iíd forgotten that I donít understand half the things that you say.

Lois:  Iím sorry Dr. Q.  Just having a little fun at your expense.  Hereís your medicine.  I have to admit Iím a little surprised.  I mean youíre a physician Alan, you deal with peopleís physical problems every day so why youíd be so embarrassed over a little physical dysfunction that youíd send the pills threw your nephew?

Alan:  OK, Dillon, Iím listening.

Lois:  (turning to Dillon) Yeah, Dillon, me too. 

Enter Monica to break the news about Lila and a part of me didnít want her to say it because I knew the fun would go away and the tears would roll. 

Edward announced, ďMy wife is dead,Ē in the opening segment on Wednesday and the tears welled up and kept on coming.  Giving compliments where compliments are due, I thought GH did an excellent job of mourning Lila and memorializing Anna Lee.  So many scenes stood out and I kept thinking over and over, ďOh, they did that just right.Ē

The tears started Wednesday with Edwardís announcement

And flowed through Friday. 

One of my favorite scenes was Jason kneeling by Edward and Edward laying his hand tenderly on the side of Jasonís face.  Jason turned towards the doors and looked like he was going to bolt to get away from the big emotions but he stopped, clenched his fists, and then made himself kneel by Edward because thatís what Edward needed.  It was a silent but huge concession on Jasonís part.  Edward reached out to cup the side of Jasonís face, Jason closed his eyes and pulled away a fraction of an inch, and then allowed Edward to touch him.  My heart filled for both of them.  Jason moved out of his comfort zone to give Edward what he needed and Edward, for a moment, had his golden grandson back. 

Grief forges unlikely connections.

They may not last but theyíre still significant. 

Knowing that the memorial was coming, I wondered how it would play with Jed Allen, still a relatively new Edward, as the broken-hearted widower.  Definitely, I missed John Ingle and I could picture him saying the lines, but Jed Allan did a good job, mostly by showing a softer, quieter Edward, filled with grief and out of the loop with those around him. 

Grieving, unable to cope Edward was hard to watch. 

Whenever Tracey sobbed, teared up, or wore her pain face, I cried too.  Normally, sheís such a strong, hateful person, seeing her vulnerable really hit me.  In fact Traceyís pain made me cry the hardest.  How can I hate a woman who sobs, ďI want my mommyĒ?  She tried so hard to cling to her anger, not wanting to be touched, not wanting to acknowledge the soul ripping pain inside.  Iíll never thoroughly dislike Tracey again because her little girl hurt over losing Lila will stick with me.  Plus, now I think I see what everyone else raved about when they were so happy over Jane Elliotís return.  I give her the acting genius hat for the episodes involving Lilaís death.  (Oh my gosh, I just played the scene again as I typed this and the tears came right back.  At least Iím consistent.)

Tissues handy, tears streaming. 

Iím definitely worried about Emily.  Bobbi said it first when she noted that Emily has big shoes to fill in Lilaís place.  Like everyone else watching I bet, I thought, ďHmmph!  Who decided that Emilyís the new Q matriarch?Ē  But it seems that sheís being groomed for the role and it hit hard when the family erupted into fighting and Emily walked in and announced ďThat will be quite enough!Ē  A pure Lila line.  Iím not ready to voice an opinion one way or another if Emily is placed in the position of Wise Q Queen Bee until I see how itís written in.


Emily takes her Lila duties seriously. 

When Edward noted to Lois that Lila could have known Brook Lynn better had Lois made more effort and brought her to visit, I loved Loisí response.  It would have been easy to jump on a defensive platform and repeat her valid reasons for taking away Brook Lynn but instead, she voiced her regret for not remembering that life is short and loved ones can leave at any time.

Honest and willing to apologize.

I like her better and better each day. 

When Jason took Michael to visit the Qís I wondered if Carly or Sonny would object.  It seems like Jason has more influence over Michael and how he views and processes his life than either of his parents. 

Good Scene 

Around Port Charles people gathered and mourned Lila appropriately.  Mac, Felicia, Maxie and Georgie relived memories of Lila together as a family.  Bobbi attended the service with Tony.  Lucy wore red to honor her personal favorite memory of Lila.  Returning GHíers were felt, seen and heard but they didnít overpower the episode or take away from its meaning.  Spoilers said that Robin and Jason find closure, but it was more like 30 seconds of acknowledgement of their importance in each others lives.  Robin and Sonny found closure.  I even liked the scene where Robin introduced herself to Michael because it was honest.  Carly didnít fake a friendly response but she didnít cause a scene either.  Who says Carly hasnít matured?

Felicia, Mac, Maxie, and Georgie mourned by toasting Lila. 

Good friends gathered together to celebrate memories of Lila. 

Robin and Sonny realized the importance of reconnecting. 

Carly was polite which is a big step for her. 

Jason and Robin acknowledged what they once meant to each other.  Sorta. 

To keep from boring you with endless gushing about how well done the memorial episode was, I wonít go on and on about the memorial itself except to note that people said (or didnít say in Jasonís case) the appropriate words for their relationship with Lila.  Brook Lynnís song was lovely.

I would be true, for there are those that trust me.

And I would be pure, for there are those that care.

And I would be strong, for there are is much to suffer.

And I will be brave, for there is much to dare.

I will befriend to help the foe and friendless.

I will be giving and Iíll forget the gift.

I will be humble, for there I know my weakness.

I will look up to laugh and love and live.

And Kathy cried again. 

Itís good to be handy.  Ms. Sam Versatility-McCall put together the babyís crib by herself.  I guess her years as a salvage diver and owning her own boat paid off.  She may have turned helpless and teary-eyed and bought bunch of high heeled shoes but at least she can read directions and wield a screwdriver.  Max, on the other hand, must have missed class the day they taught screwdriver in bodyguard school.

Look, Sonny, I assembled the crib all by myself.

Yep, I put it together all by myself.

I bet you never put a crib together, Carly. 


Jason, I thought you should know that Sam put the crib together all by herself. 

Jason, did Sonny mention that I put the crib together all by myself? 

Sam thereís a problem, I canít have an independent woman

In my life putting a crib together all by herself.

Weíre going to have to lie and say Jason put it together all by himself. 

Sam, to keep Michael happy, I must say I put the crib

Together all by myself. 

I hate to see what happens when they find out

I know how to work power tools. 

So what do you think?  Did Sam gain a few sympathy points for growing up without a mother because her mother abandoned her?  When Sam found her mother and tried to make a connection her mother rejected her again relegating her to a to-be-forgotten part of her ďoldĒ life.  With harpy Carly pressuring both Jason and Sonny to see Sam as a psycho, and Sam tearfully confessing to Jason and Sonny that she didnít mean to burn up her mother, I thought they might as well run a banner on the screen instructing viewers, ďWe want you to sympathize with our new favorite, Sam.Ē  And yet, even knowing I was being manipulated, I did feel a tug towards Sam because I am hoping, probably in vain, that sheíll revert to independent, think and act for myself Sam that showed up in Port Stepford-Chuck. 

Eww, she looks like psycho, horror-movie mom. 

Lois and Lorenzo intrigue me in a stir the pot kind of way.  Do they have a name yet?  LoLo or Locazar, maybe?  ďOne way or another, weíll end up in bed together.Ē  Dontcha love a man with confidence?


Sherry?  I think weíre gonna have to throw down with Lois.

Sheís lookiní all flirty at our guy. 

Raise your hand if you felt sorry for Mary when she ODíd on sleeping pills.  Raise your hand if you wanted to smack ConNik on the side of the head to make him see that almost drowning in the river and accidentally taking too many sleeping pills points suspiciously towards the idea that Mary is leaning towards self-destruction.  OK, so she may have pulled a smidgeon of softness from me when she talked to the picture of Connor explaining how sheís messed up her life, but only because she was honest for a few brief moments.

Wakey, wakey,

We think you fakey. 

Lost memory or not, Nikolas saw through Helenaís suck up attempts with no problem.

Nice try Granny, but no cigar. 

Some scenes, done in ways that move me, are still hurtful to watch.  Ironically, Mary made the mistake of revealing ConNikís real identity which is a relief because now I can stop typing ConNik and revert back to just one name, Nikolas.  As expected, Nikolas did not react well to learning that life as he knew it since his memory went astray was all about becoming Maryís comfort fantasy.  But watching him tear into Mary, then Emily, then Lucky, then Emily, then Lorenzo, then Emily, then Alexis, then Emily (hey, Mary got off easy) was painful because his life was self combusting as he splashed helplessly around in his pool of hurt and anger.  At least Jason drew the line on Nikolasí anger when Nikolas made the grave error of calling Emily his b**** of a sister.  Oh yeah, he deserved a beat down from an older brother for that one. 

This is so not nice of me.


Mary, Mary Iíve been practicing in the mirror and look at all the faces I can make.

How come I can make all these faces? 

Iím so much more sophisticated than the average face maker.

The pieces of my life just donít add up. 

I think you learned to make faces in the marines.

Anyway, you shouldnít make faces your face might freeze that way. 


I donít believe you.  Iím too good at it.

I demand that you tell me right now, what is the facemaking secret!!

I used to make this face all the time to keep the lipgloss off my teeth.

You loved when I made this face.

We can be happy together if I make this face. 


Oh no!  Mary, help me, my face is stuck. 

(Note from Kathy:  The scenes were good

 but I couldnít decide on a picture, so I had to use them all.) 

Why is Ric always waiting for people inside their homes on their furniture?  Jason walked in and Ric was relaxing on his sofa waiting to threaten Jason into submission trying to locate Sam.  Sonny returned from a dock meeting with Jason to find Ric waiting in the penthouse lounging on the couch.  In an interesting turn of events, Sonny used Ric for a change by convincing him that he wants Sam out of his life and heíll work with Ric to that end.  Itís about time that Ric sat in the victimís seat for a while even though I know itíll pull at me when he wears his hurt face because the big brother he wants to love played him.  Thatís why Ric keeps his smidgeon (and itís a teeny tiny speck) of redeemability.  Even though he consistently acts like conniving slime, when the favor is returned and heís insulted or manipulated, he looks like a little boy who doesnít understand why people are being mean to him.


ďRic and the Two PenthousesĒ

And Jasonís couch was tooooo soft!

But Sonnyís chair was juuuuuust right! 

Sonny keeps wincing and talking like heís breathless.  I donít understand the problem since he landed in Miracle Hospital for his recovery.  What could possibly be wrong?  Unless heís fixiní to experience bullet hole complications. 

If I had a dollar for every time Carly confronts Sam or Carly rags on Sam and declares her a danger to the whole human race, I could pay for my trip to the GH Fan Luncheon next year in no time.


Carly and Sam perform an elaborate Strut-My-Stuff-Hip-Dance


Hmm, NuLucas might be a keeper, good looking and sensitive. 

Brook Lynn flattened him first, romance is in the air. 

Fun soapy spoilers showed up this week, the best kind. 

Lila's will is a big surprise.  The Quartermaine who shows the best behavior for one month will inherit the bulk of her fortune.  (GHFF)

This is my favorite spoiler because I canít wait to see Tracey and Edward trying to behave well.  My moneyís on Ned, Emily, Michael or Kristina.  Wouldnít it throw Alexis for a loop if Kristina inherited from the Qís? 

Mary has a complete personality change.  She could give Helena and Heather a run for their money any day as gentle Mary turns malicious and evil. (GHFF)

Ahh, now Catherine Wadkinsí comment makes sense.  ďWhy do they like me?  Iím a psycho.Ē 

Look for a  murder mystery to air during the week of August 23rd.  It is expected to spoof DOOL's serial killer storyline.  (GHH2)

OK, Iíll buy into a murder mystery if we see a tiger on set like DOOL.  Now that was cool! 

Carly confronts Sam. (GHH2)

Take a vitamin and repeat this spoiler every day since Carly confronts Sam almost that often. 

Jax is upset about Sonny's lie regarding Sam's paternity. (GHH2)

Since the baby STILL isnít Jaxís (though rumors are rampant that the Jaxman will end up as Papa) the news upsets him why?  Because heís a nosy busybody who feels a need to hound and belittle Sam at every opportunity maybe? 

If youíre sick of reading recaps of the GH Fan Weekend because youíd rather see what weíre raving about, you can buy a tape that covers Green Room happenings including brief interviews with some of the actors and highlights of the luncheon.  Stacey, GH Fan Club Videographer, should have it available by the end of this week.  You can check it out at Curlyqgrl's GH Tapes.   

I feel like Iíve been a slave to the computer in a nice way as I worked my way through my GH Fan Weekend memories writing event recaps.  What if a person were only allowed so many words in a lifetime?  I might be in trouble because I know I typed a LOT of words last week!  Writing a column is a relief at this point because I was able to let my mind drift and do what I love to do - wander through the fun of GH and air my thoughts and opinions.  I wish for you an inspiring, appreciating week.  And look, youíre already one step up, because I sure appreciate you.  Thanks for showing up at EOS to enjoy my favorite show with me.    

If you canít travel the world,

Let the world travel around you and keep your eyes open wide.


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