GH Recap Number 3 -  By Dianna



Letís drift back now to a happier time and place when I was in Studio City, CA with my peeps, wishing I never had to come home. 

Friday started out bright and early with a fresh, sunny new day and no humidity what so ever.  We all showered and dressed and away we went to Twainís, our favorite diner, for breakfast diet cokes and food. 


I needed to get my tickets to that nightís Nancy Lee Grahn event so off we went to the event center.  Debbie Morris had a gorgeous array of photographs, T-Shirts, pens and key chains and she had some tickets.  We bought our fill and then made our way back to Katrinaís rental so we could do a little sightseeing.


Katrina and I had ourselves dropped off at a lovely metaphysical bookshop and store.  In the time it took us to browse I understand that Kelly, Karen and Kathy were quite the busy Hollywood sightseers. 


We had to hurry back as everyone except Karen and I were off to an afternoon event.  I went to our room, did a quick change into my swimsuit and sat by the pool to tan and finish up DaVinci Code.  I had a wonderful, relaxing time and was able to assuage some of my impending jet lag.


The girls called when they finished up at the event they attended and we all met back together for some snacks at the Sportsman Lodge.  (In retrospect it sounds like we ate a lot but we really didnít).  Once that was finished it was off to change and head off to meet Nancy.


Since I bought my tickets very late I was at a back table and didnít get to sit with the girls.  (I have no one to blame butÖwell actually my brother but thatís another story for another time.)  Honestly where I was seated had no bearing on the event itself.  Once I saw those gorgeous toga twins, Sarah and Emma I could not help but to go play with them.  Let me tell you these two are adorable and behind them comes strolling this mini version of the girls in their little sister Amanda.  About here is where I lose track of the correct order of events but stick with me.  Mr. & Mrs. Smith are absolutely wonderful, down to earth people and right away you can see where these girls get their personality.  Dad was even familiar with our website and was quite OK with me posting my photos.  I really enjoyed talking to both Mr. and Mrs. Smith and honestly was really glad I got to speak to them.




Sarah and Emma came on stage ready to sing songs for us while we waited for Nancy.  (I learned later that Mom and Dad had planned and practiced about 10 songs but due to some difficulties with the recorder we only heard two.)  They did sing their ABCís and another song I didnít recognize and then pretty much they just wanted to run and hop around the stage.  They did join Rick Hearst for a chat later in the evening.



Nancy came bustling in with her daughter Kate and quickly got herself settled in.  Not long after that she was joined by Corbin Benson and Constance Towers and a little while after that Dylan Cash.  This was my first event and to be honest I found this part a little boring.  I was getting as restless as Sarah and Emma and decided to go out with them and look at the cool swans instead.    



Seriously, from what I understand this was a very low key series of events as far as weekends go.   I have heard in weekends past some great scoopage was leaked and found but there was none here.  Dylan Cash tried to spill some but Nance stopped him even though she made us take and oath and pinky swear at the start of the event that what was said in the room, stayed in the room.


We really didnít discuss the DaVinci Code very much as the event advertised but that was OK.


Some of the comments I heard from Nancy made it pretty clear that she was not always thrilled where the writers took the character of Alexis, but that was my interpretation.  Corbin definitely sees that soaps donít always portray woman in a fair manner.  I wonder how different a soap would be if the actors could write for their characters. 


Rick Hearst stayed and called out winning raffle numbers until he had to go while Nancy and Constance took pictures and signed autographs.  Corbin had left earlier because he really needed a shower.  He had come straight from a workout.  I think it is cool that he still took the time to stop by.


The line to meet Nancy was extremely long.  Nancy made it quite clear that she would stay until she talked to and met everyone; I on the hand did not possess such stamina.  There is no doubt that Nancy loves meeting her fans and she invests herself in each encounter.  I admire her for that and do not at all begrudge the fact that I did not meet her that evening.


I did however meet Constance and she is truly a stunner.  She is poise and grace personified.



I then skipped off to meet the girls back at (you guessed it) Twainís and then hit the sack knowing that Saturday was to be a very long day!