Smoking with Ron Hale 

We all know Sonny Corinthosí father Mike Corbin on General Hospital as the father trying desperately to make up for past mistakes, but what you didnít know was in real life this man is cool.  Ron Hale is a gentleman foremost and just a really great man.   

Here I am waiting by the curb for the next Soap Star to need my escorting services into the very posh Green Room and up pulls a stunning silver porshe.  Out pops a very slim and attractive Ron Hale, with a great smile and a gracious attitude.  Before we can begin our short journey Ron first has to stow his worldly possessions (2 packs of cigarettes among a few other items) and off we go. 

I try to do the gracious host thing and hold the door for Mike (yes, we are already on a first name basis) who will hear none of that.  Instead he motions me through first being the complete gentleman and a class act. 

My day goes on and I am relegated to the opposite side of the room from Ron and a world away from my cigarettes.  Fate was shining down on me as at the very moment I tell Katrina I would love a cigarette, Ron Hale walks by.  I take a deep breath and make my way after Ron because if there is one thing I knew, he had cigarettes. 

I admit to being a little nervous, but since I already knew he was nice, I walked up to Ron and asked for a cigarette.  He was more than willing to share and informed me his were menthol (the only kind I smoke) and also came from an Indian Reservation (like I cared).

Ron lit my cigarette and as all smokers know this is the best time to chat. 

I mentioned I was from NY and he told me he spent a good 35 years in NY and the East Coast.  Ron mentioned he had to start getting ready to go because he still had quite a drive back to his home in Palm Springs.  We talked a little more about mundane things.  I wondered what his favorite places were and he said he preferred big cities like Chicago, Boston and New York City. 

When we were done smoking Ron asked me to come along and escort him safely back to his table and I was more than happy to oblige.  Ron also let me know that any time I needed another cigarette all I had to do was ask.  I tell you, what more can a girl ask for? 

I made sure I got my picture snapped with Ron before he snuck out and I have to tell you, it is my absolute favorite picture. 

It is an unexpected encounter like this one that makes this event so amazing.  It is a memory that I will always treasure, in all its simplicity.  For those ten minutes I felt like a girl that was just Ron Haleís friend.