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Sneak Peaks 

Monday, April 12th

Courtney is thrilled when Jason suggests they get back together 

So I guess they’re fixing that whole “I can’t live with your life” thing in half an episode or something? 

Sonny accuses Carly of still protecting Alcazar 

I take it this is after he peels himself off Sam and the children’s eyes have gone back to normal size?  Apparently little Morgan really is his daddy’s son because he seriously seemed to be enjoying the show! 

Courtney saves Alcazar from drowning 

I would expect no less.  She seriously might want to consider becoming a paramedic or something though…she really does have a knack for this saving thing. 

Ross seduces Skye 

I’m aware of the real life angle and all, but I’m gonna have to see this to believe it.  He doesn’t seem like Skye’s type and he doesn’t seem like the seducing type either. 

Lucky and Emily plan a memorial for Nikolas 

Okay, so on Monday at 3:25PM (est) I’ll be having my “Leave the Annoying Twit Forever in your Taillights” celebration.  You’re all invited.  She thinks he’s dead and I’d be perfectly fine with it if her impression stays that way forever.  I’m thrilled to have a Nikolas I can enjoy back in my day! 


Tuesday, April 13

Jason and Sonny are furious at Courtney for sparing Alcazar’s life 

Like they expect her to know how to follow their convoluted “sparing” code?  Oh wait…maybe the trick is that they spare anyone whose death would require actual brainpower or balls on their part, but you never, ever spare someone when nature has done the work for you?  I hope she kicks both their asses.  

Sonny tells Carly to kill Alcazar 

What?  You’ve got to be kidding me!  This makes him sound like a completely abusive freak, but I’ll wait to see it before I say more.  I really hope this plays out differently than it sounds on paper. 

Skye fears that she killed Ross 

Drunken girl wakes up next to dead cop, thinks she killed him…the originality bowls me right over. 

Georgie tells Dillon that she wants to sleep with him 

Georgie girl!  Spend a few weeks getting reacquainted first! 


Wednesday, April 14

Sonny accuses Carly of still being in love with Alcazar 

Oh whatever.  Does he think that’s a crime punishable by law or something?  Not everyone shuts his or her feelings off immediately upon the arrival of disappointment (not that I’m defending Alcazar, he’s lost to me now as well *sniff*).  Poor Carly *tried* to do the “get out of my life, you are dead to me” thing to Lo…she just threw in the inexplicable head bashing at the last minute.  I think she had flashes of a calm peaceful life, devoid of controlling, violent men and flipped out for a minute there at the thought.    

Courtney is cut out of Sonny’s life 

Oh. my. gosh!  It just goes on and on!  Because she didn’t kill his enemy for him, she is now dead to him?  That’s it.  These spoilers are now dead to me.   

Jason signs the divorce papers 

Wow.  Sounds like this is gonna be one sunny week on GH, doesn’t it?  One guy almost dead, one cop probably dead, one guy telling his wife to murder someone, one guy disowning his sister for not killing someone, one guy divorcing his wife for not killing someone…Is ABC trying to scare me into seeking comfort and nostalgia in the Nick and Jessica Hour (or whatever it’s called) tonight?  God knows I may need an overdose of saccharine by the end of the week to prevent me from sticking an olive fork in my eye.  

Skye tries to prevent Tracy from finding out that Ross is dead 

“Oh him?  Nah, he’s fine.  I just wore him plumb out last night.” 

Liz and Ric end their relationship 

Yeah…what time are Nick and Jessica on again? 


Thursday, April 15

Mike urges Jason not to turn his back on Courtney 

Oh for the love of God, Mike!  Are you kidding me?  Kick Jason in the you-know-what’s and tell him to leave your baby alone.     

Carly is surprised when Courtney suggests they go into business together 

This is the first bit of good news (well except for that memorial service) that I’ve had since I sat down here!  I’m all for it! 

Michael plans to fake his own kidnapping to get Sonny and Carly back together 

Well frankly, Sonny and Carly have had this one coming for quite some time.  You can’t bring kids up around countless fake deaths and (real or fake) kidnappings and expect them to actually take any such things seriously afterwards.   

Nikolas has a flicker of a memory 

A flash of blinding light reflecting off beautiful lips!  Unfortunately, the glare is too harsh for him to see her face.  So sad really.


Friday, April 16

Sonny makes Mike choose between him and Courtney 

Let me guess.  He hands Mike a “Check Yes or No” note?  He’s such a fricken fourth grader. 

Carly threatens to cut off Sonny’s contact with Michael and Morgan 

Oh look!  It’s the rest of the fourth grade class! 

Michael’s dangerous plan backfires 

His parents are AJ and Carly.  Of course his plan backfires!  Though technically, if he didn’t get caught shooting anyone, drugging anyone or setting anything on fire, then it was probably a success in comparison. 

Emily and Nikolas narrowly miss each other at the church 

One person’s narrow miss is another’s close call.

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