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(A comedy of spoilers) 

Well I'm outta here.  Off to Los Angeles to the GH Weekend Fan Event and to meet up with fellow EOS'ers.  I'll be wearing my EOS t-shirt much of the time, a walking talking Eye On Soaps billboard and proud of it.  Excited barely begins to cover the basket full of emotions that keep flitting through me.  It's plain old fun to meet the GH stars in person.  Happy anticipation fills me when I think about hanging out with Katrina, Carolyn and Sherry as well as anyone else who wanders by.  Hopefully, Debbie Morris will have 10 seconds to say hello (she is a very cool lady with great stories to tell).  For four whole days I'll be away from my family which alternates between scary and relaxing.  Since I tend to experience control issues, I've already pulled down my suitcase and begun packing, made lists of info and scheduling for my husband, and plan to make a big pot of spaghetti for them to munch on over the weekend in between junk food runs because my husband rarely cooks anything other than breakfast.  Oh yeah, I have to set my VCR to tape Thursday and Friday's episodes because while I'm hobnobbing with the friendly GH fans, I'll be missing my favorite show.  Also, Katrina has set up a Live Journal which will be updated throughout the weekend so check back regularly.  EOS will provide cutting edge event updates.  Say one of the actors lets loose with an interesting spoiler or one of us falls into a swimming pool, you'll hear it first at EOS.  Are we cool or what?

L.A. here we come! 

Some of you, I know, are already shaking your heads and I can hear your eyes rolling (they make a kind of echoey swishy sound) at our silliness.  "Here we go again," you're thinking with disgust.  Try to be patient.  Let us enjoy our adventures, our moments in the sun.  This too shall pass.   

OK, I had to work that out of my system before I hunkered down to actual GH comments.  I'll try to control myself from here on out because when we return you know we'll all be hunched over our keyboards posting a plethora of commentary on what transpired.   

Yay for GH for showing more balance in the storylines!  I love seeing more characters on my screen.  Now if they could learn to mesh the characters between storylines I’d send a box of donuts and some major attaboys their way.  

Lois spoke my favorite laugh out loud line to Sonny in the courthouse when she exclaimed for all to hear, "HOLY TOLEDO, SONNY, YOU SLEPT WITH ALEXIS?"  Don't hold back or mince words, Lois, say what you're thinking and feeling why don't ya.  Alexis looked horrified, Ric startled, while Sonny looked down waiting for the fallout.  Previously, Lois unapologetically held her own with Carly right in front of Sonny earning high marks in my book.  Most of the time I like Carly and I root for her, but I also enjoy a good Carly comeuppance since she tends to verbally bully her way through life.  Truly, I am enjoying nuLois.  Since I only watched original Lois in a couple episodes years ago, I didn't have any preconceptions about her, so in my opinion, Lesli Kay is doing a wonderful job.  In her nicely manicured hands Lois is a mixture of brazen, smart, in-your-face outlandishness, and above all *gasp* nice.  Soon she'll be interacting with Lorenzo which sounds delicious and I'll bet Carly won't like it which makes it all the better.

Lois’ face says it all.

No need for a caption. 

Lois tries sticking a finger in one of her ears thinking she can drown out Carly

and only hear Sonny. 

I was trying to think how I would respond if someone treated me the way that Ric treats Alexis.  He follows her around, inserts himself in her space and then makes comments like she's trailing after him.  She says she loathes him and he responds by commenting upon her attraction to him. 

Ric dashes into the elevator just as the doors are closing. (Paraphrasing)

Alexis:  Why are you following me?

Ric:  Why are you always in my general vicinity? 

It's not exactly stalking because he isn't threatening her, but it is wrong on a deeply personal infringement level.  Ric's twisted exchanges with Alexis are as crazy as his plan was for Carly except so far he hasn't tried to chain her to a wall.  Instead, he's eroding her confidence dig by dig at every opportunity which makes the game more about prey and victim than potential passion.  When Ric kissed Alexis in the elevator I laughed at the slapstick of his move, but a part of me held back, uncomfortable.  It's like a tiger pretending to play nice with a rabbit right before he eats him for dinner, except I'm loathe to give Ric the power and prestige of a tiger.  He's more like a scavenging hyena.  Unable to help myself, part of me vainly hopes that Ric won’t succumb to the ugliness inside.  Loving Elizabeth showed that he possesses a couple deeply buried crumbs of decency.  I need some other opinions on this couple.  Are you enjoying Ric and Alexis, rooting for them, hoping the sparring will turn into real feelings?  Or do you hold back because it’s floating around in the back of your mind (like mine) that at some point Ric will hurt Alexis without thinking twice about it. 

Ric spots Sonny talking with anyone and in his obsession believes,

“He’s talking about me.  He’s always talking about me.” 

Every time Jason and Michael have a conversation I do the melty “aaaah” thing.  Sam nailed it when she told Jason that every child should have a person like him in their life.  Someone to depend on no matter what the circumstances.  In a perfect world those dependable people would be a child’s parents.  Since Sonny and Carly are far from perfect parents, it’s nice that Michael can run to the hit man next door for reassurance and answers to life’s important questions, like who’s going to try to kill my Daddy next and is Daddy’s old girlfriend, now your girlfriend’s baby all right?  “When I wake up, the first thing I think about is what I need to do to make things right for you.  And that means that I’m never going to let anybody or anything hurt your family,” Jason told Michael.  If you were a kid wouldn’t you feel reassured that your world would spin safely through another day?  Really, I like the interaction between Jason and Michael even if Michael’s worries weigh heavy on the farfetched meter.  My concern lies in the fact that Jason always reassures Michael that he, Jason, will make every trial and tribulation OK, when Michael has already experienced enough life traumas to know that, like the bumper sticker so eloquently says, “Sh** Happens”.  I see major disillusionment in Mini-Me’s future when he realizes that even with Jason’s dedication to all things Sonny, he doesn’t control much of anything except the space in which he’s standing.

“Remember the sunset?  That was me.  I control the sun,” Jason assures Michael.

Michael thinks to himself, “Man, he’s on a worse power trip than my Dad.” 

In the interest of saving time, someone should warn Sam about Jason’s liar radar.  It would save Sam (and us) from scene after scene where she lies, “Really, Jason, everything is fine and nothing really happened in my past,” and Jason doesn’t believe her.

It wasn’t me, Jason.

I don’t know who used the last square of toilet paper. 

Sam’s having a baby girl.  Sonny’s 2 for 2.  Technically, Michael doesn’t count, but I just wanted to type 2 for 2.

Maybe, I’d believe these two faces. 

I confess.  Sonny and Kristina pulled me in.  I loved watching the little girl playing Kristina, knowing that she’s too young to learn lines so Maurice Benard had to ad lib off Kristina’s reaction to the babies in the window.  I also liked Sonny when he told Sam how hard it will be to watch his little girl growing up from a distance.  The rare scene in which Sonny acknowledges that the world doesn’t revolve around him, I call a good Sonny day.

Kristina wonders, “Are all these babies his?” 

What’s up in the ranks of the Carly/Sonny fans?  A long time coming, Carly and Sonny bonded over a mushroom omelet and I didn’t receive even one happy e-mail.  Every time Sonny flirts with Carly I cheer because it means that Sonny is chasing Carly for a change instead of demanding her unflagging loyalty and obedience.  Won’t it be mature if Carly remains emotionally cautious around Sonny for an episode or ten?  Payback’s not an option for these two because the blame game could never be resolved between them.  Baby steps towards each other and the occasional flash of maturity is all I’m hoping for.  No, I haven’t forgotten that the reunion of Sonny and Carly won’t last past the secrets they’re harboring, but I try to appreciate the moments in front of me.

“Blow in my ear and I’ll follow you anywhere.”

You decide who said it. 

My online GH historian friend and I made a list of Sonny’s major injuries which I lost when my computer went kablooey.  Wouldn’t it be funny to see a scene with Sonny and Jason, shirtless, comparing scars?  I don’t think it could happen because it would mean that the writers would have to do research so the appropriate scars could be painted on and I doubt they have that kind of time. 

A whole show could revolve around Ned and Brook crooning together and I’d be glued to the TV wishing for more. 

“Gimme the beat boys to free my soul,

I want to get lost in your Rock n Roll and drift awaaaayyyy…

Let the music flow! 

Satisfaction is good.  Telling Liz that Nikolas is alive must have loosened Emily’s tongue enough to play in-your-face with Queen Mary the Deceitful.  Emily finally went to Mary and gave a stiff yank on Mary’s happily married magic carpet ride.  It was a serious scene and I knew that because Emily pulled out her pointy finger and eloquently scolded Mary over the body snatching and brainwashing of Nikolas.  A fun element of cliffhanger Friday is knowing that the ending scenes are two-parters, so Emily can shake her finger and wrinkle her brow at Mary in a few more scenes on Monday.


Oooh, Em gave Mary the two finger point and made her cry.

Or maybe Mary’s lips were so heavy with gloss she could hardly hold them together. 

Later I had to laugh, when Liz met with Lucky, she held on to Emily’s secret for about 5 seconds before spilling what she knew.  Emily should have known Liz would tell.  I knew Liz would tell because that’s what Liz does.  She tells what she knows.  Next on her list for the summer, she clues Sonny in on Kristina’s paternity.  It’s a good thing Liz is back to assume her rightful place in Port Expose-All Chuckles because I think the writers were trying to use Emily as a substitute for Liz’s important place in the character hierarchy and she couldn’t seem to grasp who should be told what.

Remember the old days when we had a storyline and we worked all the time? 

Skye cried emotional tears as the Q family rallied around her.  I felt a prickle in the back of my eyes along with her.  In a clear case of what goes around, comes around Skye, who thinks badly of herself as a rule, was able to hear from her family and friends how her acts of kindness and compassion had affected the people around her for the better.  Skye was led away in handcuffs, presumably to begin her 20 year sentence and I wondered if she was crying tears of goodbye I'll-miss-my-castmates-while-I'm-off-on-maternity-leave or tears of gladness I'm-going-home-and-putting-up-my-feet. 

Bye all.  I’m goin’ where I don’t need a big ugly black purse. 

Nothing good can be said about Heather Webber.  We know that so far she’s framed Skye for murder, stalked her with a big knife, ice picked Detective Duncan, committed Luke to an institution, and poisoned Leslie.  Talk about a laundry list of crimes!  I’d say she’s as bad as Faith except Heather hasn’t arranged a massacre like Faith with The Five Families.  If Heather, Faith, and Helena ever teamed up, the world of daytime would never survive.  They’d off Port Charles and then cross over to the other soaps.

Some people age and mellow,

While others age and ferment.    

Some spoilers are made for entertainment and speculation.   

Lois puts together a Girl Band and Dillon is the fourth "girl" of the band....dressed in drag.  (GHFF)

There’s a picture in my head of Dillon, hair spiked as usual, surrounded by Georgie, Sage and Brook who are happily discussing what lip color will look best with his skin tone. 

Sonny orders Jason to take Sam to Europe and bring back her baby so that he and Carly can adopt it. (GHFF)

Careful, Sonny, you’re sounding eerily similar to Jax.  Dump the girl, take the baby.  I’m sure he figures money will smooth the path and make ditching the mother on another continent acceptable.  Hopefully, the actual dialogue won’t be as arrogant as the spoiler sounds.   

Sonny and Jason plan to have a death row inmate confess to Sam's crime (in exchange for financial security for the condemned man's family), while they string Ric along.  (GHH2)

Any stringing along of Ric makes me happy.  However, I can’t dismiss my moral objection to Sonny and Jason deciding who will pay for a crime they didn’t commit so Sam can be free.  On the other side of the issue lurks corrupt D.A. Ric, ready and willing to prosecute unfairly if it means sticking it to Sonny.  I give up.  There’s no right and wrong with these guys.  They’re just all wrong. 

This is what I think we should do.  Usually, I  write about whatever touches or affects me on GH each week, but I think for Thursday and Friday’s episodes (July 8 and 9) when I am far, far away from my normal, comfortable world, you should send me an e-mail describing your favorite parts.  That way when I return, tired but happy, I can read what other folks think for a change before watching the two shows.  Let’s expand horizons a bit.  Any scene, dialogue, or storyline twist that made you laugh, groan or tear up on GH, AMC or OLTL can be included and I’ll post a list of highlights.  First, because I love a good list; and second, because I love hearing from you guys. 

Now everyone close your eyes and think happy thoughts that Katrina, Carolyn, Sherry and I travel safely, meet lots of the GH stars so we can share some inside scoop, and maybe have an interview or two.  I have to go add a couple more things to my list before I forget.  Batteries….film….new lipstick….those white sandals I like…contact case… 

Thanks for checking in.   

Pretend I’m in an airplane performing a hip hip hooray,

I’m finally on my way to LA dance. 


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