Plans I had for Sunday fell through all around.  We had a nice brunch, sans Carolyn (ManThief) who had to leave earlier than the rest of us.  After driving around a bit to get some souvenirs for the kids, we went back to the hotel to wait for Kathy's shuttle.  I was so sad to see her go.  After being alone pretty much the whole year, then being surrounded by so much fun and love and friendship, I suddenly felt a tad desperate and clingy when it started going away.  I got Kathy onto the shuttle without breaking into tears and Sherry and I decided to sleep for a while until it was time to go to Stephen Nichols' event.  I flopped around in bed fairly restlessly for about an hour and a half, then called Sherry to see if she wanted to go to the lodge.  She didn't answer in her room (?!) and it turned out, she was awake too and reading by the pool.  We hooked up and went to the lodge, where we ran into Debbie Morris, who was recovering from the Luncheon the day before. 

We all talked for a while and all too soon, it was time to head up for the event.  I could have talked to Debbie forever, but we made arrangements to meet up after the event.  Sign in was late and when we got into the room, Stephen was hard at work on the 2 TVs that were set up to show his new short film "Get the Dime."  He was fussing and cussing and still not getting anywhere, bless his heart.  At one point, Sherry nudged me and jerked her "would you look at THAT" head to the back of the room where there was a drag queen dressed out for the prom.  Crap, I had to know, so I went up to Sandra and said, "So are we supposed to be not noticing the guy in the dress?"  She laughed and said he was actually in the movie, so that made sense.  After a good bit of sitting around, it was finally decided that we would watch the movie half a room at the time on the one TV that was working.

The poor gals who ran the event, Sandra and Sherry, were totally fraught with technical difficulties.  It's hard enough to stage a public event without having Murphy's Law beating the crap out of you, but these two stalwart fans extraordinaire (previously and I presume currently known as the CassaHos) were absolute troupers and worked their fine asses off to make sure that everyone present was entertained and had a wonderful time.  I really felt for them because they had obviously gone to a great deal of work and expense to put on a quality event and had the challenges they faced been in any other hands, the night might have been tragic.  Instead, it was a blast because they were able to think on their feet, problem solve like champs and keep the show rolling. 

As it turned out, we were in the second half of the room, so we went potty while the other half watched the movie.  It was only about 15 minutes of clips from the 30 or so minute movie, so there was enough footage to get an idea of what the movie was about and that Stephen is a pretty good director (he wasn't *in* the movie, he *made* the movie). 

I was a little surprised at the content in relation to the audience present.  Of course, the people at the event were GH and DOOL fans of varying ages, and most were, I would say, 40 or over.  Imagine our surprise when the film got to the anal rape scene!  I can tell you, there was a dropped jaw or two in the room at that one.  Basically, the film addresses (my interpretation, Steve might have different ideas) the lengths to which one is willing to sacrifice for "the art" or to "get the dime."  It concerns a young man in a film class who is researching men who cross dress and he goes "into the life" in order to more fully understand and be able to act it in a believable fashion.  I think a few members of the audience were a little more awake after the movie showed than they were before!  ;o)

After the movie was over, Tyler Christopher came in and the two of them had a Q&A section.  I should note here that Stephen Nichols has let his hair grow out a bit from the Stefan coiffure and is back to more of a Patch thing going on.  It's most tasty. Tyler, who was handsome and charming, had high praise for co-star Catherine Wadkins.  Stephen highly recommended the movie "Fahrenheit 911" to everyone.   He was asked about his willingness to return to daytime and the impression I got was he would entertain any viable offers and urged the audience to "write in!"  He didn't seem at all reluctant to answer questions about GH, but it was easy to tell it was a sore subject for everyone.

There was a very lengthy auction of Stephen Nichols memorabilia and if you were poor like Sherry and I, it quickly became evident that this was NOT the right ballgame to be in.  It was amazing what some of the items sold for!  All proceeds went to benefit the funding and marketing of the movie.  It was great fun to see all of the many items that were available, as Stephen put it, "for your rumpus room!"  I was drooling like mad and wishing I was independently wealthy.  Can you imagine slipping into a pair of soft, drawstring pants that had been cuddled all up around Stefan's boys as he romanticized with Laura in those gauzy flashbacks?!  Yowzer. 

After the auction, it was time for autographs and pictures.  There were door prizes for ALL ticket holders (nice ones too, I got a $25 Barnes and Noble gift certificate and Sherry got a Stephen Nichols clock!) and Sherry and I made our way through the line.  By the time we got out, it was midnight and Debbie was already asnooze, so we made our way back toward the hotel.  I had to get some protein before I went into a sugar coma, so we stopped at Twain's and I got a decent burger, after which, we stumbled off to bed and sleep. Telling Sherry goodbye was even harder than Kathy.  She was the last of the Mohicans and my final connection to that kind of friendship for another year. 

One thing I noticed in the Stephen Nichols event absolutely must be said publicly.   Sherry Mercurio has the prettiest feet of any human I've ever seen in my life.  Believe it.  Sandals are her friends.  I wish I had taken a picture.  >:<  Oh well, here are some of Stephen Nichols and Tyler Christopher instead (thumbnails, click for the bigger version):









Ah.  Such a happy girl.