GH Recap Number 4 - By Dianna

Saturday (First Half)


Saturday is here!  I cannot believe how fast it came upon me.  I am up at some ungodly hour before even 6 AM, showered and ready to go.  Once again we stop at Twain’s and all meet together for our breakfast.  Katrina gives us a quick run down and as far as I know my only task will be to help with check in and then sit at my table and have a blast.


My check in table is up on a wooden stage area and my seat is behind the table.  In retrospect someone really should have taken a picture of this so you can see what I mean.  I step up and go to move around the edge of the table when wouldn’t you know, my foot falls through a loose board.  I lose my balance and tumble over into the rose bushes and down I go.  I think I may have just sat there a few minutes stunned.  Now I have various scrapes and bruises (by the end of the day my black and blues were many) and a good deal of witnesses to feel nice and embarrassed.  I get some ice for the worst of it (I somehow must have banged the vein on my inner wrist and it swelled up something nasty) and put my rear end in my chair and pretty much planned not to move again.


Surprisingly, check in went pretty fast.  Once I got the hang of the wrist bands it was a breeze.


Karen, Kathy and Katrina has all done this sort of thing so it was pre-planned that they would be escorting and doing interviews in the Green Room.  Kelly and I took our seats (at an excellent table) fully prepared to just sit back and enjoy.  Surprise!  Next thing we know we were beckoned and I got assigned the task of escorting the actors from their cars and into the Green Room.  Yay! 


I was paired up with Sheri (who works with Tyler Christopher and runs his official website) who was just a sweetheart and we went outside to await the first guest.  Sheri was extremely helpful and gave me instructions and made sure I got to meet everyone I wanted to.  Now, sadly I cannot tell you who that first guest was because my brain is scrambled and I may have still been in shock.  I can, however, go through a list, in no particular order, of who I met and what transpired.


As each actor exited their vehicle, across the street from the Lodge entrance was a group of maybe 5 photographers and each actor stopped to pose for some photos before it was my turn to escort them inside.


Jacqueline Zeman arrived with a box of photos for the event.  I quickly took the box from her and waited for her to finish with her pictures.  She was just so nice and sweet and chatted happily on the way to the Green Room.    


Lindze Letherman arrived in an adorable yellow sundress (from BCBG’s) all smiles and sweetness.  I am sure you have heard this a million times but Lindze was one of the only people I met that I can say is so much tinier in real life.  She is like a doll.


Ted King arrived in his 2 seat Lexus (I think I have the make right) convertible which he made sure was parked right in front.


Sandra Ferguson snuck right by me and I have no idea where she came from.  The photographers spotted her and she stopped for some photos and was escorted in by her assistant.


Ignacio Serrichio came in an old model Chevy Cavalier and he parked it himself and strolled in fresh from the pool.  He certainly was keeping it real. 


Ron Hale came in his Porsche and cowboy boots and as I am sure you all know by now he’s my favorite. 


Adrianne Leon was wearing great shoes and she arrived all smiles.


Kelly Monaco came with a huge purse, a big box, and drinking Red Bull.  Kelly actually seemed a little shy to me if you can believe it.  Naturally I had to tell her how much I admired her for Dancing with the Stars, but really can anyone be told they are admired too many times in one day.


Blake Gibbons came with his Mom and Dad.  What special people.  I even complimented them on having such a good looking son.  They took it all in stride and his Mom squeezed my arm and gave me a smile.  Any guy who brings his parents is a special guy in my book.


Sarah and Emma and family came in their SUV.  Mr. & Mrs. Smith remembered me from the previous night and we made some jokes about if they had gotten any sleep yet.  


Rebecca Herbst and husband Michael Saucedo also arrived in an SUV.  Naturally I had to ask how the kids were and she said they were safe at her sisters’ house.  I asked Michael about his music and he said it was sort of on hold for now.  I found them both to be very real and very friendly.


Jennifer Bransford also remembered me from our meeting on Thursday night and I was stoked.  This is the genuine article folks, and if she isn’t, I believe it and that is all that counts!


Tyler Christopher I met briefly and introduced myself.  He was very polite, yet quiet.


I met Rick Hearst, Stuart Damon and Greg Vaughn, but it was just a hello and a handshake and then they were escorted in by Sheri.


As you can see, I am on cloud 9 already and it has not even hit noon.  I truly felt like the luckiest girl in the world at this point, but then guess what…it got better.


There is going to have to be a part 5 to this story, but here are a few pictures…