Harvest Moon Festival

Placerville, CA, 2005

Eric was in the procession of Gods as Cernunnos.  It was a very apt casting.

The did several processionals and he was a giver ever time.  This is
the second one, after the gay guys all talked him into taking off his
shirt to better the effect.  Gay guys love Eric and Goddess bless
the gay guys because when *I* suggested that he take it off, he
was having nothing of it.  It would have been a damned shame
to have missed this.  ;-)

These are the very cool Venus of Willendorf dolls
that were for sale at the booth beside ours.  Delena
got a really nice one.

These are the two wolves that the wolf rescue unit brought.
They look like sweet puppies, but the white one alone weighed
185 pounds, they said.

These are the belly dancers.  Nathan took this picture.

These are the awesome Aztec dancers.  They had a drummer who
absolutely wailed on a big ol' kettle drum.