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(Spoiler, spoiler who’s got a spoiler?) 

Want to know when it’s been a good GH week?  When Friday’s cliffhanger fades into the credits and my first thought is “Doggonit!  Now I have to wait all the way till Monday.”  Not that I’d give up my Saturday or Sunday, but it’s fun to have the anticipation humming in the back of my mind.  Like tons of other folks, sometimes my schedule during the week overwhelms my cheerful, competent intentions and I become *gasp* tired, burnt out, even a mite grumpy.  I like looking at my day and thinking, “At least I’ll have 45 minutes to relax and unwind during General Hospital.”  Bring it on, I’m enjoying the stories.


I love a good smoking gun scene. 

Click.  Boom!  Did you register the explosion at the end of Thursday’s episode?  Carly kissed Lorenzo goodbye.  Click!  Sonny walked in on them and did that twitch thing with his mouth and eye.  Boom!  And the multitudes of Carly/Sonny fans fell to their knees in mourning.  Web sites went dark and message boards fell silent.  Now I’m not omniscient and Mr. Guza doesn’t call me for advice, but c’mon, do you really think the writers will be able to resist playing the fallout of Sonny and Carly and then gradually working them back together?  Carly may hook up with Lorenzo for a while.  Sonny may interrupt Jax and Sam.  However, Sonny and Carly are the major couple on GH.  If I were making bets, my money would be on Sonny and Carly reconnecting somewhere in the future.


And the love story dies…for a while.   

I am now going to annoy a lot of people.  The posts are flying about trampy Carly running from Sonny to Alcazar to Sonny to Alcazar.  Other posts rant over Sonny’s immediate adulterous sleepover with Sam.  Every now and then I check in and read some of the boards and it amazes me how vehemently one-sided individuals can be.  I read the posts and think how the posters have been played.  Sonny and Carly are breaking up in an ugly way and so are fan bases.   

This is a soap.  This is only a soap.  If it becomes more than a soap and affects your well being, click the remote and walk away.  Granted, the majority of us would refrain from imploding our whole lives, but this is a soap.  Soaps present real life situations only bigger, uglier and flashier than the norm.  Next time you read the newspaper, look at the head shaking articles about the crazy things people do to each other and then try to imagine that story on your favorite soap.  If I were a soap writer I’d be skimming the news for unique trendy storylines.

I’d like to present a slightly different view point.  Remember the concept women and men, Venus and Mars?  Carly, a woman not known for her self control, has faced rampant sexual feelings for another man because of brain damage.  It’s easy for Jason to say, “You had a choice,” but Carly didn’t feel like she did.  She says she couldn’t help herself.  If you’ve ever been hooked on anything you might feel an empathy with Carly, knowing when it’s bad for you, wanting it, and then allowing yourself one sip, one smoke, one piece of chocolate, one more kiss with Lorenzo.  Women tend to react to their situations from an emotional base.  And let’s face it, Carly hasn’t been known to hold back her emotions and think before she acts.

Women are from Venus 

Next we have Sonny cheating on Carly ten minutes after seeing her kissing Lorenzo and assuming the worst.  Men lean more towards action.  If I call my husband with a problem, I’ve learned to tell him what I need.  “I just want to tell you.  I want sympathy.  You don’t have to fix my problem.”  If I don’t tell him, his immediate response is to try to solve my problem.  “You need to…”  Sonny has a problem – he thinks Carly dumped him for Alcazar.  So he took action and checked into the hotel with Sam.  It was a stupid action, but it was a step away from that minefield called emotion to be avoided at all costs.  He informed Sam, “I’m not looking for anything romantic.”

Men are from Mars 

So what’s my point you’re wondering?  It’s this.  Just like in real life when divorce and break ups occur, rarely is it all one person’s fault.  Sonny and Carly exaggerate the situation with their soapy actions, but their reactions are valid.  Since there’s no available therapy for message board posters, I offer this advice.  Watch the show, enjoy the storyline, and don’t buy into it so deeply that a supercouple break up ruins your outlook.  OK, cry a little, but not buckets.  Moan, groan and rant a bit, but try not to make a contest of outmourning other viewers.  And please, don’t send me any evil e-mails because I tried to understand both sides.    

Drugs are not nice.  They are not my friends.  Therefore, I experienced some guilt for buying into Carly’s traumatic visit to Shadybrook.  Tamara Braun, who appears able to conquer any acting challenge, made me believe that Carly could barely function under the influence of heavy drugs the bribed doctor kept injecting into her.  Except of course, when Faith pushed Lorenzo a little too hard and Carly reached up and grabbed her by the neck.  Jason, injected with a dose of Carly’s mind bending drugs, lost his cool enough to become kissy happy with Courtney declaring his love and devotion, thrilling Journey fans across the land.  Lorenzo swiped drugs from the drug cart, injected Faith who immediately fell into unconsciousness.  Powerful stuff.  The drugs were so strong that when Jason and Courtney arrived to rescue Carly, Faith was giggly.  I like giddy Faith.  I like Faith at Ferncliffe in a straight jacket and 4 inch spike heels.  I like lethal Faith in a hospital gown terrorizing hospital staff.  And I also enjoyed satisfied, nail painting Faith in hospital scrubs.

Carly fights back.


Carly woozes.                                                 Faith giggles.


Jason and Courtney worry about poor Faith who meditates at Fercliffe 

Zander, on the other hand, will probably not like Faith very soon.  Under explicit orders to kill Jason personally, Zander and a couple cohorts showed up where the shipment was landing, Zander nodded towards the crates and left the vicinity missing the Hush Little Baby montage as the gunfight ensued and Sonny slept with Sam.  Not a stellar Zander moment though I bet Zander earns a couple acting stripes as he nears his GH exit time. 

Zander left the scene of the crime and now he’ll be forced to hide under Maxie’s bed.

Hope he doesn’t mess up his nice suit. 

How come Sam was filled with unreasonable fear and couldn’t even look at Jax and his bullet wound but she had no trouble with Sonny’s bleeding knuckles?  Where was the exploding passion described in the spoilers?  Not that I hated the kiss, I didn’t.  But it came across more as an experiment in liplocking.  

It wasn’t passion exploding.

More like practice pretzelling. 

How come Sonny’s usually with a woman when Jason’s getting shot at?  Sonny made eyes with Hannah and Jason was shot in the side by Taggert.  Sonny couldn’t resist Carly’s wiles and Jason was shot.  Sonny did the horizontal surf with Sam, while Jason’s in a gunfight.  It’s one of those things that makes me go hmm.   

Who’da thunk that Sonny and Jax could be entertaining.  I can’t recall any scene where I’ve enjoyed their sparring because they usually talk at cross purposes which irritates me.  But Sonny and Jax on the island made me smile a few times.  Sonny almost smiled and Jax patted Sonny on the shoulder.  Definitely, a guy bonding moment. 

Sonny to Jax after Sam left to seek the treasure:  You are slippin’.  I would’ve bet my life that you’d be chasin’ the woman.

Jax:  Well, as I’ve told you before the woman doesn’t want to be chased.  Let’s get out of here.

In a groundbreaking moment on GH, Jax touches Sonny’s shoulder. 

Did anyone catch the Big Event on Monday?  Courtney drove drugged, mind fogged Jason to Shadybrook and they didn’t crash or run over anyone.  Jason and Courtney talked nice this week.  I don’t need writing on the wall or graffiti on a billboard to catch the foreshadowing here.  Jason and Courtney will work their way towards each other in between Sonny and Carly’s destructo stunts.  Can’t have both Fab Four couples down and out at the same time, now can we? 

I wonder if an emergency announcement played over the radio

warning drivers that Courtney was driving again. 

Liz advised Zander, “Look, Ric did some really terrible things to me and I thought I’d never, ever be able to forgive him.  But look at us now, we’re married.  Because I was strong enough to change.  He was strong enough to let go of his hatred and his need for revenge.  And I can’t help but think how good it would be for everyone concerned if you would take a lesson from him.”  After I finished gagging over Liz’s admiration of Ric, I felt sorry for her.  Has anyone invented a miracle drug for the delusional?  ‘Cause she’s gonna need it when she figures out what we all know.  Ric loves Liz but he hasn’t let go of his hatred of Sonny and he hasn’t developed any moral strength either.  I thought poor, poor, pitiful Liz on Monday but when she asked Nickolas straight out if he thought Ric made a deal with Zander I was glad to see she’s not completely gullible.  

Liz thinks she’s Ann Landers.

Zander thinks she’s not.  

Emily and Nikolas spotted each other across the study and ran into each others arms.  “Constance and Blackthorn fought for each other.  Why shouldn’t we?  I’m never leaving you again,” Emily informed Nikolas between kisses.  Translation:  Natalia Livingston is back from vacation, let the romance resume. 

I am like totally going to wipe the words “like totally” out of my vocabulary.  For the record, I like totally know many high school kids and like they totally don’t talk the way the blond head of the Winter Dance Committee talked.  Let’s pause a moment to consider high school in upper New York in the middle of winter.  It’s ridiculous for Sage to wear bare shoulder tops not to mention that every high school I know of has a dress code that doesn’t allow strapless or spaghetti strap tops. 

Don’t hate me ‘cause I’m totally beautiful. 

Let this be a lesson to all elves thinking about running away to find fame and fortune in the Cassadine circus.  They come to a bad, bad end.

And they wind up wearing funky pirate clothing. 

And now for a few pointless, shallow observations:

-         I’m looking forward to Monday hoping Carly will change clothes.  She’s been wearing that red track suit for a week.

-         What’s up with Dillon’s hair?  I didn’t think it could get worse but now it looks like Pee Wee Herman styled it.

-         Look at Coleman in this pic of upcoming scenes.  That is way too much hair for my taste.  I’m not a beardly kinda girl.

-         How many inches long do you think Sam’s skirt was?  8”?  10”?  It was mighty short but she has the body to carry it off. 

It’s weird to think that while we watched Dillon and Sage plan the Winter Dance, Carly combust in Shadybrook, Nikolas, Zander and Ric try to outmaneuver each other, and Sonny’s pirate island adventure, our favorite GH stars were probably running around covered in dirt and soot with helicopters overhead as they taped The Cataclysmic Event.  Unlike the spoiler which said Sam looks at Sonny’s bleeding hand and they explode with passion (which didn’t happen) I hope the build up and hype for The Cataclysmic Event delivers cause it sure sounds like a whopper of a story. 

Want to know what I learned this week?  I learned that everyone who reads my column has seen the movie When Harry Met Sally and knows about the deli scene, except me.  At some point, I plan to watch the movie out of sheer curiosity.  My thanks to everyone who responded to my query.  I try to respond to each e-mail I receive but there were so many this week I fell behind.  Thanks to everyone who sent me a note describing the scene.

Gratuitous picture because I liked it.

Let’s guess what Lorenzo’s thinking.

“I just washed my hair and I can’t do a thing with it.”

“I’m too sexy for my shirt.”

“Will I ever make it past first base with Carly?”

“Wowser! Was that a streaker on the set?” 

BREAKING NEWS:  Mixed in with the many e-mails I received describing the deli scene in When Harry Met Sally were a couple informing me of Penny’s name.  Her name is Louella Boquiren and she answers to “Lou”. 

Mystery solved.

Lou needs a new publicist to get her name into GH circles. 

Spoilers abound, just in time for me to laugh at. 

The police hunt for Zander for shooting Brian....while Jason begs Courtney not to confess that she did it!  (GHFF)

I can’t believe we’re going this route again. 

Jason:  Courtney, please leave it alone and I’ll take care of it.

Courtney:  But Jason, I shot Brian and now I must run about town confessing my guilt to anyone who will listen.

It’s not that I favor shooting policemen, of course I don’t.  And taking responsibility for one’s actions is admirable.  But can’t we see the story told in a slightly different format than the last time Courtney was beset with a case of the guilts?   

The Port Charles H.S.'s Prom is one Carrie would have appreciated.  (GHH2)

Mansoap!  I think Mr. Guza and Mr. Pratt are suffering from blood lust envy after the hype over the bride covered in blood on that other soap a few weeks ago. 

Jason makes Faith a bit tense.  (GHH2)

Ya think?  She’s probably worried that Jason remembers her hands on his belt buckle. 

When Faith is questioned by police regarding the shooting, she sends them in Zander's direction.  (GHH2)

Jason makes Faith tense so Faith makes Zander tense.  Share and share alike I always say. 

Zander hides out in Maxie's bedroom.  (GHH2)

Don’t hide under the bed Zander!  That’s Sage’s spot. 

Time sped by this week faster than I could process.  I tried Coke and peanuts and decided that I don’t hate it; however, it doesn’t compare to a bowl of Blue Bell Moo-llenium ice cream.  My daughter and I blew bubbles, but I wasn’t successful in snapping a perfect bubble picture.  Besides, it kept raining which dampened (pun intended) my bubble enthusiasm.  I navigated the waters of my birthday with my family, chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream and a new watch.  Every year I feel the same.  Not stressed over my age, I like where I am, but antsy because another year has slipped by and so many items remain on my list that I want to experience or accomplish.  I have never seen a live whale swimming in the ocean.  I’ve never looked into a volcano.  I want to sit in a corner on the GH set and watch an episode being taped.  I’ve never trained a search and rescue dog.  I haven’t been to Europe yet.  I haven’t published a book.  I want to go horseback riding in the mountains.  I want to spend time with Mr. Guza and/or Mr. Pratt and pick their brains about writing.  I yearn to take more college courses.  I’d like to visit Tibet and a 100 other places.  I’d like to make it to black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  One time, I want to try skydiving.  I want to hear more music and see more movies.  And right this minute, I think I need my husband to make popcorn. 

Hopefully, this week you’ll have time to contemplate more than what’s on your daily calendar and To Do list.  Breathe in…breathe out…breathe in…turn around two times on one foot…tap your knees and elbows…oh yeah, breathe out.  Now, how do you feel?  Relaxed or ridiculous?  Never mind, it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re smiling.  Have a wonderful week everyone.  Thanks for reading. 

But not so many that you get arrested. 

My thanks to GH World, the best screen caps site around! 

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