Comments through Friday, April 30, 2004   

I know I’ve hit a bad spot when I read over what I’ve written and think it’s a bunch of drivel.  (Isn’t drivel a great word?)  Anyway, I am enjoying my GH, it’s just not all that exciting at the moment and I find myself almost bereft of commentary.   

I like the way Sam is handling her decision regarding aborting her baby.  Her tears emphasize what a difficult choice she’s faced with.

She won my sympathy vote. 

Sam needs a guard dog for her boat because people just walk right onto the boat and into her bedroom, like the hitman, Jason, Sonny, Michael and now Emily.


Jason and Emily walk in with a casual, “Hey, Sam.”


Sonny does the “Hey Sam” and then checks out her wardrobe.

I’m thinkin’ Rottweiler. 

Emily has a big mouth and shouldn’t be trusted with any more clinic secrets even if she believes telling Jason will help Sam.

Emily’s I-know-a-secret-and-I’m-gonna-tell face. 

Sonny and Carly are successfully teaching Michael that it’s OK to manipulate the ones he loves to get what he wants by pretending to reconcile.  Plus, they are setting him up for hurt and disappointment in the future when they fall apart again.  He’ll then engineer a bigger plan because he’ll believe he succeeded the first time.

Simon says, “Sit close.”

Simon says, “Hold hands.”

Simon says, “Look at each other.”


Wasn’t Carly funny when she realized that Lorenzo might actually be the one stepping away from her?  Has any man ever dared to dump her before?  Oh yeah, Tony and she shot him for it.

Are you crazy, Lorenzo?  None of my lovers walk away from me.

Hey, Lorenzo!  I’m still talkin’ to you!

Don’t make me go home and put on a whore blouse!

Great dialogue between Luke and Skye.  Tracey cracked me up when she announced her engagement to unwilling, ambushed Jax.  I loved when Luke and Skye realized dead Ross had disappeared and then we saw Tracey’s surprise when Coleman complimented her for moving the body.  Corpse kidnapping.

My favorite line from Luke about Skye’s attitude towards Ross,

“You sound like you’re havin’ his baby.”

I heard everybody laughing with me.

When Tracey smiles like this…be afraid, very afraid.

Jax asks Luke, “Do you have a chain saw handy?

She’s welded to my arm.” 

The Q’s always entertain. 

It’s very sad that ever since A.J. ran away with the money

the Q’s keep showing up on the Haunted Star. 

Why is it necessary to have Ashley Alphabet on my screen this summer?

Uhh, yeah, girl power and all that. 

His name is Cute Doctor. 

So that’s it.  My whole commentary for last week.  I’ll spare you endless paragraphs about nothing because the words in my head have all dried up and blown away like pollen in a spring breeze. 

If you’re interested, word is that Kimberly McCullough (Robin) will appear on Amber Tamblyn’s “Joan of Arcadia” Friday, May 7.   

If you tried to e-mail me in the past week or so and it came back to you, please try again.  Somehow the security in my e-mail account was upped and sadly, I was rejecting e-mails and didn’t realize it. 

Have a wonderful week.  Thanks for stopping by.

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