More Pictures!!!
From Abbie of
"Lines of the Week"


AbbieKatrina.jpg (15022 bytes)
Me & Abbie
Havin' Fun!


EyeRockGroup1.jpg (29526 bytes)     EyeRockGroup2.jpg (18027 bytes)
(L) All of us except Abbie
(R) All of us including Abbie
Friday night dinner at the Patio Cafe


HubbyKatrina.jpg (13393 bytes)
Me & my Sweetpea


KateKatrina.jpg (20153 bytes)
Hurray!  We *did* get a pic of Kate
Me & Kate from "A Cynic Soaps Up"
LOVED her!!


Katrina.jpg (11976 bytes)
I don't remember WHAT was going on here!


NancyWallyKiss.jpg (10543 bytes)  VicKatNancyHeatherAbbie.jpg (26055 bytes)
At the NLG event


TraceyAbbieHeatherDance.jpg (23081 bytes)   TraceyAbbieHeatherDance2.jpg (21898 bytes)
"They will SURVIVE, HEY HEY!"