August 22, 23 & 24


Robin Christoper has the tiniest waist ever

The cast sings Happy Birthday to Anna Lee

Leslie Charleson with Kathy (left) and Me

Two of my favorite pictures of the weekend.

John Ingle and Bergen Williams; Stuart Damon and Denise Alexander
Stuart Damon seemed so bored he could barely function, but Denise
Alexander appeared thrilled with every moment.

Susan Brown, eclipsed by my mammoth winnebago breasts

After the Q Brunch, Kathy, Carolyn and I hopped in the car and headed for the airport.  It was so much nicer having them to talk to than it was driving up alone and the trip flew by, even in traffic.  Our flights were very staggered:  Kathy in about  90 minutes, me about 3 hours after that and Carolyn a whopping 8 hours after that.  Carolyn ditched us to go to her own concourse to rest and regroup, so Kathy and I waited near hers and got into a really heavy and extremely rewarding philosophical conversation that I could have continued forever.  She's so intelligent and spiritually grounded that we were very much on par with one another and after 48 hours of steeping in hormones, fan hysteria and co-mingling bad cologne, it was such an amazing detox to go on this fascinating mind walk with her (Why Ms Hardeman, we hardly knew ye!).  I could feel my IQ climbing back up to its baseline like a mercury thermometer in August.  I'd been functioning at some primal, giddy level for so long that had she not talked with me in her soothing, thoughtful voice, I likely would have become mired in the bog of the 1st chakra for quite some time. 

I am grateful to have had the opportunity via so many miracles to experience this process (which is really the only way it can be described) called the GH Fan Weekend and very much hope to do so again, but my real gift was in meeting these two incredible women who so deeply impressed me, each in her own way.  It was such a blessing to see Victoria, Tracey and my other friends again, as well as meeting new friends who are fans of Sage and Eye on Soaps.

Two comments to make.  One is that several of the stars the gals and I talked to (who shall remain nameless) were very clear that NO ONE on the set is happy with the stories and cast exposure as it is now and that all of the actors (even the highly exposed ones) are eager to see a better balance of screen time.  They also were quite specific that Guza and Pratt are NOT to blame for the direction the show is taking and the blame or responsibility for that fall squarely on the head of President of ABC Daytime, Brian Frons, who has a two-fold and very determined objective:  1) Turn daytime into primetime and 2) target the young demographic because the older people are already hooked and won't tune out.

Billy Warlock's absence from the main event and the Quartermaine Brunch was the big mystery of the weekend, but the stars we spoke to were very clear that he has NOT been fired and the decision to stay or go is TOTALLY in his hands.   

Another star actually said to me, "When it comes to what you hear the cast members say about how great this writer or this ABC or GH executive is, it's important to understand that we are doing what we have to do and saying what we have to say to keep our jobs.  You don't go to work at K-mart and start bad mouthing the bosses to the customers and expect to remain employed for very long.  Just like you and just like that K-mart employee, we are real people with bills to pay and mortgages to meet and just like you, we need our jobs and do what we have to do to keep them.  When we say we love and appreciate our superiors, we often are telling a lie of necessity."


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